How To Beat Procrastination? 6 Ways To Help You Beat Procrastination

No matter how motivated or determined you are, you still going to experience from time to another this feeling of not wanting to do anything. This may happen because simply you just don’t have the mood to do anything.

It’s totally normal. We all need to take breaks from time to time. We’re humans and sometimes we need to get some fresh air and escape this world even for a few minutes. It’s called relaxing.

However, things get complicated when you’re experiencing this feeling every time you have a major task that needs to be done.

If you notice that whenever you have an important thing to do, your brain starts to come up with these ideas that are related to easier and less important tasks (checking email, reading news, commenting on Facebook posts…). Then, this is no longer a matter of relaxing. This is you procrastinating.

How To Beat Procrastination?


Almost every person on this earth procrastinates on a daily basis which means that is not easy to beat procrastination. It takes a lot of time and strong will to free yourself from procrastinating behaviors. So, the goal I want you to focus on at the beginning is to reduce your procrastination time.

For example, let’s assume that you procrastinate for about 2-3 hours before starting the task. Then, for instance, you can set a goal of reducing that procrastination period to one hour. After achieving that goal, you can set another one that says: “reducing procrastination time to less than half-hour”. And it goes like this until you no longer procrastinate. Ultimately, a new habit of getting things done immediately will take place.

Now let’s move to some of the methods that will help you reduce your procrastination time. So, that the effects of your procrastination would be less time-consuming.

You should put in mind that some of the methods explained below may not work for you. It all depends on your personality and on how developed is your self-awareness.

Here are six methods that worked with me and hopefully they will work with you too and help you beat procrastination.

start with boring tasks

I wanted to begin with this strategy because it has always been my favorite. It’s the method I stick to whenever I have a boring task that I need to do.

One of the main reasons people procrastinate is that they don’t have an interest or motivation towards the task in front of them (paperwork for example). In order to solve this problem, it’s better to start with boring stuff while your brain is still fresh so that you’ll finish faster. As a result, you’ll have more time to do other things that you’re passionate about.

How To Beat Procrastination?

So, the first thing I invite you to do in the morning is to start attacking your most boring and hated tasks with no questions asked. Don’t overthink. Just do it.

Also, you can put on your headphones and listen to music while working on them. That way you won’t feel bored because music will get you in the right mood. It works perfectly for me. To be honest, I don’t think I could have finished any of my boring tasks without putting my headphones on.


This is one of the common methods people use. It works perfectly especially with big and complicated projects.

Most people tend to procrastinate when they have big and complex work to do. Therefore, if you have a big essay at school or a project at work. This is exactly what you need. So, let me walk you through how this method works.

First of all, you need to break down your project into small tasks. Then, you set up a schedule and give every task a fixed deadline to get it done. Since all the tasks are scheduled, you won’t have to worry about the final deadline of the project. This way you’ll work with ease and you’ll be able to give 100% of your focus to the task in front of you. By finishing one task, you move to the next one and so on until you finish your project.

If you’re not familiar with the process of breaking projects into smaller tasks, you can take a look at this useful WikiHow Guide: Make Large Tasks Small


I know you are probably tired of hearing this lecture over and over again all over the web. But you have to face it. Scheduling is an essential habit that you should learn how to make part of your daily routine. All successful people use schedules. It’s a fact, so embrace it.

Firstly, you need to set your goals. After that, you break each goal into small tasks which you will include in your schedule. It’s that simple.

How To Beat Procrastination?

You should know that it might be difficult at the beginning to stick to the schedule. But, you should keep setting up your daily schedule no matter what. After a while, you’ll get used to it. It will become a HABIT. Ultimately, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your productivity and you’ll feel a lot better.


Internet is a very rich source of information that can help you get your tasks done easily. However, it can be your main obstacle that keeps you from getting things done.

No one can deny that the internet and especially social media have become a real distraction. Actually, many studies have shown that it can ruin your life balance if you didn’t know how to manage it properly.

What I suggest is to use productivity apps. There are hundreds of them in app stores. I wanna share with you an app that I use and I find it very effective. It’s called Freedom.

It’s an amazing app that locks you away from the internet so that you can be more productive. Freedom has versions for both mobile (android) and computer (Windows & Mac), and it has over 500,000 users all over the world.

The amazing news is that you can try it for free. Then, if you did find it useful, you can purchase it for just 10$. This 10 bucks could be the best 10 bucks you’ll ever spend in your life. I’m serious!

Freedom has launched also a great app called anti-social which blocks social media websites and every other website that distracts you.

P.S: I’m not trying here to advertise Freedom. I have nothing to do with them. I recommend it because I used it and I know it’s a good choice.

If you wanna discover other options you can visit this great article I found on google: 9 Apps To Shut Up The Internet and Get Back to Work


Doing your homework for school or doing paperwork for your boss is, most of the time, boring. There’s no fun while doing it because you’re sitting at a desk in a closed room alone with a huge pile of papers. Of course, that’s not something you would love to do!

But, imagine if you were with a friend or a classmate (or maybe your crush) studying together for exams. Isn’t that something you would love to do?

What I’m trying to say here is that doing tasks become more fun if you do them with people that you love hanging out with. Call your workmate or your classmate (if you are a student) and ask him/her to join you in a coffee shop (or your house) if he also has paperwork to do.

This is one of my favorites actually. It’s easy and fun and will help you easily beat procrastination without even noticing it.

Don’t know anyone to do this with? then, just skip this one.


Keep reminding yourself of the results and consequences if you don’t do the job. I know that’s a classic method. However, it’s still effective. Never underestimate the power of fear. Using fear to get things done is not a cheerful way to do things. But, sometimes that’s all you’ve got.

The goal here is not to make you nervous or stressed. But, to remind yourself of the consequences resulting from your actions.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to learn how to play guitar but you can’t stop procrastinating. Keep reminding yourself of how things would be if you become a guitarist. Remind yourself of how cool you would be when you’ll be able to play any song. Whatever can push you to start taking action is a good reminder. Try it!


Now, it’s time for applying some of the methods above. Don’t start procrastinating on this one too. Take action and give these methods a try and see how things will turn out.

You’ve already decided to get rid of your procrastination which is a good start. Since you made it this far, you can absolutely beat this thing.

Before you go, I’d like to remind you that this will take some time. It’s a long process that needs patience and strong will. After some practice, you’ll get used to it and your brain will start working accordingly. As a result, you’ll finally succeed to beat procrastination.

As usual, don’t forget to share this article with your friends that you think could help them beat “The Later Habit”. Also, if you have any questions, suggestions or experiences to tell don’t hesitate to share them with us by submitting your comment below.

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