45 steps to help you lose weight Forever

All this inactivity in our daily routine makes us vulnerable to gaining unwanted weight. Despite what you may think, walking and daily exercise alone are not enough to combat fat and the diseases that accompany it. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, women who sit for more than 6 hours per day increase the risk of premature death by 37% compared to women who sit for less than 3 hours regardless of how often the two groups exercise. Nearly all of us are at risk.

Small changes can make a noticeable difference over time when you make a firm decision to lose weight and focus on your health. We’ll share with you 45 ways to burn fat and lose weight quickly you can start applying it now to help you make those small changes that will turn into big changes over time.

Remember that the most important factor in the long term to succeed in losing weight is to keep moving forward. No doubt you will take a little time to change, especially if you’ve been in unhealthy eating and bad habits for years.

things to help you lose weight tips

How do I lose weight? Easy Way To Burn Fat

1. Eat 6 small meals a day
Eating every three to four hours can stimulate and stimulate your metabolism to the fullest.

2 Use a smaller dish
The small bowl will limit the amount of food you put in it. This will make you eat in smaller quantities without your note.

3 Use a blue-colored dish

Studies have shown that blue has an effect on suppressing appetite (unlike red and yellow notes).

4 Eat slowly
The brain takes 20 minutes to realize that it is full. Eating slowly will surely eat you less.

5 Bathe with cold water
When you feel cold, your body tries to raise its temperature by metabolizing and burning fat. According to a study conducted in 2009, you could lose 9 pounds a year if you do it regularly.

6 Chew the mint-free chewing gum
Mint flavor sends signals to the brain by stopping eating.

7 Do outdoor activities with your family and friends
Plan a picnic or bowling game with your family and friends. This will give you a new activity, besides being the perfect way to burn some calories!

Sports with your friends
Friends who train together have a 34% chance more than others to commit to training.

9 Drink more water
Apart from the importance of water in speeding metabolism, dryness can deceive your body by making it think you are hungry.

10 Breathe deeply
Deep breathing reduces the level of your cortisol, a hormone that regulates weight gain and tension. In addition, when you increase the amount of oxygen you breathe, you can speed up your metabolism

11 Eating on the kitchen table
Eating on the couch or watching TV will make you eat more involuntarily.

steps to help you lose weight Forever

12 Sit down moderately
Sitting moderately whether you are working, eating, or watching a movie, is an excellent way to lose weight quickly and effectively. This simple habit reduces the level of cortisol in your body and requires more energy than you think.

13 Eat more vegetables at breakfast
Breakfast provides 25% of your daily energy requirement, and breakfast is the most important meal to ensure your physical and intellectual performance. The writer Judy Kotski tried to start her day with vegetables for one month, and the results were amazing. Help her to feel full faster than usual, reduce calories in other daily meals, and improve intestinal transit.

14 Hot foods
Hot foods contain Capsicin, a component that speeds up the process of burning fat in the body. In addition, it reduces body fat, because it naturally stimulates the destruction of fat cells. Also, the consumption of hot food increases the speed of metabolism by 20% for at least 30 minutes. During this period your body will burn fat, and you do not have to do anything.

15 Remove the excess fat using a paper towel
If you can not give up fried or oily foods, try at least to reduce the number of calories using towels that will help absorb excess oils. So you will eat your favorite food but with much lower calories.

16 Eat-in front of a mirror
When you see yourself eating, you will eat less. Next time you have lunch, put a mirror in front of you so you can see every bit of it you put in your mouth. This will help you avoid over-eating.

17 Go up the stairs
Use the stairs instead of the elevator! According to the University of New Mexico, climbing the stairs to two floors a day can help you lose up to six pounds a year. If you climb six floors, next year you will become lighter by 17 pounds. Great results with minimal effort!

18 Strength Exercises
Experts say force training is more effective than any other fat-burning exercise. Start by lifting light weights, and gradually increasing weights with time.

19 Drink 2 cups of water before each meal
Experts recommend drinking two large mugs of water before each meal to avoid over-eating. This simple habit will make you feel full.

20 walk
It has proven that walking is the ideal sport for weight loss. You can burn up to 255 calories per hour if you walk slowly and 391 calories per hour by walking fast. So, invest more time in your health, avoid taking the bus.

21 Stand up when you wait
Stand when you wait for the train or bus to arrive. Apply the same rule when you look at your doctor’s appointment. When you stand, your body burns 50 calories/hour more than if you were sitting.

22 More milk and nuts
According to research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, eating yogurt and nuts is more effective in the long term for weight loss than eating fruits and vegetables.

23 30 minutes of exercise
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, found that continuous exercise for 30 minutes a day will help you lose 25% more weight than exercising for an hour.

24 Be positive
The idea is to focus only on good ideas and repeat your goals in a positive way as if they were your own logo. For example: “I lost half a kilo!” “I can not say for dessert.” These motivational phrases will help you achieve your goals by reprogramming the inner concern.

steps to help you lose weight Forever

25 Eating alone is better than eating a group
When you start making changes to your diet, you usually want your friends and family to help you. But, scientifically proven that people who eat in a group eat larger amounts. This happens because you spend more time on the table. Also, when you laugh and talk, you can not control how much you eat.

26 Serve apples, mint, and bananas

It may seem wrong, but it has already been proven that the smell of these foods can fool the brain and make it think you have eaten. Where a study of 3,000 volunteers who ate these foods when they were hungry was found to have decreased appetite!

27 Take a picture “before”
It will make you take a picture of yourself before you change more excited and will push you to achieve the ideal body image in your mind.

28 Download an application that helps you lose weight
There are many great applications to calculate the calories you need per day and a lot of other things that will keep you enthusiastic and pushy towards your goal.

29 Exercise while cleaning your teeth
Some people take advantage of every moment of their day to burn fat, including the time of cleaning teeth. Doing some exercises will add a great team effortlessly.

30 Drink green tea
Many studies show that green tea can boost metabolism and help burn about 3-4% more calories every day

31 Do not shop when you are hungry
Shopping in the event of hunger will make you buy many unhealthy foods that you will not need.

32 Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep caused the imbalance in the metabolism.

33 Use the back of the small spoon when tasting
Every time you taste something, you will eat far fewer calories.

34 Jump rope for only 10 minutes

The same number of calories will be burned when jogging for 15 minutes.

35 Take the dance classes
Or any sport you wish to learn. This way you will remain enthusiastic because you are doing something fun and fun.

36 Do not be nervous
Do not stress and strain yourself to reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone that can increase hunger and slow the metabolism.

37 Turn your mind
Do you have homework or exams you did not attend? Scientifically proven that thinking can burn calories equal to exercise.

45 Steps To Help You Lose Weight Forever

Watch a horror movie
Watch a horror film that can burn more than 200 calories, equal to walking for half an hour.

39 Wear a belt when you eat
Reducing your stomach size can help you eat less.

40 Eat foods that contain protein
Protein is essential for muscle building, and muscle helps burn fat even faster when you sleep.

The best types of massage to fight fat is cupping, water, honey, and massage disc. Massage helps to remove fat deposits and improve blood circulation in the front of the abdomen

42 Leave evidence for your crime
People who rush to get rid of their excessive appetite guide tend to eat more than those who leave what remains of their meals (like bones).

43 Clean your teeth instead of eating sweets

Another way to fight your appetite is to clean your teeth instead of eating. Feeling and taste of putty in your mouth send a signal to the brain that the meal is over.

44 Eat standing.
Many specialists recommend stopping while you eat because it will burn more calories and make you feel fuller faster.

45 Eat two pieces of dark chocolate when hungry
In small quantities, dark chocolate gives us energy, suppresses appetite, and does not make us fat.

Disconnect your meals for two parts
Nutritionists recommend separating the food into halves, one you eat now, and the other later. This helps you reduce the number of calories from breakfast to dinner. For example, you can take some extra food from your other meals in the morning. This “extra” energy in the morning can be used throughout hours of waking up and burning.

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