How to Lose Weight at Work?

Weight gain during work has become a prevalent thing. Some nutrition experts have found that about 45% of women gain weight during the first three months of starting their work, as their job type is a major reason for gaining this extra weight, but don’t worry, you can limit that. Do not let your work in the office impede you from exercising your diet or from maintaining your physical fitness.

As long working hours contain many inactivity and stress contribute to weight gain, much recent research has shown what happens to the body with inactivity, experts say that with every hour of inactivity, high levels of blood sugar and high-stress hormone, stimulation of desire occurs. Severe eating, which leads to excessive eating, and the collapse of metabolism acceleration processes, in addition, we find that the liver slows down and does not do its job in burning fat to obtain energy.

Ways to lose weight while working.


Take a rest from time to time to walk to stimulate the blood circulation in your body and to activate the process of burning body fat, as walking in the rest period works to lose weight and rest the eyes from the computer screens that cause them harm.

Food time.

Make a fixed daily appointment for eating and don’t leave that for a luck, so getting used to the body on a fixed meal schedule burns calories better and faster.

how to lose weight while at work


National eat your meals at work in a place designated for that and do not eat the meal on your desk so as not to deal with the problem of increasing the size of the abdomen that results from eating in the same workplace.


Do not eat a suitable and light breakfast, do not need to eat fast food and replace it with a dish of vegetable salad, fruit or a cup of yogurt with honey, and wait until you return home to eat a meal rich in nutrients your body needs.

Fast food

You can replace fast food with a healthy meal prepared at home with small quantities of calories. All you have to do is prepare your healthy meal in the early morning before going to work or in the evening before going to sleep to prevent yourself from the fat contained in fast food.


Eat healthy, varied meals and nutrients during the work period until you have a focus that helps you in accomplishing your various job tasks. Foods containing protein, magnesium, calcium, and plant fiber help revitalize the body and increase the ability to focus.

Weight loss tips

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1- Never say “I will start with a diet” because every diet has a beginning and an end. To succeed, you must stick to a healthy lifestyle.

2- Set realistic goals. Deal with things calmly and calmly when wanting to lose weight, never set unrealistic and far-reaching goals of the type “I want to lose 10 kg in one month”. It is a good idea to lose 0.25-0.5 kg per week because you have to consider taking part in life and social events as you cannot go home and starve. In addition, you must set other realistic goals that help motivate you during your long-term plan such as: exercising at least once a week, eating one sweetener of your choice per week, eating fried foods only once a week. You also have to do at least one recreational activity per week, such as dancing, massages, or beauty treatments, to help you love your body and contribute to improving your well-being and overall fitness.

3- We are all subject to mistakes, and when you do something that does not match your commitment to protecting your health, this does not mean that you failed, but rather that you are trying. Forgive yourself and persevere because you deserve it.

4- Do not delete meals because this leads to an increase in your feeling of hunger, and you end up eating sweets and fatty foods to make up for your energy needs. Eat 4 snacks and at least two healthy snacks.

5- Drink lots of water! Remember, we often confuse thirst and hunger. It should be consumed at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.

how to lose weight while at work

6- Never list prohibited foods, because they will surely chase you! Instead, eat a meal of your choice per week and a sweetener of your choice per week, but not on the same day.

7- The meal should always contain three categories of foods: starches, protein and vegetables. For example salad, beans, boiled rice, or grilled fish and roast potatoes with boiled vegetables, or bread made from whole grains, cheese, and vegetables.

8- Emotional Eating! Eating is often associated with feelings and feelings. Some of them eat out of boredom, others because of stress, while others accept eating under the influence of strong emotions. This negatively affects your health plan. So try to devise an alternative plan to control your feelings, such as listening to music or drawing, watching a movie, playing sports, or going out with friends.

9- Do not exercise for weight loss, but for better health. If you consider that you are exercising to lose weight, this will give you an excuse to occasionally eat additional food on the pretext that you have exercised. We must exercise to protect our mental and physical health, in order to reduce stress, strengthen the cardiovascular system, maintain healthy bones and muscle mass, and enhance immunity against diseases.

10- Sleeping is a priority on the topic of weight loss. Studies show that sleep deprivation causes hormonal changes that may increase feelings of hunger. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting lots of sleep at night. In adults, it is advisable to sleep from 7 to 9 hours.

11- Plan, Plan, Plan! Plan your week and day, plan everything. From shopping at the grocery store to scheduling food preparation, at least once a week. Plan your personal times for relaxation, exercise and leisure activities. Time management is essential to leading a successful life in various aspects.

12- Set aside food rations: If you are outside the house, and you are requesting food, you do not have to specify the rations, only you should not eat pasta and bread.

how to lose weight while at work

13- Fruits: Make fruits the first element of entertainment at the time of hunger, and put them at your side in the office or workplace, and when you feel hungry, hurry to eat them.

14- Dark Chocolate Powder: Eat dark chocolate as a powder or as a drink that will definitely make you feel full.

15- Defining food: Putting the main meals in square boxes helps you in determining the quantities.

16- Teeth Cleaning: Quickly brushing teeth, after eating the main meal, reduces appetite for sweets.

17- Avoid sweetened drinks: Do not eat juices, as they add unwanted calories.

18- Wearing tight clothes: This habit, especially for women, makes them unwilling to eat more food.

19- Water and Cucumber: Putting a jug of water with slices of cucumber and drinking it every hour relieves the feeling of hunger.

20- Filling food waste: Keeping leftovers cooked in boxes and putting them in the refrigerator makes you not take them easily.

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Nutrition experts believe that in an emergency due to high blood sugar and high cortisol, this fat begins to be stored around the abdomen as a source of energy to be ready while any type of famine has occurred.

Of course, for most people, severe accidents such as starvation do not occur, millions of women end up stuck with accumulated excess fat and difficult to lose, and there is a theory called mindless eating theory which occurs when eating while working, and this theory leads to taking more Calories are more than what your body needs.

What is the secret of melting fat, even though the job does not help in this?

There are undoubtedly some good news that scientists have found in order to be able to lose weight even if the nature of your work does not allow this. Simply doing some activity at least once every hour keeps the blood sugar and the percentage of the hormone cortisol and makes it more stable, and therefore you do so By maintaining the filling and packaging of fat mechanisms.

It is surprising that any kind of activity, even if it is as simple as walking, or just standing to organize files or some books or going to the toilet can help you break up unwanted fats.

Office exercises:

There are some simple exercises with which you can reduce the belly fat. You can sit in length and straighten the spine, then the abdominal muscles contract as tightly as possible until you feel the navel inside the spine. You continue to do this for 1 to 5 seconds and repeat this exercise at least 20 times. Three times a day.

As for the buttocks exercises, while you sit down, bend your knees together, and keep them together by pressing the inner thigh muscles for one second and doing so at least three times a day.

And you can make these exercises very easy so that you can make an alert on your mobile phone or computer in order to remind you to do something active at least once every hour, and it will be much better if you do this two or three times an hour, this helps a lot to lose Weight and good results.

Dietary strategies to lose weight:

Recent research reveals that diet pills are easy and can help prevent high blood sugar and reduce the proportion of the hormone cortisol and the percentage of storage and height of fats, so scientists have reached these tablets to help the body burn more calories without the trouble or accumulated fat.

last word :

In the end, losing weight is difficult enough. You can change simple things about your workspace and daily work habits to increase physical activity. You can also use social advice to get support and a healthy diet to lose weight faster.

You can make sure to choose healthy snacks in the workplace, and that your food consists of foods that should be consistent with your daily diet anyway, so you can eat things like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and yogurt.

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