How to overcome low Self-Esteem? Tips and Tricks

How to overcome low self-esteem there is a high demand for tips and tricks to overcome low self-esteem. And they want a tip that is quite understandable. Low self-esteem is a burdensome and hindering impairment. Beyond that, the actual experience of low self-esteem is devastating in itself. No wonder people look for a shortcut to overcome this problem. Some tips that may raise self-esteem a little bit appear to be a solution for the time being. But relying solely on tips and tricks can be tricky in a manner of speaking.


How to overcome low self-esteem

First, Start Off With Removing The Idea That There’s Such Thing As Self-Esteem. Nobody Is Without A Doubt In Their Abilities. The Next Step Is To Treat Yourself Like You’d Treat Someone You Love. Get Your Diet In Order, Make Sure You’ve Got A Good Mix Of Fruits & Veggies, Meat, Grains, And Dairy. Check Your BMI, If It’s Over 25 Starts Counting Your Calories, You Need 1800 A Day As A Man And 1500 A Day As A Woman, Make A Commitment To Exercise And Follow-Through, Make Sure You Incorporate Weightlifting Cardio And Stretching; Bonus Points For All 3.

Reach out to friends and acquaintances, try to be a genuine value to their lives so they want you to come back. Dedicate your time to things that are worth it, don’t waste your time on social media, video games, or tv. If you’re extraverted go out and meet people, be the awkward conversation starter. If you’re introverted then attempt to build further on the relationships you have so that it is not exhausting to spend time with people you love. Brush your teeth and shower every day. Make sure you’re sleeping well. If your work/major is making you miserable then either plan an escape route or quit and figure it out from there.

That’s 80% of your life that’ll drastically improve when you change your habits.

As for feeling better about yourself, that requires you to be honest with yourself. For whatever reason you don’t like you. It’s okay to acknowledge that, and to acknowledge that who you are is subject to change if you want to. Do something to give yourself the chance to succeed. Take up a sport or hobby, preferably one with other people. Something that requires a skill you could improve. Put in work. When you fail get back up and try again and again and again. Until you win or succeed. Volunteer your time to genuinely help others in need. Always remain humble, let others do your talking for you. Try to smile. Invite others to spend time with you.

Conceptually, try to remember that life has no scoreboard at the end. Nobody cares what your personal happiness was or wasn’t. You set your own boundaries and criteria for success in life. So that leaves you in complete control.

Start small.

Every night before bed, think of one positive thing that happened that day. It can be something you did for someone, something nice someone did for you, or something nice you did for yourself. Going to sleep with a positive mindset helps. Also cardio. Either at the gym or running/biking outside and getting a runner’s high. Feels incredible. Also, cold showers are great for giving you a boost of energy


Tips and Tricks to Overcome Low Self-Esteem

Let me at first define what I mean by “tip”: A tip should be able to be applied instantly, without any extended explanation, and without any long-term commitment. A tip like “Meditate 20 minutes a day” is not a tip, it’s a long-term practice. But why can tips be problematic?

1.The so-called free will is not always that free

There is not always a choice, as the respective tip requires. Tips like “Focus on the positive”, “Don’t think about mistakes of the past”, etc. are sometimes easier said than done. Depending on how grave the matter is, a switch to the present or to the bright side of the story will encounter resistance. Especially if the story has some loose ends. At first, you have to come to terms with these ends before you can move on and may be able to apply the particular tip.

The tip may backfire

One can find a number of tips that could be summarized as “Be courageous!” For example, you are advised to put on a funny hat in fancy colors. Now, while this could be courageous and the learning experience would be that you are a courageous person, it could be also overwhelming. After a while, you may feel ashamed and embarrassed. But about of shame is the last thing you need, obviously. Instead of raising your self-esteem, you are rubbing salt in an old wound. In therapy, we would ponder the pro and cons and adjust the exercise to your needs. On your own, be careful not to overdo it.

The motive behind the tip is important

You have to know what you do. It’s the intention, the motive behind the tip, that brings home the bacon. Without knowing why you are applying a specific tip, performing it only robot-like, you would miss the whole point. You only can integrate an exercise and let it work for you if your intention partakes, because overcoming low self-esteem is, for the most part, a matter of turning unconscious intentions around. So, applying a tip, make sure you know why you’re doing it.

A tip may simply be not enough for you.

The crucial part of self-esteem is formed in the very first years of childhood. When things go wrong at that early stage of development, the impact on your psyche is much more severe than later on. And much more difficult to cure. It would take time and some effort on your side to overcome low self-esteem – a tip would just not be sufficient enough. At the end of the day, if a tip works for you or not, depends on your level of self-esteem.

How to overcome low self esteem

You Are Pressed For Time. All Of A Sudden Your Boss Asked You To Take Over The Presentation The Day After Tomorrow. No Time For Thoroughly Working On Your Self-Esteem, Tips Are All That Is Left For Time Being.

Every Day You Are Pressed For Time. Your Tight Schedule Doesn’t Allow You To Spend Much Time On A Book Or A Program, Only A Tip Here And A Trick There Is All You Can Spend Your Time On.

In General, You Are Satisfied With Your Level Of Self-Esteem But Would Like To Have Some Short Interventions To Spice It Up A Little Bit. A Variation On This Theme Would Be, That You Only Need Advice For Special Circumstances But Not A General Overhaul.

One Thing I’ve Battled With Was Kicking Myself For Not Fighting It All Out Straight Away: Being Happy, Liking Myself, Etc. Then I Realized, The Key Is To Implement Those Changes Short Term. Focus On The Small Picture: Today Only. What Helped Me A Lot Was Getting A Journal And And Writing In It 3-5 Things I Like About Myself Overall.

It’ll Feel Weird (Maybe Even Narcissistic), But Keep Pushing Yourself To Write Down At Least 3 Things. Then, After A Month Or So, Begin Writing About Your Day. In The Sense Of, Did You Help Someone? Did You Do Something (Even Washing Your Dishes) That You’re Proud Of?

Focusing On The Day-To-Day Picture Will Help You Feel Less Overwhelmed And Will Perpetuate The Idea Of Being Kind To Yourself, Which Will Aid In Raising Your Esteem. Best Of Luck!

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