How To Motivate Yourself To Study (Top 10 ways)

Let’s be honest with each other, studying is not really what you want to be doing right now. However, without studying, how can you expect to make any progress? There are actually many ways to motivate yourself to study. And if you implement some of these, without a doubt your motivation to study will increase. Keep in mind there is no quick method or shortcut, to get results you actually need to put in the work. In this post, we look at how to motivate yourself to study.

How To Motivate Yourself To Study

Have you ever looked at someone doing better than you in school and think to yourself, “Well yeah, they’re getting better scores but only because they work harder. I’m still smarter than they are”? If you have I’m TALKING ABOUT YOU. Nobody cares about smart! Results are all that matters.


Just make a start

When it comes to getting the motivation to study, the hardest part isn’t actually doing the work. It is the starting part, where you would rather do anything but study. So try not to think about all the work you have to do, just focus on making a start. The great thing about this method is that when you begin to progress through your work, you slowly build up momentum and you will be more likely to carry on.

Make yourself accountable

Tell someone or even yourself that you will get a certain amount of work done. Try and be public as possible about it. The benefit of this is that the more accountable you make yourself, the more likely you will be to progress through your studies.

Wake up early

Waking up early when it’s peaceful and quiet is a great way to motivate yourself to study. You’re much more likely to get work done early in the morning rather than during the day, when everything gets busy and hectic. You’d be surprised at how productive waking up a few hours before everyone else will make you.

Get rid of social media

Or at least get rid of social media temporarily. Social media can be a huge distraction. So get of all of it, be more focused on the task at hand.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

This technique is simple, when you have a lot of studying to do, break it down into short timed intervals that are spaced by short breaks. This will help improve your concentration and attention span as it will train your mind to focus for short studying periods. Taking these short breaks is a great way to motivate yourself to study.

Work in a productive environment

When studying there is nothing worse than distractions or noise to get you off task. Find yourself a quiet desk, this will help you focus on your studying by removing any obstacles that will stop you from completing the task ahead.

Remind yourself why you are studying

Nothing will motivate you more than reminding yourself of the reasons you’re working so hard in the first place. Think about how relieved you will be when you achieve the results you want to achieve. Give yourself inspiration.

Set yourself goals every morning

This activity can be one of the most powerful ways to motivate yourself to study. Every morning think about what you want to achieve by the end of the day. This will ensure that you are constantly making progress and that you don’t get stuck in procrastination.

Treat yourself

If you manage to complete a lot of work. Take a break. Open a tub of ice cream. Reward yourself for good work, that way you will be motivated to continue working hard.

5 best short inspiring stories to motivate you to be successful.

Not everyone who is at the top got there without a struggle. More often than not, the most successful people were faced with countless failures in their lives. However sheer determination got them where they are today.

Henry Ford

Henry ford is best known for the Ford motor company, arguably one of the most successful automotive brands of all time. However, one thing most people don’t know is the fact that Henry Ford failed a number of times before eventually achieving success. In fact, his failures resulted in bankruptcy. As you’ve gathered by now Mr. Ford is no stranger to failure, however, he did not give up. Eventually, Ford revolutionized the automobile industry. And I’m sure you know the rest of the story, from that point he went on to sell millions of units.

red ford mustang
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Best Quote: ‘If I Asked People What They Wanted, They Would Have Said Faster Horses.’

— Henry Ford

JK Rowling

JK Rowling’s story is one of the most inspirational short inspiring stories of all time. She was a single mother living off welfare when she began writing the first book in the Harry Potter series. At that time she saw herself as a failure, being divorced and jobless. In 1995 every major publisher that she approached rejected her script. A year later a small publisher, Bloomsbury, accepted her Harry Potter script. In 1998 the book won awards, after that it has basically been a roller coaster ride for JK Rowling. Today she is renowned internationally and is the first billionaire author in 2004 (US currency).

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Best Quote: ‘Rock Bottom Became The Solid Foundation On Which I Rebuilt My Life.’

— JK Rowling

Jay Z

Jay Z came from a tough background, living in Brooklyn he had big ambitions to become a successful rapper. Unfortunately, the rest of the world didn’t seem to agree with him. He failed a countless number of times when he attempted to get signed by a label. Eventually, Jay Z decided the best option is to simply establish his own record label company. Today he has an estimated net worth of $500 million. Oh and he’s married to Beyoncé.

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Best Quote: ‘Identity Is A Prison You Can Never Escape, But The Way To Redeem Your Past Is Not To Run From It But To Try To Understand It And Use It As A Foundation To Grow.’

Jay Z

Bill Gates

That’s right, the richest person in the world failed at business first. Bill Gates’s first venture, (a device that would be able to read traffic tapes and process the information) Traf-O-Data, was a complete failure. However, as you guessed he didn’t give up. From there he went on to build what we know today as one of the world’s largest companies. His company went public in 1986, and by the following year at age 31, he became a billionaire.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

Best Quote: ‘Success Is A Lousy Teacher. It Seduces Smart People Into Thinking They Can’t Lose.’

— Bill Gates

Thomas Edison

We all know that name, the inventor who failed thousands of times before successfully producing the light bulb. As a child, Thomas Edison’s teachers told him that he is ‘too stupid to learn anything. On top of that Thomas Edison failed his first two jobs, due to the fact that he wasn’t ‘productive’ enough. Today however he is known as one of the world’s greatest inventors, with over 1000 US patents to his name.

There’s No Secret When It Comes To How To Motivate Yourself To Study. At The End Of The Day, There Is No Simple Way To Do It. If You Want To Get It Done You Just Have To Get On With It. It Can Be Easy To Make Up A Million Excuses For Why You Don’t Want To, But Deep Down You Know This Won’t Help You. So Stop Overthinking, Stop Reading This Article, Get Up And Do It.

Just do it

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