How To Stop Being Afraid Of Failure And Start Living?

How do we stop being afraid? First of all, how does one stop being afraid of anything in the first place?

Because if you are fearful of something it may mean you have a very good reason to be afraid. Generally, that may be the case for phobias or really traumatizing events, but fear may also be self-manufactured or triggered by your own mind. There is a method to overcome fear, by working through behavior patterns, solving them, and abolishing that particular fear. In order to stop being afraid you have to understand how you are afraid in the first place.

How do we stop being afraid?

I’ve come to believe that all my past failures and frustrations were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.”
— Tony Robbins

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Failure


If it was an event where seeing something triggered your fear, perhaps you could be conscious the next time you encounter the same situation. Practicing to replace that thought with something more positive and have someone there to remind you to not fall into a fearful thinking pattern is a tool you can apply today.

As always there are many remedies and methodologies to go about ways to resolve issues within oneself and it’s just about finding what works for you and what doesn’t. Fear doesn’t have to stay in your life forever and it doesn’t have to take over or control your well-being in everyday life.

Your well-being is in your hands, take control of your fear today to start living
Becoming fearless will help you to begin to start living your life. To stop being afraid of failure isn’t an easy task but one that is also not impossible to accomplish. To do so is to take the first step to success is to take action. Action is the number one killer of procrastination. Once you take action you are opening up pathways to your life and potential opportunities that arise for you within this very moment and the future as well.

Upon taking action you know that just like life; not everything is going to go all smoothly all the time and that there will be some setbacks no matter how ambitious or driven you are. That is just the way the world is. We can’t control every circumstance that happens to us and around us but we can control the actions we take next.


Be clear in what it is that you want and know that the more action you take. You will fail just as many times because you will be faced with a lot of uncertainty. By going into uncharted territory, you will be faced with a lot of challenges and make mistakes. That is normal, remember it is a learning experience and even if you may fail you have to keep going. That is how you are going to become fearless with daily practice and personal development.

Fail as many times as you try; plus one more

The harder you fail, the harder you will try, and the smarter you will be the second time around, third time around, etc. Because you have an amazing machine inside you which is your brain. By learning from your mistakes you create new neural pathways to what works and what doesn’t. By doing so you are only going to advance in progress to what you want to become. You can only excel as far as you push yourself.

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Failure

This is not an easy task to do like the more you fail, the may feel unmotivated and want to derail off the tracks. We are only humans and sometimes we feel run down when things don’t go our way or that our hard work doesn’t fully pay off. The process of living is to live and that is to make mistakes, experience, learn, grow, and sometimes only by taking one step backward, you are only able to advance two steps forward.

Ego fuels fear so don’t let it get in the way of your life
You cannot see everything from past experiences or the present moment and think that is it just going to be the same. History will only repeat itself if you do not work hard to upgrade your thinking patterns. With a stubborn mind comes ego and pride and that has killed more dreams than anything else.

Know that it is acceptable to fail.

You are human after all and you want to be grateful that you have the moment to learn from this. Many won’t even get the opportunity this far as you are to acknowledge this thought bout is already one step ahead of them.


By failing you are also one step closer to success. As we previously mentioned everything we do, mistakes or not becomes a learning experience and the next time around we learn to save a bit more time and effort. So let’s put this into a scenario into an example. Just imagine there is a calculation set out by god that if you approach your employer one hundred and one times you will eventually get hired for a job.

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Failure

Sometimes success is a numbers game, you gotta keep showing up to win
Picture if this person only applied 99 times and couldn’t persist until he got what he wanted, he never would have gotten the job and will never know what could of happened if he kept trying. The same could be said for someone who approached the first guy and tried to do better by applying one hundred times but was still short because he couldn’t see past his current emotions.


Envision that we have the third person who knows that failure is a part of life and if he persists and keeps going, he is going to break past his fear of failure and start living his life properly because he knows that by keeping himself going he will eventually reach there and that even if he failed a thousand times over he will learn to be better each time and an improved version each time he failed. Now, this person would have applied two hundred times for a job if he needed to but he applied and the one hundredth and one time, he got hired.

Embrace that fear is a part of life but it cannot stop you from moving forward either
This is the power of understanding fear is a part of life but we don’t have to live with it. We can use it as a tool to overcome our worst mental enemies and have it to enhance our lives. The best way to go through life is stepping into the unknown, the uncomfortable. And we can’t reach any oceans or new lands if explorers were so afraid they never even set sail and lifted their anchors.

Sometimes you have been a little bit bold, a little bit daring, and take risks. That is the understanding of knowing the conquering of fear could lead to our success and to really start living our lives.


If you never dared to go beyond what you could see on the horizon, you would never know what lands, people, or sights you could see in this wonderful world. To experience is to try new things and by expanding our thinking, our attitude, and keep an open head about everything then are we going to ultimately learn and see so much more.

How many more amazing people we will meet and share great moments with?
How many different foods we can taste with our taste buds?
How many beautiful sceneries we can see with our site?
We can get so much out of life and enhance our experiences to their fullest potential if we open up our courage to take action.

By overcoming fear we can see past the hardships and move onto a lifetime of success and enjoy what life has to offer.

Fear may be a big mental battle for some but keeping a positive attitude will take you far ahead in life

Are you going to let a four-letter word dictate the outcome of my day today?

I don’t think so.

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