the most effective methods of motivating To improve my healthy eating habits

Every thing happens for a reason, fitness is not excluded from this, and unless you have a good reason to start you will not be able to commit and follow up the implementation of your decisions, and the good thing about it is that most of my mind means that you can draw up a plan of action that will remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your goals

the most effective methods of stimulating myself to improve my healthy eating habits,?

Think of the things you will feel when your body is perfect

It is one of the things that people enjoy is the beautiful appearance whether things such as houses, cars, accessories and others or in people when you see yourself as the ideal body you will feel yourself more and will increase the happiness and happiness of others around you as your wife and your children and your family You can also choose the beautiful clothes and you are sure it is suitable for you And you will appear on the beautiful and not show you beautiful and you burden and you can also think about your health, which affects the overweight and also in your youth who goes with this obesity Raise your temper and your spirits

Keep away from all that bothers and affects the level of your mood and look for all that is above it and your morale to help you continue to dieting because when you find yourself frustrated and feel bored you will find what is happy and if eating from these happy times will be the first thing you are looking to raise your mood by it Try to move away from it and follow the previous step by not making it your happy times always while you can

Stay away from anger and sadness

Anger makes your mood the same as the previous step, but we mentioned it at the point because it is one of the most important things that may make your mood turbidity and grief and then looking for what makes you happy eating, especially if you are of this type

You have the power to control yourself and be steadfast when tempting

You will find advertisements in television and street and you will find between restaurant and restaurant also a restaurant and you will find friends and relatives who try to force you to eat too much and neglect dieting exercises If you have the power of control and stability at temptations it will be easier to have in opposition to these constraints

Celebrate small victories

What I mean by celebrating is to increase the size of the achievement, for example, if you lose 5 kilo you will tell everyone that you are very happy and you will be proud of this achievement difficult for many people, despite its simplicity after the reconciliation of God and then the desire Celebration and joy after small achievements help you

It is NOT weight loss! Make a healthy lifestyle

It is assumed that the person eats for simple recipes to make it solid not only to feel full, but to feel that hunger has gone and there is a difference after hunger comes moderation and after moderation and summarize that dieting is a healthy lifestyle we should get used to in the days of dieting and after that also do not eat too much but may Sometimes when you make yourself feel that you are doing a diet you will undoubtedly weaken a little in front of him while you are not working diet, but you build a healthy life for yourself, it will help you and motivate you to continue

To lose weight you need a great drive to continue, all you get stimuli all that helped you more to continue and lose weight faster


Start with a little

Your habits are what you need to change and therefore will change your feeling and appearance, as you focus on your actions and not on the final result then inevitably change from the inside and from the outside.


Start with simple changes in your diet and sports habits. Start by improving your food, adding some Skoot and Plank exercises to your daily routine, or choose a 30-day challenge and stick to it.


It’s important to stick to simple things at first instead of forcing yourself into bigger things. It’s hard to stick to new habits if you start with big changes.


Choose a reasonable feeding plan


All you need is a guide that you can follow simply without the need for a prohibited menu and specific instructions every time you need to eat. Calorie counting will only cause you tension and make you feel sorry every time you eat anything.


You need something you can go on for the rest of your life and not just for a month or two, eating rationally will usually become the least possible.


Think of it this way: you have to deserve foods such as desserts, baked goods and soft drinks. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to completely abstain from these foods, rather you do not eat them daily as opposed to healthy foods.


Real food is a constant choice like cooked foods with as few ingredients as possible, homemade and fresh cooking is what you need.

?Shop smartly

The food you eat is as important as your exercise. Most of us know how easy it is to get off track when you feel hungry after exercise and say to yourself: I deserve a reward for my patients.


Unfortunately, we often misjudge our exercise and therefore reward ourselves a bit too much to lose all our effort in the exercise.


In most cases rewarding yourself for your exercise is a bad idea, so to avoid this you need to know what to eat beforehand and make a clear plan for all your meals. It’s best to buy all the ingredients you need in advance and make sure you cook all your dishes and sit down to eat them.


Setting up your own meals will save you money, as it is much better than takeaway, as well as having cooked a piece of meat and preparing the salad will not take you long. Even the homemade burgers, which can be frozen, take only 20 minutes to cook, cook and eat, and reduce the effort to half.


The more slowly the subject is taken the more advanced the fitness journey. The quick results may be tempting, but every shortcut is a price you will not want to pay, and whenever your body changes quickly, whether you lose weight or gain muscle, your system is vulnerable to shock.


You may like the results in the short term but in the long term your body will return to what it was. The weight and shape you were going to return in a blink of an eye will return to your previous lifestyle after your diet ends and your diet ends.


In the world of fitness there is no end, it becomes part of you like the things you constantly do, such as brushing your teeth, so slow and twisting are important when it comes to changing the structure of your body.

Make a detailed plan

You should be as clear and clear as possible, it is hard enough to stick to any system unless you are used to exercise or diet, so it’s best to be aware of all your next steps.

You need daily instructions. If you are not ready, put your own schedule. If the instructions are vague. You want to deviate and give up. Make it easier for yourself to complete the program you have chosen or designed for yourself and your chances of success will be greater.

Do it for 30 days

Usually, you need about a month to strengthen a new habit. If you can usually stick to this period, this habit can become routine, as you can automatically choose the best option without thinking too long. Do not think of it as something you have to abide by for four weeks, but every day. It’s a good idea to put a daily record of days to know about your achievement.


Share your family and friends


Working together is the perfect scenario and this helps you stay committed to your program so look for someone else around you who would like to join you, show them your plan and organize a schedule and share it with all the participants. You can use a shared Google calendar to show everyone an alert in advance for the next exercise date.


Even if your family members are not involved, it is important that you teach them what to do and when to do it to know that you are part-time at that time.


When people close to you do not support you, it is difficult to keep on track. They may try to sabotage your program or bet on your failure so it’s important to tell them why you did not do it and why you need to support them.


Get equipment or equipment


It is not just clothing or sports equipment, in fact you can accomplish with a few things, at this stage the less you spend the better.


We often believe that we have accomplished when we spend money while all we have accomplished is emptying our bank accounts.


However, you need a little equipment to add to what you currently have, and it’s good to have some comfortable music and comfortable shoes, and something useful as a timer (there are free apps you can use) * and a bottle of water.


Think about it, exercise once to see what you need before you start. The whole process should be as smooth as possible and as automatic as possible. These little things are what you take to avoid running o Create a record


It is important to write down everything you do and take it to be aware of what you do and do not do throughout your journey to fitness.


Record everything, including small things like going up the stairs instead of using the elevator, or doing a few “scoops” during commercials on TV. These small achievements make a difference and it’s important to remember them.


This will help you stay strong and continue on your right path when you tend to surrender or waste a day or two or even a week,


Put a record you can see all the time, put a reminder and scrap the days of the calendar to enhance your commitment, usually we hide our records so it is easy to be absent.


Put notes on your computer screen, place alerts in Google Calendar and cards with simple things you can do to stay active during the day on top of your usual program.


Each order is calculated, so that 10 additional “scouts” per day will become 70 repetitions at the end of the week. Fitness is a matter of thought. You always get results when they last – and only when they continue.


So you can continue and stay on your right track.


Keep reminding yourself of doing this and keep reminding yourself to check it out. Do something today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, when you look behind you, you will discover how wonderful you have accomplished, day by day, and see where you have arrivedut of exercise.


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