how to develop my self

Self-confidence is one of the most important features of an integrated personality capable of making success and change.

It is a virtuous trait in which a person can love himself, love others, enhance the ability to get rid of negative thoughts, develop self-esteem, and strive to achieve and achieve goals.

The concepts of self-confidence, arrogance or arrogance, but the concepts are separated and differentiated, self-confidence is based on balanced and thoughtful confidence in the level of self-capacity of the individual, and the possibility of success, and achieve.

the objectives through the available possibilities, self-confidence reflects the willpower The confidence of motivation, the reasons for its ability, and the amount of energy and determination that generate a sense of insistence on achieving goals and win demands without hesitation or deficit.

Self confidence

How I trust myself in front of people

Definition of self-confidence
The scientific definition of self-confidence has several images and trends wanted by scientists and philosophers, as well as the scientific definition of self-confidence, They all revolve around recognizing the limits of the self, acquiring it, investing it, and relying on it.

Self-confidence is a personal trait that gives the individual a sense of ability, competence, and ability and increases his motivation to face and overcome conditions and obstacles.

Scientists’ definitions of self-confidence can be summed up as: a personal trait that integrates the self to have the ability to move forward and pursue goals and achievements And confidence in achieving the desired goal, and with a high degree of satisfaction, self-esteem, and psychological compatibility

How do I trust myself
The first step by which self-confidence can be achieved is the sincerity of the will and the motivation. Self-confidence can be built and strengthened in several ways and simple methodological steps, such as the following: 1. Self-confidence and self-confidence.

Self-image: This concept is related to the knowledge of all aspects of strength and weakness in the personality, and the factors of their feet and vacations, and then draw the virtual image that the owner wishes to represent himself and his personality and self, and the positive outlook here is a prerequisite to ensure the formulation of the future personality in an ideal and rewarding value.

Self-esteem: Appreciation emanates from hope and a positive outlook on what the self and self will be after a while. It includes love, respect, admiration for the abilities and qualities of the self, and the pursuit of their development and empowerment, and the negation of the despicable and abusive qualities that may afflict them. Making the confidence and achieving it.

how to develop my self

This is with the initial satisfaction of the self, its characteristics, characteristics, skills and behaviors, and the aspiration to change the weaknesses, and replace them with points of strength, and aspects of pride and pride, and identify what characterizes the personal qualities and skills, unique, Simple, and faith in the excellence of each individual side is not owned by others.

Self-promotion: It is an enhancement based on the new additions of the person, including self-sufficiency and teaching of more experiences, knowledge, experiences, cognitive, social and psychological attitudes, the dissemination of concepts on new situations, their development and development, useful communication with others and the building of new relationships.

The negative environment creates an atmosphere of frustration, negativity, and determines the skills of thinking, satisfaction, and self-admiration. The negative environment may be a group of people who are very pessimistic and resentful and improve the arts of complaint. And objection.

And into e soul sank in the clutches of sins and follow the sins, and handed over to the leadership of the leadership missed the goal, And delayed the achievement, and grew blasphemy and humiliation and defeat, but if the soul of a lot of audits is very severe calculation of self-sufficiency towards the highest, and the determination to change, and thus a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

Decision-making: includes the study of alternatives, their preferences, their relevance to spatial, temporal, and subjective conditions, and the identification of priorities. Leave the fear and anxiety: The weak man is weak, captures himself between procrastination, fear, and consideration of problems, while the adventurous strong self-confidence is not afraid of experience and adventure, and many successes and successes.

Leave comparisons:
The comparison of the self to others is one of the negative aspects of the personality; it limits its determination and reduces its confidence, and in fact the people are uneven in their energies and abilities, and no one will achieve perfection no matter what he sought, and the lack of humanity in something should not cause him frustration and self-denial, Each of the same characteristics unique to them also have shortcomings in some properties and queens, and who denies himself because of his shortcomings in something is to note the shortcomings of others, the comparison is not only the qualities and perfection of the qualities.

Self-marketing and development:

The purpose of self-marketing is to show its advantages, strengths, abilities, experiences, and knowledge, and to show its readiness for achievement and pursuit. This does not mean vanity and hypocrisy, but rather a character through which the person builds his future and enhances his value in life.

And the realization of the mind in the creation of solutions, and help people to solve their problems, and show the effectiveness of useful, meaningful and serious work

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