20 Health Black Honey Benefits For The Body

Many people wonder about the benefits of black honey to health and its importance to the human body, Black honey is one of the oldest industries known to humans since ancient times. It was first introduced to Egyptians during the 7th century AD.Here are 20 Black honey health benefits for our body.

black honey benefits

Black honey contains a high percentage of substances and nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, contains carbohydrates and vitamins and has a low proportion of fat and therefore has many health benefits.

First: the nutritional value of black honey.

One cup of black honey (337 grams) provides you with:

?- Calories: 977 (4091 kg) = 49%
?- Carbohydrates: 974 (4078 kg)
?- Fat: 2.8 (11.7 k
?- Sugars: 187 grams


?- Thiamine: 0.1 mg = 9%
?- Niacin: 3.1 mg = 16%
?- Vitamin B6: 2.3 mg = 113%
?- Pantothenic acid: 2.7 mg = 27%
?- Choline: 44.8 mg


?- Calcium: 691 mg = 69%
?- Iron: 15.9 mg = 88%
?- Magnesium: 816 mg = 204%
?- Phosphorus: 104 mg = 10%
?- Potassium: 4933 mg = 141%
?- Sodium: 125 mg = 5%
?- Zinc: 1.0 mg = 7%
?- Copper: 1.6 mg = 82%
?- Manganese: 5.2 mg = 258%
?- Selenium: 60.0 ?g = 86%
Fat and fatty acids

– Total fat: 0.3% G1
– Saturated fat: 0.1 g 0%
– Unaturated monounsaturated fats: 0.1 g
– Total omega-6 fatty acids: 168 mg
– Water: 73.7 grams
– Ash: 11.1 grams

Powerful Health Benefits of Black Honey.

black honey benefits

1) Accelerates the healing process.

It is effective in accelerating the process of healing, whether in minor wounds or even many surgeries because it contains high amounts of vitamin “C”, so you would prefer to eat daily and regularly to get the most benefits.

2) Contains a high amount of antioxidants.

For its antiviral and bacteriological properties as well as its high antioxidant content, which is very useful in reducing the action of free radicals, thus preventing the risk of cancer and reducing the signs of aging.

3) Enhances body immunity.

It is effective in enhancing the immunity of the body whether for children, infants or even the elderly and protects you from many different diseases, so it is better to eat it daily by eating raw as it is or even add to the juices and baked goods.

4) Useful for diabetics.

Because of its high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and its ability to reduce blood sugar to its normal level so it is better to eat daily, especially for diabetics, as part of the daily diet

5) Increases your stamina.
Taking it saves you from laziness, lack of concentration in work and increases your activity, fitness, and vitality. So be sure to take it in case you feel less energy instead of eating foods, energy drinks and other supplements that are in the market and are often mixed with many other chemicals that your body does not need.?

black honey benefits
Also, its high content of vitamin B6 increases serotonin levels in the brain that significantly affect brain cells related to mood, sexual desire, appetite, sleep, memory, and learning. On the contrary, lack of replenishment may cause depression, compulsive behavior, anxiety, panic, and anger.

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As well as its high magnesium content, which may cause deficiency: anxiety, apathy, depression, headache, insecurity, irritability, insomnia and stress.

6) Calms the symptoms of uric acid.

Uric acid is a disease caused by the accumulation of fat between the joints resulting in pain, difficulty in movement and discomfort. So take regular black honey daily to relieve pain and reduce the time of illness.

7) Lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Because your consumption of black honey on a regular basis prevents you from the risk of high cholesterol in the blood and causes of many diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure or even cancer.

8) Treat stomach ulcers.

Drinking black honey regularly daily, in different forms, relieves your stomach pain, increases the strength of the stomach, reduces the symptoms of various diseases, makes you feel comfortable and also reduces your use of drugs that contain many chemicals and that may expose you to many side effects.

9) Useful for liver health.

Because it helps the liver to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body smoothly and naturally and thus maintain the health and safety of your body and purify it constantly.

10) neutralizes stomach acids.

Regularly eating black honey daily, whether raw or even with many different recipes, helps prevent the risk of gastroesophageal reflux due to excessive alcohol, coffee, and foods that contain many acids.

11) Protects you from the risk of anemia.

Because it is one of the largest sources of iron because the lack of it may cause: Anemia (resulting from the production of an insufficient number of red blood cells needed to transport oxygen to all parts of the body), fatigue, skin paleness and cracking, cracked lips hair loss fragile nails, Anxiety, hair loss and dizziness.

So take care to eat daily with raw or even drink a glass of warm water, pressing a tablespoon of honey if you suffer from anemia or even to avoid infection.

black honey benefits

Benefits of black honey for the body

12)Benefits of black honey for health Black honey contains important nutrients and some vitamins and minerals that work to protect the body from diseases and provide it with many benefits, including:

13)Black honey contains a large proportion of the important element of iron to form blood cells and increase the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood, and therefore it helps to treat anemia. Read also: Important information about anemia.

14)It contains a high percentage of calcium and therefore works to strengthen bones and teeth, and has anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

15)Black honey contains a large percentage of the potassium component that strengthens the heart muscle and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

16).Contains antioxidants that help prevent many diseases, especially prevention of the risk of cancer

17)The black honey contains vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid and therefore it works on the treatment of headaches and reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, and contains a component of magnesium, which helps to stimulate the nervous system and relaxation of nerves, because the lack of magnesium in the body leads to high blood pressure and the occurrence of muscle spasms.

18)Helps get rid of digestive problems used as a laxative that helps the body to get rid of waste and treat constipation, as it is used with milk in enemas. Read also: Worst and best foods that affect digestion Benefits of black honey for hair:

19)It helps to strengthen the hair and increase its density and work to prolong it, and it works to prevent baldness and early gray and treat hair loss.

20)It contains an iron component so it is a very useful food for women during the menstrual period (menstrual cycle) as it reduces the uterine spasms and provides the body with the iron component and compensates for what it loses, and also prevents blood clotting and gives the body vital and activity, and is struggling with bone diseases affecting women After menopause because it contains a high percentage of calcium.

black honey benefits

Other benefits of honey

  • Treat some skin diseases such as rashes.
  • Preventing potassium deficiency that cells in the body need to do.
  • Used in the preparation of certain medications.
  • Contains lactic acid which helps to treat acne.
  • Helps lower blood pressure. Source of energy in winter.
  • Used in the confectionery industry.

The benefits of black honey 20 unexpected benefit

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