How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise Ever wonder what could be the secret of those models’ gorgeously hot bodies? Don’t you just envy them?

Don’t you just wish that one day you could also have that kind of body and be gazed at and adored by those equally hot guys? Well, we are spilling those juicy secrets here just for you! Make sure to take down notes on models dieting tips and be ready for a better, hotter you!

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

The first thing that you have to work on is of course your body. But the bad news is you cannot have that overnight. You have to work for it. The truth is achieving that perfect shape is in fact a lot easier than maintaining it. There are two main factors that models always put in mind when they eat. First is the kind of food they eat and second is the intervals and frequency of your meals. A healthy and well-balanced diet is what you truly need. Always keep in mind that in dieting, you need not deprive yourself of eating foods. You just have to pick which food to eat.

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise?

Meal Prepping. You would be surprised how much control you give yourself over your calories when you plan ahead. It also saves a lot of time and money. Eat clean, no processed food & continue to work out as normal, you will lose it

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

Breakfast is the most important meal and should be the heaviest among all other meals. However, this does not entail that you can indulge in whatever you wish to eat in large amounts. Overindulging is a big no, no. Make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast because this will provide you with the energy you will need throughout the day.

A model dieting tip for your lunch bag would generally consist of a sandwich and juice. Remember to keep it light and after lunch, you may just nibble other healthy snacks until dinner. Starving yourself is not a necessity for you to achieve a good figure. The technique is snacking on a variety of healthy calories diet foods like fruit or salads and shakes.

For dinner, again, remember that this has to be light. You may have chicken with fresh vegetable salads and a drink like a glass of wine or fruit juices.
Most importantly, don’t forget to drink lots of water throughout the day.
The Mono Food Diet

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise? Food and Diet

As The Name Suggests, The Mono Food Diet Allows The Dieter To Eat Only One Food At Each Meal. However, You Have To Match Your Food Intake With The Kind Of Beverage You Drink. For Example, For Starchy Foods, Like Baked Potatoes Or Rice, You Have To Take Alkaline Digestive Juices So Your Body Can Break Down The Food Well. For High-Protein Foods Like Fish Or Meat, Acidic Drinks Like Lemonade Should Be Taken.

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

The Ice Cream Diet

I think no one will contest when I include this in my list of top ten crazy diets. Of course, we know that ice cream contains lots of sugar and all that unhealthy stuff. Well, you just have to eat ice cream and nothing but that. Some people are skeptical about it. you may still try it if you want.

The Caveman Diet

Also known as the Paleolithic Diet, this fad diet plan has grown popular nowadays. As the name suggests, this obviously means that people under this diet plan are advised to return to the eating habits of the ancient men who once lived in caves. This means we have to forget that McDonald’s is just a few steps away from your house. But then, after some time you get a feeling of deprivation. But nevertheless, it sounds fun.

The Metabolism Diet

This only suggests that you follow a low-calorie diet by eating lots of healthy foods to give your metabolism a good boost.

Lemonade diet

This only means that you have to stay away from any kind of solid food but lemonade. You are also not allowed to drink plain water alone. It has to be lemonade. Drink lemonade at least six glasses of it daily. For overweight people, lessen the sweetener in your lemonade. For underweight people, on the other hand, use more of the sweetener. Whenever you feel hungry, just take a glass of lemonade.

The Hollywood Diet

Another interesting fad diet is this. If you are feeling like a famous celeb or a model, then this is what you follow. Well, the diet plan is quite easy to understand and do. You just have to stick to it for two days and consume a special juice that is a mix of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other essential oils. Dieters are not allowed to drink or smoke. This system promises to shed 10 pounds off your body mass in 48 hours.
Here are some guidelines after you choose a daily diet plan you find is suitable for you:

How To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

Choose what you eat out of the whole lot. Giving yourself the choice helps you enjoy your meals better, you’re not thinking about how you would’ve rather had the chicken instead of the sandwich.

Repeat meal choices even every day if you wish. Since the meals are choices, they’re only put together to give you an idea of what you can eat for a full day. If you feel like day 3’s lunch, have it instead of day 6’s.

Broad choices of snacks give you options. Sometimes daily diet plans will offer you ways to snack minimally or a little more elaborately. Having options allows a dieter to feel more in control and lax at the same time.

Utilize milk. Milk is essential to your body’s needs. Have it in skim form as often as you can to help keep your bones especially, healthy.

Make measurements carefully. Portions are important, as much as it’s a pain. But it will pay off. So make sure you measure them right for the best results.

Let salad and vegetables liven up your meals. If you feel your meal is so small, let the good stuff make up for it. These will aid your body as well and should be eaten often anyway.

Drink lots and lots of water. It’s always advisable to do so. Dehydration happens and you should do what you can to prevent it.

Trying out these free daily diet plans is simply saying that you’re willing to eat healthier and want to take advantage. So feel free to do so!

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