How to Be Successful | 7 Proven Tips for Success

how to be successful ready to finally take that next step and learn how to be successful?

Tired of not seeing the results you want?

Fed up with watching the life of your dreams fade slowly into the horizon?

Undoubtedly you have big plans and dreams for your life. They are the type of goals that keep you up at night and are never far from your thoughts over the course of the day. Perhaps you have taken the first few steps in your big awesome goal plan, but you aren’t sure where to go from here. Or maybe you have tried in the past and stumbled, hit a roadblock, and shelved those big, greasy goals of yours.

How to Be Successful


Seems like a rather silly question, right?

But take a moment to actually define for yourself what it means to be a success. Obviously being successful comes in many different shapes and forms. Everyone’s perception of success is unique to themselves.

While your idea of a full-filling and successful life may be different from everyone else’s, the methods and practices to achieve this success are identical.

What kind of life do you want to lead?

What type of person do you want to be?

What sort of legacy do you want to leave for your family and friends?

How will you extend your success so that it benefits not only yourself but your community as well?


If there is one thing you take from this article I hope that it is the following:

Success is a Mindset, Not an Outcome.

To learn how to be successful it is essential to adopt the mindset of a successful person. What does this entail? Lots of things, but I would argue that the following characteristics are the most pressing:

how to be successful refuse Failure? Successful people are flexible and stubborn. These might seem like contradictory terms, but they can be used in conjunction to achieve great things. Failure doesn’t happen to successful people. Instead, they make learning opportunities. They take their stumbles, setbacks, and roadblocks and learn from them. With lessons in hand, they are better equipped for the next round of work.

Commitment to Excellence. Understanding how to be successful means having a commitment to excellence. And I am not just talking about excellence in terms of money or abilities. I am talking about every part of your life. How you treat others, how you carry out the daily tasks in your life, etcetera.

How to Be Successful

The late Steve Jobs was world-renown for his vision and commitment to innovativeness. But he was also ruthless about his products being the best. He wanted the inside of his products to be just as aesthetically pleasing as the outside. What makes this especially interesting is that most of his products were designed specifically so that they could not be opened up.

This means, 99.99% of the population would never see the inside and how well built it was. Most people would say, “Whatever, no one is going to see it, so why not skimp on quality?”

But he didn’t. His perception was that excellence was a full-time trait, not something you could use in moderation.

Alas, don’t confuse the pursuit of excellence with perfection – the latter is an ideal, not an achievable result, and it has driven many people to insane lengths in its pursuit.

Focused. Successful people choose something, zero in on it, and hammer away at it until it is accomplished. This type of laser-like focus eliminates needless distractions and the clutter of everyday life that makes you feel like you have been busy all day when in reality nothing has been accomplished. (Facebook, anyone?)

How to Be Successful

Take Accountability. Take ownership of your life and of your own personal success. Realizing how to be successful means that you are are always where the buck stops. Successful people understand that how they perform ultimately comes to them. They don’t blame their setbacks and failures on others—they accept them and use them to mold new plans and future success. Likewise, when they succeed – they are able to accept the little victories and use them as motivation for the future.

Unafraid of Commitment. To not be committed to your plans is to be perpetually floating, much like a ship without a rudder. Unless you anchor to something, you will never feel any attachment or control over your goals and success. To figure out how to be successful means that you commit to your plans and resolve to see them through. Many people get timid when it comes to making 1, or 3, or 5-year plans, because they are afraid of the commitment involved. The uneasiness of long-term commitment is nothing compared to the regret of a life being lived unfulfilled. how to be successful

Open Minded. Smart people know something the rest don’t – that they don’t know everything. Only a fool believes that they know everything. Successful people are always learning, always adapting, always feeling the tides of change, and instead of resisting them, find a way to use the tide to their advantage. To compare it to military strategy, a person who is closed off to new knowledge has taken on a siege mentality.

Locked behind tall walls, perpetually warding off the waves of change pounding at the door. To discover how to be successful is to always be attacking, always be on move, looking for the next trends, and embracing new knowledge. Yes, it takes more work, but the rewards are massive compared to the ignoramus who prefers to lock himself in his own ignorance and unwillingness to learn.

Aren’t Afraid to Set Goals. Goals and goal setting are the easiest and most effective tools available when it comes to learning how to be successful. No matter what your dreams and hopes are, efficient goal setting can help you get the personal success that you have always craved.

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