How To Stay Focused While Working On A Task

Today’s busy world is full of distractions. Your life can be interrupted by phone calls, text messages, daily tasks, and so much more. Constant distractions have a huge impact on our ability to concentrate. If you’re struggling with distractions, then you probably need some advice on staying focused.

Unfortunately, it has become easier to get distracted from doing your tasks than ever before. Before smartphones, you only had to shut down your computer and you’re ready to go. Nowadays, we’re accessible all the time because of these things we carry around whenever we go. So, you need to develop a self-discipline ability that will enable you to stay focused while working on your tasks.

No matter how large or small the task is, these techniques are some of the best ways that can help you stay focused until you’re done. Begin using these tips to keep yourself on track no matter what you need to complete.

Recognize Your Distractions

Everyone has something that keeps them from being productive. For some people, their phones may be the biggest distraction. Others may be distracted by conversations or loud noises. Before you move on to these other tips, spend a little time thinking about what distracts you.

Once you’re aware of the obstacles to getting work done, you can take steps to counteract them. Maybe you need noise-canceling headphones or maybe you need to put your phone in the next room before starting. Take steps to remove or at least decrease what specifically keeps you from finishing tasks.

Take Scheduled Breaks

This step may seem counteractive, but taking a few 5-minute breaks can actually help you to complete tasks. If you’re working on something that takes less than an hour, you probably don’t need a break.

For anything that’s going to take longer than an hour, allow yourself 3-5 minutes to stretch, walk around, and then get back to work. It’s a simple piece of advice, but can really help you to finish a task in a timely manner.

Plan a Reward

If you need to do something you really don’t enjoy, your best motivation to complete this work is to promise yourself a treat when it’s done.

Don’t enjoy doing your taxes? Take yourself out for coffee or tea when you’re done. You can’t schedule a reward after every single thing you have to do, so make these rewards after anything unpleasant or difficult.

Re-Orient Yourself

As you work through one task, you’ll probably have other thoughts come up. Maybe you’ll start thinking about tasks you need to get done. These distracting thoughts are normal, but you can keep them from distracting you by writing them down and then forgetting them for the time being.

Keep a notepad by your desk and write down anything that comes up to your mind. With this advice, you won’t have to worry about forgetting important information. It’s all registered and accessible at any given moment.

Train Your Brain

Although these tips are helpful, you also have to make yourself stick with a certain task until it’s completed. Multi-tasking is the norm in today’s society. But, it’s counterproductive and your brain isn’t built for it.

Making yourself complete a task can be very challenging at first. When you feel the urge to stop working, firmly tell yourself “no” and then get back to it. Over time, you’ll find that it’s easier to concentrate on tasks and finish them. It’s just a matter of practice that will eventually improve your self-discipline.

Find Your “Focus” Time

Most people find that they are more productive and focused on certain points of the day. The time when you’re most able to complete a task may be unique to yourself. Some people find that they complete work quickly early in the morning while others prefer working late in the evening.

Think about when you’re most likely to get work done and try to schedule your tasks for that time. You may be surprised to find out how well this tip works. So give it a try!

Set a Deadline

Setting strict deadlines can actually increase your focus and eliminate distractions. Remember back to when you had to finish a paper the night before it was due? That crunch time made your motivation work very well. You can use this tip to work through tasks.

Set a realistic but not excessive amount of time for a certain task. Keep on reminding yourself that you only have that time to complete your work. You may be surprised to find out how much easier it is to get through a task.

Finally, remember that these tips are going to take some time to help you with your work. If you have trouble completing a single task, then use these tips to get started. Over time, using them will be a huge benefit. Training your mind like a muscle will help you to be more efficient.

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