How Not To Feel Lonely?13 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

People feel lonely for a number of reasons, such as not having enough friends or getting away from people they know or feeling unwanted by those who are trying to make friends with them. Research shows that young people living at home without having a meaningful relationship feel more lonely than adults who live alone.

Each person is different from the other in the degree of relationship that he wants or needs from others. But whatever degree you want, a certain degree of communication with others is necessary to feel satisfied and satisfied with life.

What is the sense of Loneliness?

Feeling loneliness is a feeling that results in a person’s sense of isolation and emptiness with his awareness that he is not connected with others. A sense of loneliness does not necessarily result from self-effacement. One may feel lonely in crowded places. For example, he may feel lonely in the classroom, despite the presence of hundreds of students. Feeling lonely means feeling that you are:

  • Unwanted person.
  • ?A strange person around you.
  • ?There is no one who shares your interests and personal experiences.
  • Unloved person.
  • Nobody understands you.

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Negative effects of loneliness:
– The person with loneliness becomes frustrated because he does not share his experiences with those around him and at the same time does not get support as they go through.

– People with loneliness usually spend most of their time eating, sleeping, crying or doing things that are not important.

– Those suffering from loneliness suffer from low self-esteem because they believe that others reject them.

– Uncertainty is feared, embarrassed and unnecessarily felt by those around them, their family members, their teachers, classmates, and peers.

– People who are lonely try to avoid meeting people, keeping away from new situations and setting limits on their lifestyle.

– The affected people look at themselves in a negative way and criticize themselves very strongly.

– loneliness?is also associated with depression and the negative impact on learning and memory.

– People with autism are withdrawn from social contact when unrealistic expectations do not match relationships with their standards.

– They may also feel alienated by what they expect or ask about.

– The people suffering from loneliness often suffer from distortions in the logic and clinging to ideas such as: “I am single, so no one wants to stay with me. If they do not want to help me, I’ll also refuse them. “

– Among the problems associated with the depression unit. In many cases, the symptoms of loneliness disappear under the guise of depressive symptoms such as withdrawal, anxiety, lack of motivation and sadness.

In these cases, the person is often subject to treatment for depression without considering the possibility that the unit may be a contributing factor and continue to be infected with the condition.

The main reasons for Loneliness are the following:

growing old
Age is accompanied by a feeling of depression that engenders loneliness in the elderly. The reason for these feelings may be the vacuum that controls the life of the elderly due to the absence of work after age, and the preoccupation of the family members with their work, which makes the elderly feel isolated. It is worth mentioning that some countries are interested in finding social centers for acquaintance and hobbies for the elderly.

Loss of life partner
Life partner fills the life of the other party with many feelings and details, loses it when separated in any way, whether death or separation intended, this creates part of the vacuum that causes the feelings of loneliness cruel, and the loss of life partner in advanced ages more difficult than the young stage full of details Such as work and other activities, and the doors remain open to form a new relationship with another person.

Move from one place to another
Whether it is talking about daily mobility, a lifestyle based on constant mobility because of work, for example, or when talking about moving from one place to another every time. These two types of life make human relations with people and place more difficult than a life of stability.

This creates a vacuum because of the absence of people with whom you have a long and strong relationship, able to share your negative feelings and positive, so you feel that you are a single person.

Social networking through the Internet
Building virtual relationships with people around the world through social networking over the Internet is actually isolating us by spending most of our time devoted to social life, temporarily enriching real human relationships, and then when we feel that we are in desperate need of those around us, we have been isolated About our surroundings and we suffer from loneliness, and this is the reason for the reasons of loneliness is strongly related to youth and adolescents.

Overcoming the sense of loneliness.

1 – The realization that the sense of loneliness is just a sense and not a fact. When you feel lonely, it is because something has awakened the memory of that feeling, not because you are in fact isolated by yourself. The brain is determined to pay attention to pain and danger, which includes feelings of fear and psychological pain, so the sense of loneliness works to alert the brain, but then the brain tries to understand this feeling.

Why do I feel this way? Is it because no one loves me? Because I failed? Or because people are bad? Then the brain begins to confuse emotions with facts. Then the problem increases, so you have to fully realize that what you are facing is just a feeling and you should accept it without overreacting.

2 – make sure that the sense of loneliness is what causes you confusion and leads you to think that you are outcast or failed or any other negative emotions.

3 – Avoid the tragic assumptions that the world is bad and that all around you are trying to hurt you, all these assumptions result from the sense of loneliness is an extension of what we do in childhood when feeling sad, when the child is sad automatically rush to think that this error due to misconduct and printing, We continue to think the same until the age of maturity.

4 – Develop a plan to combat mental and emotional habits that lead you to feel lonely. When you start to realize that loneliness is just a feeling for you, not a reality you live with, you can plan to deal with that feeling. One of the best ways to face loneliness is to interact with friends and make some effort to reach others, even with a sense of depression. It may take some determination and effort but the result is worth.

5 – Focus on the needs and feelings of others, while reducing the attention to negative thoughts and feelings.

6 – Find new friends feel the same feeling, integrating with groups think and feel like you help everyone to synergy and overcome the problem.

7. Try to show yourself when you are in a pool. In the sense that you talk to others and show your sofas and your personality with confidence and paper attracts all around you to dialogue with you and wrap around you.

8 – Pay attention to those around you and listen to them while trying to help them in their problems, in this way attract the attention of those around you and gain their love and affection and this, in turn, prompts them to pay attention to you, which reduces your sense of loneliness.

Know the type of loneliness you feel.

Loneliness can take many forms from person to person. For some people are the emotions that come and go, while for others they are part of their reality.?

Social loneliness is the kind of loneliness that includes loss of purpose, boredom, and social ostracism. You can feel it if you do not have a strong social network or if you are separated from your network by moving to another city.

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Emotional loneliness This type of loneliness includes a sense of anxiety, depression, insecurity, and isolation. It can happen if you do not have a strong emotional connection with others.

Be busy.
When you do many things that consume time. Make your day full of activities that help you stay active and distracted from loneliness. You will not have much time to face the fact that you are ALONE. Make your hobbies a solution to stay active or search for a part-time job next to your job or participate in a gym or exercise. Small handcrafts, all you have to do is stop thinking about your feelings a lot.

Spend some time in nature.
Do not spend most of your time at home Spending some time in nature has a positive impact on your health, nourishes your spirit and makes you active. Read a novel in the garden do it constantly gradually raise your spirit of morale.

Spending some time in nature has a positive impact on your mental health. Going out reduces stress and helps improve physical health as a whole.

Do things that make you feel better.
Do activities that you feel passionate about and reduce feelings of loneliness within you. Think about what makes you feel better. Meditation? Read World Literature? singing? Let it be. Spend your precious time feeding your soul with the things you love doing. Or ask a classmate or friend to go with you. So you can get a new friend.

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Don’t use drug addiction to escape the feeling of pain or loneliness. Look for healthy activities that make you feel better, not temporary moments of happiness

Be aware of warning signs.
Be careful and do not go for the negative effect or the people who are trying to exploit you only. Sometimes the weakness associated with the unit makes you easy prey for tricky or abusive people. Signs that help you identify these people include

They look more beautiful than they can be real. They call you all the time and plan with you for all your plans and they look great. Often these are early warning signs for the exploited people who wish to control your actions.

They do not reciprocate. If you provide a service they do not provide similar services to you. Just take advantage of your need to gain.

They’ll beat you if you try to spend time away. If you are attracted to this behavior by the person with the controlling behavior as long as it does not bother you, however, if you find him trying to know your place or what you are doing constantly or trying to follow your movements or with or expresses his lack of other people in your life. These are warning signs.

I Feel Lonely: What To Do When You’re Feeling Alone

Connect with a friend or relative.
?It is true that this is difficult for those who like independence but in many cases, we need to rely on others. When?Feel alone Connect with a friend or relative you trust even if it is thousands of miles away from you. A phone call can raise your spirits.

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If you are going through difficult times maybe your loved ones do not know that and you do not have to share all your feelings if you are uncomfortable. Share what pleases you. Mostly you will find support for them to share with you what bothers you.

Look for people who look like you.
There are many sources of communication with others such as local assembly points. Try to communicate with people who share the same interests and hobbies. Think about the books and movies you prefer, where you are from, or where you currently live. These collections fit all directions.

Social networking sites. Look for fitness groups or comic lover stories. Start getting involved in something. Create opportunities and start communicating and talking. This is the only way to change the feeling of loneliness.

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This may mean coming out of your comfortable area but you should think of it as a good thing and a new challenge for you. If you do not like it, you can give it up. Nothing has hurt you and taught me a new lesson.

Think of others.
Research always links self-interest and loneliness. It does not mean that you should not care about your feelings, but that means you have to stop caring for yourself only. If you are interested in others, your sense of loneliness will disappear. Some suggest that volunteering, for example, helps people feel social and emotional and fights loneliness.

The simplest way to show your interest in others is to find a group of people you can help. Volunteer at a local hospital or shelter. Participate in a support and interaction circle with charity and be a bigger brother, everyone fights in his own battle and maybe helping you with a helping hand.

You can look for ways to help others overcome loneliness. People with special needs and older people find it difficult to interact with the community. Volunteering in their visit may be a reason to remove someone else’s sense of loneliness.

Express your feelings to yourself.
Keep a notebook that helps you understand where the feeling of loneliness comes from. For example, if you have a large number of friends and feel lonely even though they are in your life. Know when you feel this feeling and when it appears? What happens around you feels lonely?

You may have recently moved from your parents’ home to a new city. Maybe you have a group of friends from work who enjoy their stay but feel lonely when the evening comes and you are home alone. This may mean that you need a strong and consistent relationship with a person who can communicate with you.

Feeling Alone Quotes

Understanding the cause of loneliness helps you take serious steps in fighting it and makes you feel better about your feelings. For example, you understand that you enjoy new friends but you do not have to communicate with your family.

Reorder your negative feelings.
Be aware of the thoughts that are on your mind all day long. Focus on the thoughts you have about yourself and others. If these thoughts are negative, try rephrasing them as follows: Instead of saying “no one understands me at work” becomes “I have not communicated with anyone at work yet”

Rearranging your thoughts about yourself is very difficult. Often we are not aware of the negative feelings we have about ourselves. Think for 10 minutes a day to try to notice your negative feelings and try to rephrase them positively. Then, take note of your thoughts about your person and control them. You can adopt a new view of yourself and life after this exercise.

Consult a psychiatrist.

Sometimes the loneliness will be displayed for a larger problem. If you feel that the whole world does not understand you and can not see the gray areas of your black and white life you can benefit from seeing a specialist psychiatrist.

The permanent feeling of loneliness is a sign of depression. Seeing a mental health specialist for a good assessment helps you identify signs of depression and treats you from this psychological disorder.
Talking about your position may help.

Feeling Alone Quotes

It can give you a point of view about what is normal and what is not. What you need to do to be social and how well you will improve if you change your routine.

Think positively.
Negative thinking leads to a negative reality. Your thoughts create a self-image about yourself. If you think negatively, your sights on life will be negative as well.

If you enter a party as you think that no one will like you and will not spend a good time, you will actually spend the time of the party hanging on the wall watching others without communicating or having fun with them. Contrary to positive thinking makes positive things happen.

The reverse is true as well. If you expect things to go well, they are often. Test this theory by making positive assumptions in situations of your life even if the results are wonderful you may not feel at least bad if you face the situation with a positive mentality.

A great way to practice positive thinking is to surround yourself with positive people. You will notice how these affect the way you view life and people and their positive will depend on you as well.

Another method of positive thinking is to avoid saying anything to yourself that you will not tell a friend. For example, you will not tell your friend how unsuccessful they are, also stop thinking about how unsuccessful you are.

Correct this harsh idea by saying something nice about yourself like “I made mistakes sometimes but I’m smart, kind and loving others”

Avoid negative attitudes.

Drink alcohol or drugs and spend the rest of your life in front of the television, all these ideas are very bad and it is wrong to drag to these delusions when feeling sadness or loneliness. Go to a therapist if the above steps in the article can not help you overcome loneliness

  • Know that the world is great and you will definitely find someone who looks like you and shares your interests.
  • The loneliness can change someday. If you rephrase these negative feelings into positive ones you will learn to be happy with yourself or take the risk of communicating with others.
  • Be active on social media. Those who communicate with publications feel less lonely.
  • If you sit down and do nothing about your loneliness, nothing new will happen to you. Try at least take steps and get out and meet new people.

How Not To feel lonely Tips To Stop Feeling lonely

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