35 Popular Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know!

British experts interviewed 2,000 people to find out what tricks and beauty recipes they consider absolutely the best and what really works. Do you want to find out the main beauty secrets of modern women?

Apply toothpaste on pimples so they disappear faster.

If your hair is dirty and there is no time to wash it, use talc or baby powder and distribute it through the hair; it acts as a dry shampoo.

For natural blush, it’s enough to pinch your cheeks.

You can shave legs effectively with a hair conditioner.

You can use lemon juice for highlights at home.



Nail polish is best stored in the refrigerator.

You can use Vaseline to groom eyebrows.

Sprinkle your comb with perfume for fragrant hair.

To reduce puffiness under the eyes apply a cold spoon (it’s best to put the spoon in the fridge beforehand).

Broken nails can be repaired with super-glue (no need to cut them off or tear them out).

Vaseline helps tame curly hair.

Add sugar to liquid soap to get an exfoliating effect.

For shiny hair, apply a beaten egg and then rinse (rinse with cool water only!).

To remove traces of self-tanning lotion from the palms of your hands, apply whitening toothpaste and the tanning traces will disappear.


Add a drop of serum to your foundation to make your skin glow.

A hairdryer on cool mode can be directed on the eyelashes freshly covered with mascara to dry them quickly.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles.

Tomato ketchup should be applied to dyed hair to prevent fading.

A drop of primrose oil can heal a pimple overnight.

Antihistamines help reduce skin redness.

Cranberry juice enhances hair color and shine.

To plump lips, add peppermint oil to lip gloss.

Home bleaching of facial hair can be done as follows: brewer’s yeast + water.

“Smoky eyes” can be done with ordinary soot deposited with a makeup brush.

You can spray your hair with lemonade for hairstyling and texturing.

To choose pink lipstick, apply three vertical lines of different shades of this color to the lips. Choose the one that most closely matches the color of the gums.

When choosing a red lipstick, follow these two main points. The first one – your skin tone. If you have a warm tone, feel free to choose a lipstick with orange midtone, while cool tones should choose red-crimson shades. Neutral red, in which warm and cold pigments are even, suits everyone. The second aspect that should be considered – lipstick should make teeth visually whiter, not more yellow.

To determine if you have a cool or warm skin tone, take a look at your wrist. If your veins are blue or purple, you are the first type. If they are dark and brownish – the second one.

Usually, experts unanimously recommend abandoning cosmetics at the gym. However, if you feel uncomfortable with a “naked” face and instead of doing lunges with dumbbells you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, don’t remove make-up completely. Mascara, penciled eyebrows, and concealer under the eyes won’t hurt. But the foundation and powder are not suitable for training: mixed with sweat, they clog pores.

Don’t apply shimmering makeup on areas with wrinkles: they will become even more noticeable.

It’s possible to adjust the shape of the eyes with mascara. To make them larger and rounder, apply mascara to the upper lashes toward the eyebrows, and don’t forget to about the bottom lashes. To achieve almond-shaped eyes or cat eyes, apply mascara to the upper lashes toward the temples and don’t apply it at all to the bottom ones.

Oftentimes, eye shadows look bright in the package and are barely visible on the skin. Remedy the situation with white eyeliner. You need to apply it to the entire surface of the lid and apply the eye shadow on top of it. By the way, this technique works with nail polishes too: any color becomes brighter on top of the white base.

When shaping your eyebrows, don’t aspire to achieve full symmetry – eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

If you have oily hair or hair of a mixed type, don’t apply conditioner to the roots: your strands will lose volume. Apply conditioner starting at the ears down to the tips.

After applying the hair conditioner, rinse your hair with cool water to close hair cuticles and prolong the effect of the product.

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