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Cats are unbelievably cute and fun. They make great company because they are independent too. No matter how much we love them, however, not everything about living with them is a delight. There are certain inconveniences that we all put up with because we love them.

cat life hacks

To help you make your life (and your cat’s life) easier, we’ve put together 5 Life Hacks for Cats that will help you minimize the negative aspects and fully enjoy them!

Keep Them Off Your Furniture

cat life hacks

To a cat, your furniture, countertops, and tables are a fun day at the playground. They love to climb on things and jump off of them. This is fine in certain rooms but ends up being annoying and even dangerous for them in others. Let’s face it, having your catwalk on the kitchen table isn’t really sanitary.

Luckily for us, cats hate sticky things. We are going to turn this detail into a strategy to keep them off our beautiful furniture by putting sticky tape on it. Yes, sticky tape. When your cat tries to climb on top of it, it will get stuck and climb right back down.

cat life hacks

If you do this when the cat is small, it will learn that certain places are sticky and avoid them in the future. Nobody wants sticky tape on everything in their house. It might take a few weeks, but your cat is smart and will hopefully learn very fast.

Scratch On This

Since we are talking about protecting our furniture: cats love to scratch. They need to do it in order to keep their paws healthy. It is also fun for them.

cat life hacks

We don’t want them to stop scratching their paws on things, we simply want to point them to other things. We have to create something that will tempt them. This is easy.

Get yourself a piece of wood, a carpet sample, and some sticky tape. Cut the carpet sample so it is smaller than the piece of wood. Add sticky tape and stick it in the center. This will make it look like the carpet is framed. It is much better this way.

cat life hacks

You can simply leave it like that, or you can screw it onto the wall. If you make a few of these, they can look like a great decorative piece. Since cats love scratching vertical surfaces, they will love this!

Save Your Plants

If you love plants as much as animals and you have a few around the house, you know cats are very selective about the plants they like. Some they seem to hate and attack. Keep these out of reach. You can use the sticky tape hack.

cat life hacks

Other plants, however, they love to play with. This means, make holes and even use as toilets. This is a big problem as it will probably kill your plant and resent your cat for it.

cat life hacks

Nature provides us with a simple solution: pine cones. They are easy to get (or cheap to buy if there aren’t any around your neighborhood) and look amazing. Simply cover the soil with pine cones and you’ll immediately notice how your cat’s interest in your plants disappears!

Hide Their Business

Cats are very clean and that is a great advantage. You don’t need to take them out to do their business. It is very comfortable. It is also a little bit gross when people have the litter box in the kitchen or the living room. Please people, the smell.

The best places to keep your kitty’s litter box are on the balcony and the laundry room. Some people are very creative and make awesome furniture to hide the litterbox. This is great, but let’s face it: not all of us can manage to build that or have that much space.

If we cannot make more space, use the space that is already available. Take out the door of a cabinet and replace it with curtains. Place the litter box inside it and all will be under control.

Exercise This

Cats have a lot of energy, or none at all. They need to rest for a long time but also have to exercise. Unfortunately, not all cats get to leave the apartment whenever they wish and run around freely, whether it’s because of the weather or the lack of access.

cat life hacks

To help them (and you) out, build them an exercise tower. This is simple. Get yourself a not-very-wide bookshelf and cut holes on each shelf. To make it fun, alternate the holes on opposite ends. Your cat will love the challenge.

You can also use a sisal rope around the side of the bookshelf and stick samples of carpets so they can scratch it all as they climb up and down. Cat’s paradise!

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