Healthy Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

Healthy Foods To Eat To Lose Weight. Dieting can be a testing time for any weight watcher. Simply knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid putting in your shopping basket can be half the battle. When in doubt, a few superfoods packed with nutrients and goodness can be worked into your daily meals to help keep you trim. Here are 60 superfoods to add to your weekly shopping list.

List of the Best Healthy Foods To Eat To Lose Weight


As well as being a delicious centerpiece on your plate, a good piece of wild salmon is full of omega 3 acids which actually help your body to burn fat rather than store it. Salmon is also a good source of B12 and B6 which is great for your hair, nails, and bones as well as phosphorous and protein.

Healthy Foods To Eat To Lose Weight Fat Burning


This heart-healthy ingredient can be used in a health-boosting smoothie or as a colorful extra in your fruit salad on a warm summer’s day. Vitamin C and E and powerful antioxidants within the fruit help your overall cardiac health. This low-calorie fruit can be worked into any diet without pangs of guilt.


Once you know all the benefits of beetroot, you will want to add into your weekly meal plan. Beetroot boosts stamina, makes your muscles more productive, reduces your blood pressure and helps protect you from cardiovascular problems and strokes. Its potent formula includes potassium, vitamins A, B6, and C, iron, and folic acid.


Pears are a delicious and versatile ingredient. You can poach them for a warm dessert, grate them onto a salad or add them to a low-fat pie with blackberries and apples. Just one pear contains 15% of your daily fiber intake. As a result, you can afford to eat a little less with a couple of pears under your belt every day. The majority of this fiber is hidden within the skin so just wash and bite.


Blueberries not only improve your skin like a top-notch beauty treatment from a Secret Salons boutique, but they also contain very little calories. They are also a great source of fiber, therefore they are the perfect topping for any bowl of cereal. There is new evidence that these balls of goodness can improve your memory and their antioxidants have the potential to boost your brain health and nervous system.


What could be better than slicing open a grapefruit on a sunny day and tucking into its juicy flesh? As well as being a breakfast favorite, grapefruits can help you to lose around a pound a week when eaten daily thanks to their compound of insulin. This wonder fruit is also around 90% water so it will fill you up without packing on the pounds.

Kidney beans

This veggie favorite is packed with protein and fiber. Half a tin of these little beauties comes to only 125 calories, just 6% of your daily intake. Simply boil the beans in water for four to five minutes and add them to a range of meals such as chili con carnie, burritos, or bean salad.
kidney beans

1. Black beans:
Only a cup of black beans contains about 15 grams of protein and does not contain any of the saturated fats found in other protein sources, such as red meat

2. Oats:
Oats are rich in fiber foods, so it is a meal that can help you feel full throughout the day. Half a cup of oats contains 4.6 grams of starch and healthy carbohydrates that in turn promote metabolism and burn fat.

3. Avocado:
There is no reason to be afraid of eating fats, as long as they are friendly fats, and here is oleic acid, a compound of monounsaturated fats found in healthy avocados, and this, of course, may lead your body to quiet hunger, eating a quarter or half a cup of avocado dissolves belly fat Avocado is also packed with fiber and protein

4. Salmon:
Salmon is a protein source that provides you with a feeling of satiety without adding fat, however, there are about 50% of women aged 18 – 50 years, do not know if they get enough of these essential nutrients or not, and for the thickness, Salmon is a smaller choice of red meat but low in fat and helps burn this? makes it the best healthy foods to eat to lose weight.

5. Berries:
Known for their anti-aging effect, raspberries are foods that help you feel full. A cup of raspberries gives you 4 grams of fiber and only 80 calories.

6. Broccoli:
Whether cooked or raw, these cruciferous vegetables are well known to prevent cancer, but they also give you plenty of fiber with few calories to help you lose weight.

7. Brown Rice:
Brown rice is a fiber-filled alternative and is a super-calorie-less food. Half a cup of brown rice contains 1.7 grams of healthy carbohydrates, which in turn boost metabolism and burn fat.

Only one pear fruit contains 15% of your recommended daily fiber requirement. One study found that women who eat three pears a day consume fewer calories and lose more weight than those who have not, The outer fiber is what contains.

Food and health To Life without disease

9. Grapefruit:
Whatever your diet, eating half a grapefruit before each meal can help you lose up to a pound a week. Grapefruit is also a good source of protein

10. Nuts:
Nuts are superfoods rich in healthy fats that also help you lose weight, and almonds, in particular, can help you. In many studies, people who add nuts to a low-weight diet lose more weight than people who follow the same diet without Liqueur.

11. Green Tea:
Drinking green tea can help you fill the stomach and lose weight at the same time, in addition to burning more fat and calories, thanks to the antioxidants found in green tea, one study found that five cups of green tea a day can help you lose weight big.

12. Lentils:
Lentils can be a great source of protein and fiber that causes satiety. Half a cup of lentils provides about 3.4 grams of healthy carbohydrates that promote metabolism and burn fat.

13. Banana:
Bananas are superfoods that help in slimming. It gives a feeling of fullness and also increases your metabolism. It gives the body about 12.5 grams of resistant starch. Ripe bananas are still high on the list of healthy foods.

14. Eggs:
Eggs always get a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss, but what you don’t know is that breakfast with protein will curb your appetite. One study found that obese women who eat breakfasts with eggs lose twice as much weight as women who eat breakfast with bread. , And don’t worry about cholesterol

15. Dark chocolate:
Chocolate lovers should rejoice when they know that dark chocolate can slow down the digestion process so they make you feel fuller longer and therefore eat less in the next meal. Dark chocolate is full of high amounts of these healthy fats that can increase your metabolism speed to burn fat and calories, This may also help reduce cravings for salty, sweet, or fatty foods

16. Orange:
Oranges give you only 59 calories, and many do not expect too many oranges, but thanks to the huge dose of fiber found in oranges, oranges may be ranked highest among fruits. Feeling full will help you eat less food throughout the day.

17. Potatoes:
Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, and all foods are also top in terms of satiety index like orange, but potatoes may also be rich in resistant starch, which helps the body to burn fat.

18. White beans:
Half a cup of beans may be packed with fiber and contain approximately 4 grams of fat giving us starch resistance and healthy carbohydrates that promote metabolism.

19. Cheese:
Fresh goat cheese and feta cheese also contain fatty acids that help in the feeling of satiety and burn more fat, you should look for cheese that contains the least fat and not any fat but healthy fat.

20. Low-fat milk:
The same fatty acids we talked about were found in milk. Proteins in milk can make you feel comfortable, as well as calcium. In one study, women were able to burn more fat and calories when they drank low-fat milk.

21. Quinoa Beans:
These are other pills but also a low-calorie diet. Quinoa grains are rich in proteins making them fight hunger, but stay longer on a lower-calorie diet and should avoid overeating at other meals.

There are also some drinks that help to lose weight are as follows: –

Green tea for slimming

You can drink two cups of green tea a day when you feel hungry because it helps to reduce the sense of hunger and also helps to produce hormones feeling full.

2 – Drinking water is necessary to burn fat

When you want to lose weight, you have to make your body hydrated, as a large amount of water helps to maintain the balance of fluid in the body. And if you want to get a high nutritional value you have to eat flower water or add citrus or water with herbs so that you can eat a lot of water.

3 – Watermelon juice

It is a natural moisturizer because it contains water and nutrients such as cancer-resistant lycopene as well as contain amino acids known as arginine, which works to reduce the fat in the body and increase muscle strength.

4 – Iced Mint Tea

Helps to reduce the fat in the body and to digest food rich in fats such as meat and burgers and also helps to prevent the swelling of the stomach and eliminates the sense of thirst in the hot times of summer.

5 – lemon juice

It helps to lose weight and reduce the size of the abdomen and the feeling of satiety as it is a favorite beverage that is recommended to eat during the heat.

if you eat fruit does that help you lose weight

There are also some fruits that help to lose weight are as follows

1 -Strawberry

Every 100 grams of strawberries contain 27 calories and contain a lot of minerals and vitamin C, although they are poor in containing sugars. Therefore it is recommended to eat in the case of diet.

2 – apple cider vinegar

Can be added to distilled water and eat before food it helps not to open appetite. Its enzymes also help you lose weight gradually. With apple cider vinegar is not on an empty stomach, but after eating the main meal and be a little and diluted in water to prevent the occurrence of stomach pain

3 – Cantaloupe

Contains a high percentage of fiber that helps to burn fat in the body and burn many calories and helps to get a bright complexion fresh.

4 – Pears

Contains fibers that help to feel full and preferably when taken to be skin because the skin is the rich part of the fiber. You can eat 3 pears a day to consume fewer calories and lose weight significantly.

5 – blueberries

One cup contains 80 calories and 4 grams of fiber that gives the feeling of satiety. It is also characterized by the strong influence in the fight against aging and weight loss and improve the overall health of the body.

6 – Avocado

When you feel hungry, it is advisable to eat a quarter or half a pill of avocado because it helps to feel fullness and satiety and eliminate fat in the abdomen because of the high content of proteins, fiber, and oleic acid.

7 – Banana

We recommend eating a banana fruit preferably a little green and medium size because it helps to feel full and improve the metabolism.


Contains a high percentage of fiber that helps to feel full and also contains 59 calories.

9 -Grapefruit

It helps to reduce the rate of insulin, which stores fat in the body and when eating half of the fruit before each meal, it helps to lose 450 grams of weight in one week. It is also an important source of fluids and protein that help to feel fullness and satiety.


Contains fiber that helps to feel full and it takes a long time in the process of digestion. It is advised in the case of eating to chew well as the brain takes about an hour after to realize that the stomach is full.

11 – Mandarin

Contains fiber that helps to feel full and also contains the right amount of fluids and advised not to remove the juice from the fruit because you will lose nutrients and loss of fiber found in the fruit, which is a fundamental reason to get rid of the sense of hunger.

How can I succeed in healthy eating?

Changing eating behavior:
It is the modification of human behavior to acceptable behavior, and in terms of weight loss, the aim of modifying the behavior is to reduce and remove stimuli that may increase the amount of food intake, so it is wise to organize a special record for one week of daily habits in order to identify the triggers that lead Going to the kitchen may provoke the opening of the fridge and eating, as well as watching television lead to devouring food in larger quantities, hence the analysis of these factors related to eating leads to modify the behavior of the individual lifestyle Next to assist in the removal of these factors that led to the weight gain, the behavioral change not only helps you lose weight but also helps in maintaining the continuity of the lost weight.

Among the most important tips for behavioral change in dietary habits that have proven successful in weight loss programs:

healthy foods to eat to lose weight meal plans

1. Always eat your food in one room and stay away from food places such as the kitchen, and avoid any other activities (except talking) while eating such as reading or watching TV. Make dining a unique experience.

2. Eat your meals on fixed dates, and don’t eat when you’re not hungry.

3. Do not eat between meals, and keep the food out of reach and away from observation and viewing, but allowed to keep foods with low calories at hand to be used as snacks when you feel hungry (for example, fresh vegetables).

What should I be eating to lose weight?

4. Do not eat when you are excited or tired while watching TV while working on the computer, listening to the radio while walking, while driving the car or while doing any work.

6. Use the help of others to restrain your appetite for food and eat with the husband, wife or friends, they can more than others help you to praise when you do not eat above the need.

7. Try to reward yourself for your commitment to the program (such as giving yourself a prize or small trip) and do not use food as a reward for you or others (especially children).

8. Look for times when you are most likely to eat unnecessarily (eg when you feed your children) and start taking steps to change the habit.

Healthy Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

9. Practice some physical activities regularly, such as running and walking, especially after meals, and the use of friends who exercise physical activities and those interested in excess weight in order to cooperate to achieve the common goal.

10. Keep a record of all you eat and exercise and your weight.

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11. Modify the method of eating the meal through:

information about healthy food

(1) Drink a glass of water or eat a salad dish before eating because it gives a feeling of fullness and may help to suppress appetite.

(2) A person used to eat his food with a spoon should change his habit and eat with a fork where the amount of food in each bite is inevitably less.

(3) healthy balanced fresh food is the best choices.

(4) Stay away as much as possible from foods rich in fat, calories, sugars, and alcohol.

(5) A nutritionist recommends making the morning breakfast a heavy main meal (instead of lunch) followed by a moderate lunch and a light dinner (this reminds me of the common Russian proverb: break the king, become a minister, live like a beggar), and this system has helped some people lose Between 2.5 – 4.5 kg per month

(6) Take action to reduce hunger, loneliness, depression, boredom, anger, and fatigue where each of these can trigger a bout of overeating.

(7) Make small pieces of food look like large (using a small dish for example or chopping food and then distributed to the dish), make the second dish (if not satisfied from the first) elusive, not to bring food in large containers on the table.

(8) Eat fewer servings and reduce the rate of eating, and chew the bite slowly because it gives an early sense of satiety, and do not take a bite of food only after you have swallowed the previous bite (leave the fork and knife or spoon on the table after each bite you eat).

(9) Be sure to wait five minutes before eating another amount of food or candy, which is approximately how long it takes the stomach to alert the brain that it has got enough food.

(10) Leave the dining table the moment you finish the food.

A New Approach to Shopping:

It is not necessary to radically change the way you shop for healthy foods that are suitable for weight loss.

(1) Prepare and adhere to a list of appropriate foods for weight loss and diet appropriate for high blood pressure.

(2) Buy fresh foods are better than ready-made foods and can be controlled additives (such as salt).

(3) Avoid shopping and hungry person, hungry people tend to buy foods that do not need and are rich in fat, calories or sodium.

(4) Reading labels on foods helps to compare similar foods and choose the most appropriate and more nutritious ones.

(5) not to buy foods tempted to eat large quantities of them, and focus on the purchase of foods with a low-calorie content.

Healthy cooking methods:

There are no unusual or complicated ways to cook healthy, but sometimes it is difficult to get rid of some of the habits gained during cooking. To control high blood pressure and obesity and improve health, salt and fatty substances in food should be reduced. Some suggestions to get started:

(1) to increase the flavor without adding salt or fatty substances can use onions, garlic, herbs, spices, sour, vinegar, ginger and soy sauce low salt.

(2) Add herbs or spices with butter flavor instead of salt or butter to cooked vegetables.

(3) Use low-fat or non-fat milk products instead of high-fat products.

(4) Replacing sugar in confectionery formulations using cinnamon, vanilla, or fruit increases sweetness.

(5) Roasting meat in pots resistant to adhesion without the addition of any fatty materials or margarine, providing a spoonful of vegetable oil in the preparation of meat means saving 120 calories, so must be dispensed with oil as possible or can be used spray vegetable cooking oil is only increases A gram of fat and a few calories.

(6) Roasting garlic, onions, and mushrooms in beef broth or water instead of butter, oil or margarine.

(7) It is better to grill meat (food in general), boil it or cook it steamed rather than frying it in oils and fats.
healthy foods to eat to lose weight. How can I lose weight naturally?

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