How To Overcome Adversity In Life? Step to Thrive During Hard Times

The way life is, the way everything is; it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Whatever your reason or purpose is in this life we all tend to fall back on the goal of enjoying life to the maximum with what it can offer and what we can do with our choices as well as maintaining good relations with those around us.

Not only is everybody at some point going to go through some hard times, each and every one of us is going to face it differently and it will be their very own experience. The scaling of which to measure these sorts of experiences has no metric nor should there be any comparison. What is a big deal to one person may have gone unnoticed to another therefore it is important to note that just because something might not faze you personally it could affect someone emotionally on a much different plane than you.

How to overcome adversity

Most people isolate themselves during times of adversity

So when adversity shows its face, most people are going to be faced with the choice of what to do. We tend to sway towards 1 of the 2 main paths when this happens to us. The first is a withdraw. A withdrawal from life, a withdraw from society. In a sense, we try to get as far away from everyone and things as possible and keep the distance for as long as we can.

This is normal as when we usually go through events that affect our lives out of the comfort zone we tend to sway towards a fight or flight survival mode kind of feeling. It is normal like I said but it is not healthy and over a prolonged period of time it may become damaging to your health and overall being. Although time is necessary at times to fall back and reflect on the recent events that have occurred there is a time when we realize it becomes too toxic. By then we have to learn to be able to drag ourselves out of a rut; an emotional hole that we have dug for ourselves.

It is up to us to pull ourselves together

By being conscious of that thought; that we need to pull ourselves together and that what we are doing to ourselves is not healthy some changes will start happening as you are more aware of the weight of the situation you are going through. Start asking yourself these questions. If I continue to be this way, will it serve my happiness in any way? Do I love and value myself enough to know that this may not be the way to go any longer? For what reason am I continuing to put myself through more hardships and emotional pain until I’ve had enough?
believe in yourself

How to overcome adversity

If you’ve said yes to at least one of those questions then you know it is time to reach the light at the end of the tunnel and start doing something about it. Start making the conscious effort and choices to drag yourself out of the darkness.

By this time you are starting to realize this is not how you used to be and how you want to be any longer. It is not doing you any good and it is beginning to affect everything in your life.

It is your choice to wake up and fight the fight

That is your wake-up call and the sole reason why if you are able to understand that by overcoming and embracing adversity you will come out a much stronger person. A much stronger version of yourself in every sense.

To further elaborate on the previous statement. Consider you have gone through some form of personal hardship and you were able to overcome the circumstances of that particular event. Now, look back to how you were when it happened and what you were going through, and look to yourself now. You could even use past experiences as an example if you don’t want to imagine a scenario.

How to overcome adversity

Looking back you are able to distinguish the differentiation between your current self and your old self. The old you going through a depressing rut was withdrawn from life, distanced from everybody, didn’t want to go out or socialize, and made minimal effort to try to anything productive in life or even take a step to try to get on with the day.

Who you are is evolving and adversity will make you grow

Now look to the current you. You made a decision to consciously take action and change something about your past situation. By doing that you were able to pluck yourself out of that darkness and that is where the beauty of trusting at the moment and the better things will come to occur. You are now able to think to yourself if you are able to overcome a situation that you thought you weren’t able to at the current time then maybe you will have the courage to do it over and over again to future experiences and any other forms of hardships that may come your way. In a sense, you have newfound strength because you were able to get yourself out of a bad situation and into a better one by being positive on the outlook.

It sort of becomes a domino effect as you are building momentum each time you are able to knock down adversity. You in turn become stronger each time as you are able to overcome your personal mishaps. We are strengthening our will; building character.

You are strong enough to overcome any adversity in your way

Going through hard times is just going to make you stronger no doubt about it. Of course, we all want to avoid it happening in the first place but at some point or another something big or small is going to happen. A little bump down the road will appear and it will be up to us whether we see that bump is mentally too high to climb over or know that things will get much better on the other side.

So by being conscious of our thoughts and taking action after realizing that eventually becomes second nature as each time we go through similar yet different experiences we are able to tell ourselves habitually ‘THIS IS SOMETHING I CAN OVERCOME.’

This is why I truly believe that by overcoming hard times are we going to be ultimately stronger. Sometimes it is the way to go forward and by only going through that experience will we be able to have newfound courage and strength to keep going forward. Know that the key is to be optimistic and always be positive and affirming in all the good in the universe. Life is not here to punish you.

You are not a victim because life is not here to punish you

It’s not here to teach you a lesson. We can discuss karma and the topics of cause and effect on a rainy day but know that life is going to be manifested the way you want it. If you are going to work hard towards your goals and warrant good vibrations to the world and have optimistic outcomes, then generally that is what will happen. The same will be applied to someone who has a pessimistic mindset and is shifted more toward negative values.

In closing, let’s give you all a wonderful quote from a very famous person himself and no one man could have said it better himself than the man Les brown

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