Health is our most precious thing and we have to preserve it in any way. Here are 30 quick tips to keep your life healthy and try these tips:

1. Drink plenty of water.

2. Stop drinking soft drinks.30 Quick Tips for a Healthy Life Best for you and your family

3. Milk is better than sugar-containing juices.

4. Avoid eating while standing.

5 – Avoid eating in front of the TV because it leads to an increase eating eating subconsciously.

6 – increased intake of proteins cause the feeling of fullness without increasing weight.

7 – Take care to take a plate of power daily.

8 – trying to satiate the desire for sugars to eat fruit.

9 – Use natural honey in the desalination instead of white sugar.

10. Replace the baked goods made of white flour made from whole wheat grain flour.

11. Dark chocolate is more healthy. CHOCOLATE

12. Greek yogurt is better than traditional yogurt.

13-salted nuts unhealthy, nuts without salt very healthy.

14. Olive oil is better than vegetable oil.

15 – Coconut oil is better than butter.

16 – Reduce the consumption of sweets.

17 – Fiber regulates the level of sugar in the blood and regulates the movement of the bowel.

18 – Try to sleep early.

19 – Try to reduce the number of hours watching TV.

20. Eat plenty of foods that contain antioxidants.Always keep breakfast.

21. Always keep breakfast.

22. Replace white rice with brown rice.

23. Replace fried food with baked or grilled food.

24. Eat plenty of natural herbs.

25 – Reduce eating from the outside as much as possible.

26 – Regular exercise.

27 – not to eat before bed directly.

28. Eat slowly

29. Avoid tension.

30 – Visit the doctor at periodic intervals for general detection.

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