What should I be eating to lose weight?

Contrary to what is said to be foods that are just a cause of weight gain or obesity, there are many foods such as vegetables, fruits and meat that help and contribute to weight loss, fat reduction, and maintaining a healthy, lean and harmonious body. Here are some of these foods that you do not know:

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1. Tomatoes
The tomatoes are important and essential vegetables in our various salads and dishes for a healthy and balanced diet.

They are characterized by low calorie, but they help in moving the blood circulation and increase activity, thus activating the functions of the body and its function, keeping the weight fat and its secretion, detoxifying the body and facilitating digestion. It is rich in vitamin A, C, B, B6, K as well as mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium.

what should I be eating to lose weight?

2 – Orange is a fruit used in salty and sweet dishes and juices, and is used to remove toxins from the body, regulates the level of glucose in the blood, and helps to burn fat and contains orange vitamin C and antioxidants that prevent fat from accumulation. Doctors are also advised to take a glass of it in the morning to keep it fit for the few calories it contains.

3. Oats
Oats are used to reducing appetite, giving a feeling of satiety because it contains fibers that slow down the consumption of calories. It also works quickly to break down fat, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and avoids constipation, and contains vitamin B6. It does not contain sugar in its materials to store fat and make you hungry.

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4- Spices and herbs
The role of spices and herbs is not only to taste delicious dishes but also to support diets for weight loss. These spices include:

– Black pepper, which contributes to the activation of digestion and burning of food.

– Ginger regulates the level of cholesterol in the body, activates the cells to consume more energy. It also controls secretions and acidity in the stomach.

– Cinnamon plays a role in regulating the amount of insulin in the blood, digesting carbohydrates, leading to weight loss.

Saffron reduces the level of fat absorption in the body, and inhibits the growth of fat cells, thus reducing weight gain.

Hot Mustard works to energize the body for quick digestion and to burn calories.

5. Sweet potatoes
Potatoes are one of the most important ingredients in the dishes. They are rich in fiber, minerals, folic acid, and vitamins B6 and C, making you feel full and full. Sweet potatoes differ from ordinary potatoes as having less than half the calories. As well as it facilitates the function of burning fat and accelerates.

6. Apples
Apple is one of the most important fruits rich in vitamins and fibers of Pectin and polyphenols “anti-oxidant,” which expels toxins from the body and help reduce fat and accumulation in the abdomen and waist circumference.

7. Walnut
a nut is a high calorie and rich in fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, which benefit the good bacteria in the digestive system and this accelerates the process of absorption of minerals and burning calories, and it feels fullness and a full stomach.

What should I be eating to lose weight?

8. Quinoa
Quinoa is characterized by high levels of fiber and proteins that regulate the level of sugar in the blood. The body removes waste from the colon and contains low carbohydrate content. E. It benefits: Maintain weight, feel full, absorb minerals and vitamins faster, and contribute to burning calories.

9. Broccoli
Broccoli is one of the most important vegetables rich in vitamin C, A, and beta-carotene, calcium, fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar, and helps to burn fat and weight loss and contain very low calories.

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10. Grapefruit

Eating half a grapefruit before each meal helps lose 450 grams of body weight per week, reducing insulin, which stores fat in the body, as well as a good source of protein and fluid that helps you feel full.

11 – black beans

One cup of black beans contains 15 grams of protein, a protein-free of saturated fat found in other sources of protein, such as red meat. The beans are rich in fiber and make the person feel full for a long time.

12 – Oats

Oats are rich in fiber, which causes a feeling of satiety, and advised to eat only half a cup of it, it contains 4.6 grams of resistant starch, which is an important carbohydrate to promote the metabolism, and helps to burn fat.

13. Avocados

Avocado is rich in fiber and protein, and contains oleic acid, a compound of healthy unsaturated fats useful to the body, and advised when hungry to eat a quarter or half of the avocado to feel full, and at the same time help to melt fat, especially in the abdomen.

14. Salmon

Salmon contains a high proportion of monounsaturated fat that helps to feel full, and one of the studies conducted in 2001 proved that eating these fats in the diet causes a loss of weight at a large rate.

15. Red beans

Red beans provide the necessary protein and fiber for the body and contain healthy carbohydrates resistant starch, and nutrition experts have confirmed that eating half a cup of red beans a day on a regular basis helps alone to lose 2 grams of weight.

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16. Wild grapes

Despite the small size of wild grapes, it has a strong effect in improving the overall health of the body, fighting aging and weight loss. Nutrition experts have shown that one cup contains 80 calories and 4 grams of fiber, Full and full.

17. Broccoli

Broccoli is classified as a vegetable that protects against cancer, as well as its ability to lose weight, rich in fiber that helps to feel full, and contains one dish of 30 calories.

18. Brown rice

Brown rice is recommended instead of white. Half a cup of brown rice contains 1.7 grams of resistant starch, a source of healthy carbohydrates, to promote metabolism and help burn fat.

19. Pears

One study found that those who eat 3 pears of pear daily consume fewer calories and lose weight than others, because pears contain fibers that help to feel full, and it is recommended to take them without removing the crust because it is the richest part of the fiber.

Because all these vitamins and minerals are not in a single nutrient, daily diets should depend on the diversity and moderation of their natural foods to ensure that the body has the necessary vitamins and minerals.

And thus show the seriousness of diet heresies that deprive the body of eating certain foods, is exposed to the damage of the lack of.

Before you eat any meal, do not just look for low calorie and low body weight, but be sure to contain vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients from fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber so you do not start to eat your body.

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