Why Do I Feel Lonely Even Though I Have Friends? 40 Things to Do

You are surrounded by people and friends, your social media accounts are overcrowded?why do I feel lonely even though I have friends? Feeling lonely is one of the negative feelings that lead to severe psychological conditions, the simplest of which is depression. Someone may feel lonely, despite being in a large family, many friends, and a huge circle of acquaintances. Here are some reasons for that feeling, which may be unjustified for some.

1- You misunderstand what loneliness is.

Loneliness is an emotional state, not a “material” one. It cannot be avoided with too many friends, or by not staying alone.

  • Different goals

When dozens of friends meet, and their goals are different, the space for dialogue will decrease, so each of them does not mean the other?s conversation, because it does not match his goals, and therefore it may be a motive for feeling lonely.

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Also, the Loneliness cannot be disposed of by saying to yourself, “Simply skip it.” Loneliness often arises from the things we have learned or lived while we are children and that has made us act in certain ways. These lifestyles can be difficult to change, especially if they are associated with childhood trauma.

  • Difference in character

When a person meets with a group with different characteristics, customs, and traditions that differ, it will surely benefit him greatly at the beginning of the relationship, but the benefit will cease to be known about other cultures, how to accept and deal with the other, and the feeling of psychological loneliness will increase because it often generates a difference in thought. If first of all, accept that ending your feelings of loneliness is not related to booking your social schedule or entering another dating site. It’s time to go a little deeper.

2- You need a real “communication”.

If there is a magical component to not feeling lonely, it will be the ability to communicate – emotionally – with others. It is not about being able to look attractive, or being able to talk about the same topics that someone else finds interesting. In fact, these things together may be ways to escape “communication.”

  • Social media

Frequent dealing with social networking sites, technology sufficiency, and addiction is one of the most wrongful acts that afflict its addicts with many psychological problems. The first is the feeling of loneliness. Devices.

3- You find it difficult to be yourself.

(Emotional) communication includes being in your nature with others. But if you spend your entire life trying to meet the expectations of your friends and family, you will find it difficult to “be yourself”.

  • You may not even know what your “nature” is.

The lack of self-identity is often behind a constant feeling of loneliness. If we cannot determine who exactly we are, we will always feel incomprehensible. How can others communicate with us if we constantly change the way we present ourselves and leave others confused?

feel lonely even though I have friends

This is likely to happen if we spent our childhood trying to satisfy one of the parents significantly, as our real self does not find an opportunity to develop, or if a psychological trauma in childhood causes the development of a “fake” to hide feelings of pain.

4- Losing close people.

Losing close people like parents or a partner generates a feeling of loneliness, especially if you do not overcome the effects of this event by the many social relations and renewing confidence in others, and if not, your feeling of loneliness will inevitably worsen.

5- Your definition of friendship needs revision.

Sometimes the feeling of loneliness boils down to not absorbing the basic components of friendship in the adult world.

Yes, at school we are attracted to others because we are on the same sports team, or we like the same music. But when we become adults, independent of the constant support of our family, we need instead to find people with whom we share the same personal values.

Self-values ??are the things that matter most to you about life.

the difference between age difference between you and those around you generates a feeling of loneliness as a natural matter for the different ways of thinking, experiences, and beliefs as well, so try to surround yourself with friends and colleagues close to your age in order to overcome your loneliness.

If you lose everything and everyone you have but you still have yourself, what will be important to you then?

As you notice, if you share these key values ??with someone, then it does not matter if your lives are always the same on the surface when you match in the inner.

Loneliness happens

Maybe that’s why social media “friendships” don’t stop feeling lonely. Instead, studies indicate that social media leads directly to raising levels of loneliness. We are simply not honest enough in the way we present ourselves in the online, in addition to personal values, true friendship is also built on credibility.

6- Do not know how to receive gifts (from others).

Do you tend to say no to every offer of help and do everything yourself? Do you ask yourself questions and insist that you only talk about other people’s problems? And hide your feelings if you feel sad or frustrated, and call your friends only when you are in a good mood?

If you build friendships in one direction, always give and never take, you will feel exhausted instead of feeling loved. At the extreme, this may become a pattern of “common pathological attachment”, as you begin to associate your self-worth with the help of others and lose any sense of your own needs.

A person goes through many times when he needs to be alone to rest, to think, or to make important decisions in his life, then to return to dealing with others and mixing with them, but have you ever felt lonely and not feeling the value of the things you do? Does this feeling persist in you? And if you are with a group of people, at work or at home, do you feel lonely, too? If your answer is yes, then all this confirms that you are suffering from loneliness and control over you, so why do you feel lonely? How can you overcome it?

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Why do I have many friends, but still feel lonely?

1- When you pass a number of pressures that affect you greatly, you prefer isolation and loneliness to think about these pressures, and even if you are mixed with others, they remain stuck in your thinking and prevent you from enjoying your presence with them.

2 – The feeling of loneliness also comes when you are frustrated by some dealings with others, whether your colleagues at work or your friends, so you feel that you are alone and there is no one who cares about you, and a previous study indicated that the damage of the unit is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

why do i feel lonely even though i have friends

3- Going through difficult circumstances or painful situations, such as losing a person as a result of his travel, death, or illness, and this causes a painful feeling and loneliness.

4- Sometimes circumstances require a person to have a certain life to live like the person who did not marry or has no brothers or few friends and lives a boring routine life.

5- This feeling may result from the family, for the parents whose relationship is turbulent and unstable and where the problems are a large area, the sense of loneliness is one of the problems that the children suffer from.

We know very well how lonely you are and how painful it is. Here are a number of ways that can help you get rid of this feeling:

How do I stop feeling lonely even when surrounded by friends?

What do you do when you feel lonely even though you have friends and family with you and you don’t feel like do anything?

1- The most important things that lead to the continued feeling of loneliness are your thoughts that assure you that you will not be able to get out of this situation, you must first overcome these ideas.

2- If you suffer from pressure, whether at work or your relationships with others, you should try to overcome them in order to be able to deal with others and enjoy the things around you.

why do i feel lonely even though i have friends

3- You should mix with others, whether they are with you at home or friends you feel comfortable and confident with, and talk to them, discuss them, get to know their opinions on your affairs, and meet new friends.

4- You can change your lifestyle and tired routine by doing new work and changing the places you are used to going to.

5- Doing the activities you love and exercising are very beneficial solutions in this case. They help you get rid of negative energy and give you a feeling of comfort.

6- You can also consult a psychological therapist in the event that it is difficult to get rid of this sensation and increase it despite serious attempts you make and it will definitely help you.

You do not deserve to live alone and do not deserve this bad feeling, which makes you lose the feeling of the value of life and enjoyment of it, you should try hard to get rid of it and achieve for yourself what is best for your happiness.

Tips and advice for fighting loneliness:

Take a course Many courses are in different fields, you can register in one of them and then you will learn something new, you will waste your free time, and meet new friends.

why do i feel lonely even though i have friends

-Telephone someone you love Bring your phone and see in the contacts, surely someone you love and miss his voice, call him and talk to him, and see how each feeling of loneliness will dissipate.

– Choose five of your friends, and start writing letters to them.

– Stay away from Facebook when you feel lonely, it may seem the best solution is to move away from that blue virtual world and seek to integrate with the real world.

Volunteering in charitable work. Volunteering is a great way to dispel free time, make new friends, and most wonderfully, your sense of happiness will spread the good and help the needy.

Crying may seem like a strange solution to you, but it is an ideal solution to empty stored negative emotions, after crying is a relief.

-Get your inspiration Certainly I heard about the TED organization, which conducts global conferences to spread new and distinct ideas around the world. You can have fun watching the speakers at these conferences, as inspiration may come from someone?s words.

Express your feelings of gratitude and gratitude towards someone or something that generates positive energies within you that lead to your happiness. Try it for a month to express your gratitude to someone or something.

why do i feel lonely even though i have friends

– Participate in any club in your city in the club, you will spend your free time practicing sports, or participating in an activity, and it will be a good opportunity to meet many new friends.

-If you can’t be with your friends, watch the Friends series, Friends series, an American comedy series of ten seasons that tells about a group of young friends who live in New York City.

Read reading is a very interesting activity, you can start with light books and novels, the Harry Potter series and the metaphysical series are great options to start with.

– Create a blog You can create a blog on the Blogger website, and then start publishing your writings during it. Writing will help you to edit your thoughts and express your feelings on the one hand, and on the other hand, you will make new friends through the blog.

Move Do not go home, go to the street, walk, run, exercise, just move.

Buy a bird or pet.

– Take a nap in your spare time.

Learn to drive cars.

Take care of yourself (your personal hygiene – your appearance – your culture)

Check with a psychotherapist if you feel your loneliness is out of control.

Enter cinema, movies are a wonderful treat for loneliness, watch a movie, merge with his story, and unite with his heroes.

Pamper yourself Don’t wait for someone to do that, do it yourself. You can go to your favorite spot alone, or buy yourself a piece of chocolate, a book, or a game.

why do i feel lonely even though i have friends

Do not fear loneliness, reassure yourself that it is only temporary and that this feeling will go away one day. Cry out loudly: ?I feel lonely.? Then breathe deeply, and believe inside you that you will never be alone.

Realizing that loneliness is just a feeling, not a reality. When you feel lonely, it is because something has evoked the memory of that feeling, not because you are in fact isolated on your own.

The brain is determined to pay attention to pain and danger, and this includes feelings of fear and psychological pain, and therefore the feeling of loneliness stimulates the brain, but then the brain tries to understand this feeling.

And the questions begin Why do I feel this way? Is it because no one loves me? Because I’m a failure? Or because people are bad? Then the brain begins to confuse feelings with facts. Then the problem increases, so you must fully realize that what you are facing is just a feeling and you have to accept it without overreacting.

Ensuring that loneliness is what causes you confusion and motivates you to think that you are pariah or failed, or any of the other negative feelings.

– Avoid the tragic assumptions that the world is bad and that everyone around you is trying to offend you, all of these assumptions result from a feeling of loneliness and it is an extension of what we were doing in childhood when feeling sad, for when a child feels sad, he automatically rushes to think that this is his fault because of his bad behavior and nature, and we continue With the same thinking, even at the age of maturity.

Create a plan to fight mental and emotional habits that lead you to feel lonely. When you begin to realize that loneliness is just a feeling that you have rather than a reality you live with, you can develop a plan to deal with this feeling. One of the best ways to confront loneliness is to interact with friends and make some effort to reach out to others, even with feelings of depression. It may take some persistence and effort, but the result is worth it.

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Focusing on the needs and feelings of others, with less attention to negative thoughts and feelings.

– Looking for new friends who feel the same way, merging with groups that think and feel like you help everyone to work together and overcome the problem.

– Try to show yourself when in a pool. Meaning that you talk to others and show your opinions and personality with confidence and paper that attracts everyone around you to chat with you and get around.

– Caring for those around you and listening to them while trying to help them with their problems, in this way you attract the attention of those around you and gain their love and affection, and this, in turn, drives them to care for you, which reduces your feeling of loneliness.

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