How Not To feel lonely Tips To Stop Feeling lonely

How Not To feel lonelymStart loving yourself.Once you feel comfortable, you will not feel alone.This would make people become friends because they would be safer.Feeling alone and being alone are two different states. U could be alone to enjoy loneliness and a certain “me” while feeling lonesome about being surrounded by people, doing a hobby or staying busy.

Tips To Stop feeling lonely

Tips To Stop feeling lonely

1. Discover your interests, choose a new hobby, give it time. For example, photography, sketches, every musical instrument to learn a new language.

2. Cook yourself, start experimenting with food.
Even if you are so bad at it, you will love the food that you have cooked for you.

3. Sleep, sleep and sleep.

4. Improve your knowledge, read new things, read newspapers, read articles, books, etc. It’s really great when you know the facts and things and you can show your knowledge.

5. You need to be prepared for a job to distract your mind and think about negative things.

6. Avoid using too many social networking sites, I think they will make you feel lonelier.

7. Watch your favorite TV shows (F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Breaking Bad, TBBT, HIMYM, etc.)

8. Make a list of things you always wanted to do, such as swimming, driving, but what you could not do for time or other reasons. Start by choosing one after the other and just complete it.

9. Arrange your room, make it more lively. Bring new and comfortable furniture, like a bag of beans, where you can relax.

10. Meet your friends, old friends, school friends, college friends, friends you have not talked to in years.

11. Meet new people, learn from their experiences, make new friends.

Important things you should do?To Stop feeling lonely

Important things you should do?To Stop feeling lonely

Be busy. Do things to spend your time. When your schedule is full of activities that keep you productive and distracted, you do not have time to think about being alone. Volunteer Find a part-time job Join a book club or a new gym with interesting group classes. Tackle some DIY projects. Get out of your head.

Change Your Environment It’s easy to sit at home and spend the day spreading your favorite sitcom. However, if you stay in the same environment, the pain of loneliness will only get worse. Go to a caf? to do your job. Go to the park and just sit on a bench to watch passers-by. Give impulses to your brain to distract you from your negative feelings.

Do things that make you feel good. Doing things that fascinate you can calm your sense of loneliness. Think about what makes you feel good. Do you meditate yourself? Do you read European literature? Can I sing? Go forward. Take some of your precious time and spend it to feed your passions. Or ask a classmate, a friend in the gym or your neighbors if they want to join you. New friend does it.

Beware of warning signs. Sometimes you may be so desperate to overcome your feelings of loneliness that it takes every opportunity to make you feel less alone. Be careful not to look for bad influences or people who just want to use it. Sometimes the vulnerability that comes with feeling alone can make you a target of manipulative or abusive people.

Concentrate on your loved ones. While this may be difficult for those seeking independence, sometimes we have to rely on others. If you feel lonely, contact a parent or friend you trust, even thousands of miles away. A simple call can lift your spirits.

Find People That Look Like You The easiest place to start is the internet. There are many resources to connect with others, such as local meetups. Try to connect with people who share the same hobbies or interests as you. Think about the books and movies you are interested in or your current location. There are groups that adapt to every situation.

Get a Pet People are so desperate left they have tall furry companions for more than 30 000 years. And if Tom Hanks can live with Wilson for years, he could certainly benefit from a dog or a cat. Pets can be great companions. Make sure you do not replace people with your company. Try to maintain some human relationships so that you can talk and bet with other people in difficult times.

Think of others. Social research suggests a link between autofocus and loneliness. This does not mean that you should not think about your feelings, but it means that you should not allow this to become your only goal. If you turn your attention to others, your loneliness may fade. Studies suggest that volunteering, for example, to make people feel socially connected, helps and emotionally content to fight the feelings of loneliness.

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