35 Proven Tactics To Increase Your Productivity

If you wanna have a balanced life where you can do pretty much everything, you’ll need to know how to use your time and energy in the best way. So, you’ll need to establish a productivity mindset that will enable you to make the most out of your time and energy. Meaning that you’ll be able to get things done fast without being distracted by external effects. Besides, you’ll have a clear vision of what you wanna do and when to do it.

Most of the people think that they do everything right. They believe that there’s just not enough time. They complain all the time about having so many tasks and obligations. They’re always busy and in a hurry. Along the way, they miss so many things that are more important than work. The problem is that they’re not aware that establishing some simple habits can save them so much time and energy.

Proven Tactics To Increase Your Productivity

There are many tactics and ways to increase productivity. But, not all of them actually work and some are hard to apply for ordinary people. So, I collected some of the best and easy-to-apply tactics that I personally use (I’m still trying to get used to some of them actually) to boost my productivity. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Do your most important/demanding tasks the first thing in the morning. It’s the time when your energy is at its peak. Don’t waste it on tasks that have no real impact on your work. Do only the tasks that, if done right, will get you closer to your goal.

Increase Your Productivity

Don’t start your day by checking your email. You’ll want to answer all of your messages which is time-consuming. Leave email checking to the afternoon. Trust me, no one will send you an urgent message via email. If it’s really urgent, you would probably receive a phone call.

Think differently. Try to be creative when doing your tasks. Look for new methods that can be less time-consuming or less complicated. As Tim Ferriss said “Different is better when it is more effective or more fun.”

Break down your goals into small tasks. Make sure that each task doesn’t need more than one hour to get done. Every time you finish a task you’ll feel that you’re progressing which will keep you motivated.

Revisit your plan of action every morning. It will remind you of the final goal that you’ve set up. Consequently, it will motivate you to attack your scheduled tasks immediately and with a lot of excitement.

Keep your office clean and organized. Studies have revealed that a well-arranged environment helps increase productivity. The reason is that your mind won’t be distracted by the mess around you.

Increase Your Productivity

You should say “No” more often. Reject everything that is not compatible with your principles. Also, do the same to the things that aren’t getting you any closer to your goals.

Don’t forget Pareto 80-20 principle. It says that 80% of your results come only from 20% of your work. Therefore, you should figure out that 20% and focus more on it to improve your productivity.

Stay away from negative people. They will steal your enthusiasm and motivation. Stop following them on social media. Believe me, you’ll feel a lot better.

It’s not about how much time you spend on a task. What matters the most is how focused you’re. If you’re working, give it all your 100%. If you’re having fun, do it to the fullest. Just live in the present.

Your to-do list for the day shouldn’t be overloaded. Put only two to three items to get done. Be careful when choosing those items. They should get you closer to your goals once they are done.

Don’t schedule every minute of your day. You won’t ever be able to stick to it. As a consequence, you’ll get obsessed with time which will affect your productivity. A to-do list with the most important tasks is fairly enough.

Don’t stay up late. It’s bad for your health. Besides, you’ll wake up very tired which will affect your productivity. So, stop being a night owl!

Increase Your Productivity

Outsource all the tasks that are time-consuming and boring. Any task that can be done by someone else for a small price should be outsourced. For example, data entry and accounting.

Multitasking is not effective. Train your brain to be able to focus on one task at a time. You’ll notice that your work will be better and will be done faster.

Take a 5-minute break every 45 minutes of work. Spend these five minutes drinking water and walking around the room. It’s a refresh to regenerate your focus and energy.

Exercise. It’s a great way to clear your mind and renew your energy. It can be going for a walk or doing some push-ups in your backyard.

Play your favorite music. I personally use this tactic whenever I’m working on an important task. It keeps me feeling so active and motivated.

Stop spending so much time on social media. You need to set a daily time that is dedicated to checking your social media accounts. It’s preferable to be in the evening before going to sleep.

Don’t postpone decisions that need to be taking today. It’s counter-productive to keep saying “I’ll think about it later” every time you have a decision you need to make.

Turn off the internet if a given task doesn’t need it. For example, if you’re studying for an exam and you have everything you need beside you. It’s better to turn off the internet because it will only distract you.

Get time off for yourself. It’s very useful to take an hour or two a week to just be on your own. It enables you to think about your goals and life. It’s a pure focus time that will make you more productive.

Use productivity apps. You can install Evernote on your phone. Whenever you have a new idea or appointment you can save it on the app so that it can be easily found later.

Try eating these foods. Studies have shown that steel-cut oatmeal, blueberries, avocado, green tea, bananas, and others can boost your productivity. 6 Essential Foods for Boosting Your Work Focus.

Stay away from these foods. Avoid heavy food that contains a lot of calories such as burgers, candy, and soda. These foods urge the body to take a nap. And you certainly don’t want this to happen.

Celebrate small wins. Whenever you finish an important task, give yourself a few minutes to celebrate. This gives you the motivation to keep moving forward with a stronger will.

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is crucial for your mind’s needs. Make sure that you get enough sleep every night. As a result, you’ll feel full of energy the next morning.

Buy a comfortable chair. If you spend so much time on a desk. Then you need to buy a high-quality chair that will make sure that your back is straight. This will definitely increase your productivity.

Learn how to prioritize. You can’t do everything that comes up in life. You need to be sure of what do you want and of what’s most important for you.

If you’re tired, get some rest. Being tired and still trying to accomplish tasks is self-torturing. Get some sleep first. You’ll feel a lot better afterward.

Stop following all the news. Most of the time, nothing important happens. Living without news will make you feel more optimistic because 90% of the news is bad news anyway.

No meetings unless they’re decisive. Most of the meetings are time-consuming and add no real value to the work. There are many ways to cut them such as email reports.

Stop being a perfectionist. If you’re obsessed with making your work flawless from the start. Then you need to stop doing that because it’s time-consuming. Instead, at the beginning focus on writing the first draft. After that, you can edit it and improve it until you get the quality you want.

Learn how to ignore unimportant things around you. For example, getting into an argument with people is usually a waste of your time and energy. Learn that you don’t need to respond to everything.

Treat your time as money. You should be very careful about how to spend your time. It’s your most valuable asset after your work skills.

Those were some of the best tactics used by productive people that give great results. It’s not necessary to use all of the tactics mentioned above. However, I’d recommend that you start with two or three of them and try them for a week and see how things will turn out. If you feel that your productivity increased, then go for the next tip and so on. If a hack didn’t work with you, try using another one that may be easier to apply.

Also, I should mention that I’ll be covering some of these hacks with more details in the upcoming posts. So you’d want to stick around.

As usual, I’d really appreciate sharing this post if you find it useful. Also, I’d like to hear from you below in the comments section.

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