Set Career Goals 21 Examples of Achievable Career Goals

It is great to create Career Goals plans for the new year. These plans are considered a way to look forward to the new year with a positive optimistic outlook rather than looking at it in a negative way. Through these plans, a person announces that he intends to make his new year better and the way he will achieve it. But the problem arises when these goals are too general and impossible to measure.

Take a look this year for your career setting tough, measurable goals that can really be monitored and achieved. Here are 21 career goals that make your new year your best year ever:

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1- Do five things to keep you healthy while you work:

Maintaining health is everyone’s mind, and weight loss is one of the most popular things people seek to do with the start of the new year. You spend a lot of time at work, think about what you can do to keep you healthy while you are at work, and try to outline five simple things you can do while you work to stay healthy. Try eating a healthy lunch, using the stairs instead of the elevator, getting up from your place and moving your body every hour, and using a comfortable desk that you can work behind permanently, and exercising. Think about simple things and you will see how these simple things will be useful

2- Learn a new skill:

Whatever your field of work, there are hundreds of new skills that you can learn and benefit from in your professional career. Is there a skill you want to learn? Let learning this skill be one of your goals this year and you will not regret it. If this skill improves your job in the position you are currently occupying, it may make this company ready to pay a higher salary.

3- Read one book that is either related to your field of work or motivating:

Reading has a magical effect that affects the mind. Whatever the nature of your work, there is a book that can enhance your performance, expand horizons in front of you, or improve your personal habits. Even if you think you know the information you need to obtain, reading a great book on personal development can open new frontiers for you.

4- Update your CV:

When was the last time you reviewed your resume? Is the method used to write it still in use today? Is the information in it correct? Let CV review and editing be one of your career goals even if you don’t plan to apply for any new job. It is always best to update your CV periodically before you forget the information you need to include in the CV.

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5- Meet new people:

There is absolutely no harm in expanding the network of relationships, as you may always meet people, but are you trying to listen to them, get their business cards, and build a relationship with them? Try to find at least one person every month, add him to your network and monitor your relationships as they thrive.

6- Review and improve your LinkedIn profile.

Speaking of Linkedin, what does your LinkedIn page look like? In the business world, Linkedin is very important to draw attention to a person’s skills. As with the CV, you must provide your LinkedIn account with the most recent information, use the most recent methods used to create LinkedIn accounts, and keep its appearance fresh. Check the accounts of the people you know and see the different things that they do and catch your attention, and do as they do. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, or if you are considering creating a LinkedIn account that is noticeable, use the help of people who work or services that create LinkedIn accounts for others.

7- Arrange your files:

The idea of ??planning for the new year can be applied at home as well, as many people have file safes full of old papers that are no longer useful. It does not take long to get rid of these leaves and you will be pleased in the end because you did so. Arrange these files, get rid of the papers you don’t need and reorganize the rest of the cards. It can do the same with computer files as well

8- Search for a site that publishes useful material and follow what is posted first:

The world of websites is a world full of free information, helpful advice, and writers who are superbly motivated. Find a site that you enjoy its content, whether the content is specific to your field of work or a year that excites you and pushes you to move forward, and follow the latest content that it publishes. If you do not know where to find such sites, ask your coworkers, and if you find a site that you think can be of interest to colleagues, tell your colleagues about this so that the benefit is common to everyone.

9- Find a teacher who will advise you on your work:

An appropriate teacher may be an effective tool for career advancement. Is there a company in which you work as a person – who promotes you on the career ladder one or two degrees – is highly respected? Not only does he look admiring him, but he also asks him to be willing to be a supervisor and a teacher for you at work. It is better for your relationship to be framed within a formal framework within the company and to put together practical goals that you seek to achieve during the next year and you enjoy together.

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Examples of Achievable Career Goals

10- Take a new photo:

If you feel shy every time you look at your picture on LinkedIn, the beginning of the year is a great time to take a new photo. Determine the type of image – formal or informal – in line with your career goals and the culture in which the company you work in. The most important thing is to choose a high-quality image – its dimensions are at least 400×400 pixels and its full size does not exceed 8MB and does not exceed 20,000 pixels in height or width. Most importantly, the image expresses your true personality, both personally and professionally.

11- Send at least one thank you message every month:

Sending a handwritten thank-you letter is a great way to express when appreciating and show your professional behavior, and it also makes you feel good. Think every month of someone who has treated you kindly, perhaps someone who has sent you a letter of recommendation via “LinkedIn”, introduced you to an important person, invited you to lunch, or treated you kindly in the office. You can send these thank-you messages to people who have nothing to do with work like your mother-in-law who prepared a delicious soup for you when you were sick and made you feel better – these positive behaviors are reflected in your work as well.

12- Join a professional association:

It is true that joining professional societies can be costly at times, but the benefits you will gain from the relationships you will build there and the skills you will learn deserve to be paid. Find an association that focuses on your favorite part of your business and search for conferences held by this association. Attending conferences helps you greatly expand your network of relationships and provides you with a card that stays with you for weeks on the job. If you do not know how to find suitable professional societies for you, start by searching among the groups in which your colleagues and managers are active

13- Striking a balance between your personal life and your working life:

We all hear about the balance between personal and business life, but how do we measure this balance? The first step is to decide what you want to see which of the two times the most likely balance, then search for an online survey that can be conducted online to find out which of the two times account for most of your time. Check your results and discuss them with family and friends. Through the survey results and the opinions that dear people have on your heart, you can start working to find a balance between your personal life and your work.

14- Volunteer:

Volunteering is a great way to leave a positive imprint in this world, and it is another way to feel complacent. Find an issue that is important to you and participate in volunteer activities that support this issue such as feeding the homeless, collecting garbage from parks, collecting money to build a new dispensary in the neighborhood, or any similar activity. If you want to make a greater contribution, see if your co-workers can support these activities and let them participate in volunteering with you.

15- Get a new certificate:

Is there any blank place in your resume that you wish you could put “bear testimony in such and such”? Stop wishing and do it on the ground. One of the best goals that can be set at the beginning of the year is because obtaining new certificates means that more progress is achieved on the professional level. If obtaining these certificates is expensive, see it as a future investment.

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16- Arrange your email:

Just as with a filing cabinet, the email message box may be full of old, unwanted email, but there are also some messages that cannot be abandoned. Organize your email files, arrange those emails, and delete what you don’t need. This will make you feel more comfortable using your email.

17- Attend formal dating parties:

Formal dating parties are a great opportunity to meet other people working in your own field who live close to you. Through these parties, you will build new relationships and get to know the latest developments in your field. Not all people feel comfortable with the idea of ??attending dating parties, of course. If you are one of those people, it is not necessary to attend formal dating parties every week, but it is a good idea to attend them at least once a year in order to benefit from these official meetings.

18- Take care of your outward appearance

The external appearance positively affects the psychological state and gives you a feeling of contentment and self-confidence, and this is what you need to successfully start a new year, choose a new hairstyle, buy modern clothes, take care of your skin, take care of your body, buy a new perfume.

19- Rephrase your goals

If you did not succeed in achieving your goals in the past year, we invite you to reformulate your goals again, but this time it must be more clear and realistic and that your goals are measurable and evaluating and do not forget to specify the strategies that will be followed, and you must also determine in advance the problems expected to be faced to develop solutions For her, your consideration of all of the above will ensure that you start the New Year successfully.

20- Time Management.

If you want to start the new year successfully, you must organize your time well, create a daily plan that outlines all the tasks to be performed and arrange them according to the priority of doing them and start first with the difficult and then easy tasks, and make sure to set a time frame for everything you do, this will protect you from Slow down in business and you will have plenty of time to do your job well and get some rest.

21- Optimism and hope

In fact, during your new year you may be exposed to a lot of breakdowns and failures, so do not allow frustration to creep into you and arm you with optimism and hope, as they will give you patience and strength to continue trying until you achieve everything you wish in your life, so only you will be able to start your new year successfully.

Your career path may be long and tiring, but do not let the new year come without preparing yourself for further professional development by following these seventeen tips.

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