How to Find Your Passion and Live a More Fulfilling Life

That is what the dictionary defines as a passion but we all know that it goes beyond any written meaning. How can we describe passion in words let alone one line? We all face an array of emotions through life and passion is such an animated emotion. You are electrified through feelings and thoughts of doing what you enjoy. Truth is, there are endless ways to describe passion.

How passionate you are about a certain thing cannot be measured as to how one person feels towards a particular topic will be different from everybody else. The only thing that we all share equally is when we feel so excited thinking of what we want to do and can do once we put our minds and take action to do something we enjoy. Passion is underrated. Just looking at the seven-letter word does it no justice as it goes beyond the word itself. Just saying it makes you feel good.

When you feel that way about something, your thoughts are constantly revolving and your mind is distracted by what you really want to do, that is your calling.

How to Find Your Passion

Your passion is where those thoughts lie in and most people don’t treat their passion like their passion

How to Find Your Passion

You have to make it a priority. You have to put in time, effort, and invest in your craft in order to perfect it. Do not let other people’s opinions and society shackle you down with their beliefs. Ask yourself “Am I doing enough to turn my passion into a reality?” See the problem is as we become adults and the more responsibilities that are placed on us voluntarily and involuntary we tend to shift our priorities and forget about what we are chasing for and it starts to become a bottom of the list or weekend sort of thing. Their kids need to be picked up, drop off at social events or school programs. Picking up your laundry, paying bills and the list goes on.

That is why it is important to prioritize your time and learn to manage it properly so that you are able to have your life, be responsible and get everything that needs to be done as well as find time to indulge and work on your passion. The more pressure that is placed on us from society and our environment the harder it will be to find time for certain things we all get that. No one is alone in this circumstance but it’s what we decide to do with our time and how to free up that 10 minutes or an extra hour every day so that it slowly accumulates to a bigger picture. We have different lifestyles and circumstances at home but do remember we are all given the same 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So there is no excuse to say you do not have time.

We are all given the same slate, it’s what you do with it and how you are going to go about it

Look into writing down what needs to be done on a list, manage your time into one-hour slots, or allocate tasks from most important to least important. There are many strategies and methods so it’s up to you to take accountability for yourself so that ultimately; your passion is treated like your passion. No part-time effort got it?

How to Find Your Passion

Make it a reality. Doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals is going to be a prerequisite if you want to go anywhere significant in life. We are all given the same amount of time each day and it’s up to you what you do with each minute and second.

You will find out where your true passion lies by going out there experiencing and living life

Your passion is something inside you. Intrinsically, internally whatever way you want to put it or however you want to coin the term passion comes from within. It’s not hard to miss because you feel a certain excitement, a bit of adrenaline just thinking about it, just doing something about it. Hold onto that feeling and know that when you sow your seeds and nurture them you will reap what you sow. How you feel when you think about what you are doing or actually doing something you enjoy with passion, that could be an everyday thing. That could be turned from something you do only when you have time to do it full time for the rest of your life.

How to Find Your Passion

Financial freedom is such a life-changing experience when you are able to combine your passion for something you enjoy doing and using it to serve and help others that get you paid
Are you really going to be content for the rest of your life having a 9 to 5 job having to go home with a daily commute and having to cook dinner, do housework, look after your children, family, etc. and also have time to find and work on your passion? Sure it might be possible but you will eventually burn out and life is about balance. Find what you love and try to revolve your life around that as much as possible until it can become a reality where you are able to make that into a full-time gig for yourself that will also supplement you with income.

There are no limits when it comes down to doing something you love

Don’t let someone else make your flame flicker even a little. We are faced with adversity and challenges all through life but it’s all going to come down to how you deal with it. Your attitude is going to be everything. You either see it as a learning experience to keep pushing forward or you don’t. Think about other people in the world right now. Some are going to have more than you, some are going to have less. We can’t be fixated on comparison and who is more fortunate or less fortunate. Because it doesn’t come down to who is more successful in the end because of their upbringing or the wealth of their families.

Opportunities are created through hard work and persistence don’t forget even the littlest flower will start to show its face eventually through a crack in the concrete
If you love what you do and you want that to be a big part of your life, don’t place limitations in your life. No physical or mental limitations. Once you start limiting yourself to your thoughts as well as actions you begin to create bad habits and patterns. Just remember to reach for the stars and don’t be conformed to live a mundane and mediocre life. Your thoughts become your speech and your speech becomes your actions so be cautious of what goes on in your mind.

Perhaps you are aware that from time to time you have bad thinking patterns and you want to eradicate them. The first step is always realizing if something needs to be done. From there learn to replace bad habits and thoughts with positive ones. There are a whole bunch of content all over the internet and libraries about positive thinking and manifesting a better attitude to life overall. Buckle down and start breaking down those walls. Your life is limitless and only limited to what you choose to place upon it. Break free!

Be Fearless. Find your passion, nurture your gifts and take action because only you can find your passion

In summary, it’s going to take a lot more in life than just feeling passionate about something to get you from A to B but it’s a damn good start and it’s going to keep the fire inside you burning for a long time. This is the life we go through and throughout this journey, we are faced with good and bad and in between; all ends of the spectrum. You are going to have to be passionate enough to tell yourself through all adversity and in times of near failure that this is your passion, it’s what you love to do and you are sticking by it till the end no matter what.

Only you are going to keep that will of fire burning inside you and push yourself to break limitations and doubt within you. You have the power of choice each and every single day that you wake so start empowering yourself by making the right ones.

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