What is a food that is advertised as healthy but is actually really unhealthy?

Do you think that the horror film you watch and eat some food is scary, if your answer is yes, you are wrong, unhealthy foods are more frightening.

Health of the body is affected by healthy foods There are some foods that raise companies it has a great benefit and does not cause health problems, which is quite the opposite of health risks beyond the benefit and through your health today we offer you the most dangerous six foods should be kept away from the danger to health ..

Experts pointed out that people?s choices of healthy foods are often based on superstitions, and everyone should know them to avoid them in the future, according to the US site ?Mashable?.
The experts compiled a list of 10 healthy food lies:

1 – processed meat

Reason for being unhealthy
It contains nitrates and a large amount of salt.

Effect ingested on the body
Nitrates can negatively affect the body’s handling of sugar, and therefore diabetes, as well as cancers and thyroid disorders.

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The salt works on the retention of fluids in the body.

Workaround to avoid the effect
Avoid eating processed meat, or preparing it at home in a healthy and safe manner.

2 – Doritos chips of unhealthy foods

Reason for being unhealthy
Is considered an unhealthy food because it contains “monosodium glutamate” as well as strong and long-lasting flavors.

Effect ingested on the body
You eat a lot of them and without feeling that you’ve got enough of them, it’s like addiction, because of those substances that contain them.

Workaround to avoid the effect
There is no problem with eating it lightly, but the best solution is to prepare corn flakes at home.

3 ? Soy milk and soybeans

one of the biggest health scams of modern times. All of the ingredients are inorganic and are processed using chemicals known as hexane, which cause reproductive and cancer problems and affect hormones.

4? White bread:

White bread contains refined flour, which is toxic to your body. It is completely free of all vitamins, minerals, fibers, and important nutrients. Because of this, the body can not digest it well, which can lead to health problems, especially if we know that the refined flour has been whitened with two Harmful chemicals are chlorine and bromide, which cause long-term damage to the thyroid gland.

5. Ice Cream Sandwiches:

Calo does not recommend eating this kind of food because of the many ?artificial sweeteners? used to make them.

6 ? Frozen meals:

These meals are prepared with many preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and other industrial materials. In addition, these meals were cooked in advance, making their food contents less than the minimum required, especially after heating them again and again in the microwave oven. In short, frozen meals are only Disease in a box.

7. Meat products with nitrates and nitrite:

Which are found in cold meats, sausages, hotdogs and many other types of meat sold in grocery stores, those meats that add sodium nitrates and chemical preservatives that cause heart disease and cancer? If you are a meat lover, you should have natural meat sold at butcher shops.

8. Energy Drinks:

These products are marketed as a powerful addition to a healthy diet, but more often these beverages contain chemical treatments such as soy, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, and some additives that contribute to chronic diseases. It is better to eat natural foods that contain proteins, instead Of those industrial materials.

9? Popcorn:

It is the favorite food for filmgoers, but it is one of the unhealthy foods. All the components of the Popcorn are genetically modified materials such as wheat, salt and preservative chemicals used to enhance its flavor.

It also contains a chemical known as acetylcholine, which can destroy your lung cells. Fashar, make it yourself with organic corn flakes, in a kettle with the addition of other healthy ingredients such as coconut oil and grass butter

10- Soft drinks diet

Reason for being unhealthy
Soft drinks generally contain caramel coloration, and vegetable oil substance BVO, with diphenol.

Unfortunately, it gets worse when these drinks become “diet”, which is as good as diets and contains aspartame.

Effect ingested on the body
All of these substances increase the chance of cancer, in addition to how much sugar causes the liver weight cannot be dealt with.

Aspartame is an industrial food sweetener that increases the likelihood of sugars being converted to fat and stored in the body.

11 – Garnish with coffee

Reason for being unhealthy
It contains both: “titanium dioxide”, unsaturated fats, and extra sugar.

Effect ingested on the body
The cream that is added to the coffee and containing titanium dioxide can cause a decrease in liver function or damage to its cells.

The rest of the ingredients increase the weight significantly and lead to obesity.

Workaround to avoid the effect
Drink coffee without cream, to get the many benefits, and enjoy the taste safely.

12 ? Toast:

Nutritionists advise not to eat toast because it does not contain many wheat grains, as people believe.

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  1. While beans on their own can be a healthy choice, baked beans are anything but. A half cup of Bush’s Original Baked Beans has 140 calories but packs 550 milligrams of sodium and 12 grams of sugar?more than in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

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