The benefits of sports .. and the importance of exercise

The benefits of sports .. and the importance of exercise are many and the most important that they help in the prevention of heart disease and stroke and regularity in the exercise helps to strengthen the heart muscle and improve its work, know more through this article on the benefits we get when you exercise.

The benefits of sports .. and the importance of exercise

What is the correct definition of physical exercise?
Physical exercise is an exercise or physical effort that helps the person to gain fitness and benefit from health. Physical exercise stimulates the body to consume more energy than it consumes when performing its normal activities so that this activity affects the normal and healthy heart and respiratory tract.

The pace of the heartbeat is increased, and if the breathing is increased, the breathing process increases significantly and increases the secretion of the sweat glands. Walking, cycling, swimming, homework, fitness, shopping, etc. Many activities are part of the physical sports activities

The benefits of healthy sports gained from regular physical exercise

  • Preventing heart disease, stroke and regular exercise strengthen the heart muscle, improve its function, increase the efficiency of blood flow and blood circulation and regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood healthily
  • Preventing and reducing the effects of diabetes and high blood pressure. Have a role in the process of weight regulation either increase or decrease depending on the diet and the quality of exercises followed in the sense of following three different training systems

healthy sports gained from regular physical exercise

  • The first is a training system for burning fat and depends mainly on burning the number of calories more than the amount consumed by the body every day
    Second order

  • Is the increase of muscle mass and depends mainly on the funding of the body with a very high amount of protein may exceed double the weight of the human and a healthy diet contains all the necessary nutrients, such as vitamins, carbohydrates, and energy to meet the needs of this system
  • The third system is burning and building in the sense of maintaining muscle mass or building at the same time when the process of burning fat and this system needs a physical effort and a very high tolerance
  • The benefits of sport are to strengthen the back muscles and raise the level of fitness and endurance and flexibility and this leads to the prevention of back pain and associated health problems.
  • Physical exercises that rely on lifting weights help to strengthen and build bones and joints and prevention of fragility and damage, especially in the age of aging. Prevention of colon cancer and arterial blockages.
  • Improve the sleep status of the human respiratory tract is opened and improves the work of blood circulation and reduce the snoring is disturbing and increase the sexual effectiveness in humans

Benefits of psychological sports gained

Benefits of psychological sports gained
Reduce stress, nervousness, insomnia, feeling of self-distrust and wish the human feeling happiness and improve the work of brain cells, so the speed of intuition.

increases and the character of the positive and challenging, high management and love of help.

Learn about new friends to improve the social relations of the person, especially those who go to Sports clubs are fun and entertaining and at the same time cover the free time with a positive benefit of the human commitment to the performance of physical exercises and sports, in general, teach you how to organize your time.

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