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At the time, I was like any other young person who set goals at the beginning of each year, then the year ended and none of his goals were accomplished! The remorse was scorching: Am I a bad person? lazy? Bored? Why those around you achieve its goals .. and you do not! And every year that passes, the pain increases and the flame of reprimand increases, until I read a stray saying in a pale book, made an amazing shift in the section (achieving the goals), and I discovered then that the problem is not in me, as much as it is in the way the information is implemented, and it is the same wrong way that It makes many of today’s youth set goals at the beginning of each year, and the year ends and nothing has been achieved.

The amazing rule in achieving goals says: It is a mistake – as a start – to set more than one goal for you at the beginning of the year. Rather, it is a fatal mistake to set a great goal for you. But the right way to set you one goal is very simple to achieve, and takes only a few minutes from your day! Again, choose only one target.

An example of this: reading a page daily from a book – instead of your old goal by reading 50 books annually, or keeping my kneeling sacrifice, or saving 1% financially, and other simple goals in achieving them for you, and the ease in achieving them, and continue to repeat this 90 days, which is long enough to turn this daily routine into a habit in your life. After that, set another simple goal for you to achieve, and it continued for 90 days as well, without interruption for one day, in addition to continuing the routine of the previous goal. By the end of the year, you will have gained four new positive habits, without a major change in your routine.

How do I find my life's goal?

 But at the end of the year, you will reach an amazing thing that you do not dream about: that you have acquired a skill (creating a new habit in your life), and this will make a great difference in your life because the absence of this habit is what makes you postpone your goals every year! Then add new habits to your life every year, and with the passage of days, you will have the inner confidence in achieving bigger and more ambitious goals, but then you will have your own hook in fishing!

Steps to achieve the goals.

 If you want life to answer your questions, this is how you open the door to dialogue with them. If you don’t try new activities, how will you know that you are passionate about these activities? There are countless skills from which you can earn your strength, and you know nothing about them, regardless of the cultural quotient that you think you possess. In this case, put your prejudices aside. There are many things that you think you will never care about, and that if you try them, you will regret not knowing them before. Let your motto: “Try any new activity twice”, because it is possible that the first time may not reflect how amazing it is.

 2. Various experiences:
 ?Experience is the means by which the universe teaches us,? which makes me travel-loving, as it enables me to meet different people from various backgrounds. This step is similar to the exploration step in the first paragraph; however, it focuses on any kind of experience. The experience may be an exchange of words, memories, or emotions with another person, and you may witness events that you have never seen before: like the hustle and bustle of different lifestyles from one country to another. Nothing is the same as seeing it with your own eyes. Imagining and prejudging will not get you any further than you have reached now.

Creativity :
Creativity helps you understand your relationship with the world and the people around you. So keep sharpening your skills in order to improve your position further. You can be creative in any field: from music, through art, research articles, YouTube clips, to presentations. Use your talents to present something to this world, and find out what works for you, your friends, your family, and others. Creativity can help you discover the small details of what you are passionate about for certain skills that you possess in order to persevere and develop them.

Goal Setting infographic

 4. Contact:
 We, humans, are often bound together to draw our energies from the value we give to other people. Knowing how your message is centered in this life helps you define and stoke your mission. This will help you discover the relationship between you and your talents and others. Sitting and thinking about your life goal will not get you far, so go out and try to find it. To do this, you must stop feeling bad by raising your body and your daily routine. Read also: How do you define your goals in life?

Exercise daily:
This may sound obvious to everyone, but it includes many details. We will not advise you to make all this effort to practice sports if we are not familiar with the science which stresses its extreme importance. This is what we want to tell you in this article.

It has been proven that exercise increases your levels of success in several areas of your life. Studies show that regular exercise increases your health, increases your happiness level, reduces levels of depression and stress, makes you more focused and productive, and provides you with more energy. It has also been found that exercising is one of the pillars of building habits. What does this mean? It means that if you can make your workout a habit, it will make it easier for you to form a lot of other great habits.

Not all successful millionaires meditate; Richard Branson is one of them. In a recently published article on LinkedIn, he admitted that he had never contemplated. However, Will Smith, through his studies of thousands of the world’s most successful people, found that many of them meditated.

This list of people includes Robert Downey Jr., Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Adam Levine, and many others. Knowing how many Western people have adopted this practice, despite it being an oriental practice, is surprising.

Is it a coincidence, you see? Take billionaire Ray Daleo, for example. He describes meditation as “the best daily investment he makes.” The benefits of meditation are scientifically proven: it reduces blood pressure and causes physical structural changes that help clear your mind and make you able to make logical decisions in moments of emotion. Meditation enables you to separate emotion from reason when you must do so.

Sleep enough hours:
Many decades of research have been conducted confirming the benefits of sleep; however, modern society requires everyone to make every effort to achieve success. People often think they work hard, while they find they waste more than 20 hours per week on unrelated tasks on productivity.

In addition, they find that they sacrifice a few hours with the goal of “going ahead”. And when we say this, we never mean that working very hard and for a number of hours longer does not contribute to increasing your chances of success; however, as a result of your excess in that, you will reduce your performance and productivity, until it reaches your condition to behave as if you are in a state of ?sugar?; especially when reducing From the number of hours of your sleep. And if working harder and sleeping for fewer hours does not work for you, then you should

Steps to achieve the goals, whether your goals are small or large, or your goals are personal or functional, or you have a goal and you want to achieve it, you need steps to follow in order to reach success in achieving these goals and with this article, we will know you the way and steps that you must follow to achieve your goals and success in your life

Set one goal
Write the goal you want to achieve and put it everywhere to see it several times per day, put it on the back of your computer and on the screen of your mobile phone put a copy of your wallet and another on your wardrobe and wherever you look a lot during the day, then read it and read it at least three times a day.

How do you set goals?

Determine what needs to be done to achieve this goal

Write down all the tasks you would like to perform that will lead you towards this goal and be careful to define very closely and clearly detail.

Set small goals that will lead you to achieve the bigger goal

Make a list of the small goals that you must do to achieve the larger goal according to a specific date and the most important thing to do to implement the smaller goals.
Write down goals and tasks

Hold on to your goal

It depends on you whether or not you achieve your goals. If you refuse to accept failure, you will succeed regardless of anything else
Avoid waste of time

The time that passes cannot be compensated or restored, and the main problem of not accomplishing your small daily tasks and goals is mismanagement of your time and better handling.

To each frustrated by his long delay in achieving his goals, stop reprimanding, you are a wonderful and distinguished person, but you have not yet known the way to achieve these goals .. Apply this simple methodology in achieving your dreams, and this year will be a new turning point in your life, and leave you from the heresy of planning sessions for your life, because some of those offered by sellers of words, did not achieve a single goal in his life!

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