laser Tattoo Removal Cost Price& Treatment

Tattoo removal in the past was a difficult and painful process, so it was difficult for many people to use, and they kept the tattoo unsatisfied with it, taking risks and trying to remove it.

Laser tattoo removal is not cheap. That’s a fact. And if it is cheap then you should be careful and think twice about going to that clinic.

Previous tattoo removal techniques have many undesirable side effects as well as pain caused, and unsatisfactory results.

Recently, the latest tattoo removal technology has emerged. It is the safest, least painful and best possible laser tattoo removal technique.laser Tattoo Removal Cost Price& Treatment

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal Technology?

How are they conducted?

What types of lasers are used in tattoo removal?

What is the average cost of tattoo removal using a laser?

What is laser tattoo removal technology?
Is a technique of the latest technology used to remove all of the tattoo drawings or the so-called tattoos, tattoos and permanent makeup, and the use of powerful lasers and the ability to fragment the dye molecules used in the tattoo, whether black or colored, permanent or temporary.

The procedure is done on several sessions determined by the cosmetic surgeon (often two to four sessions but can be more than that) taking into account the area of the skin to be treated, and the depth of tattooing, the deeper the need for more sessions, and the color of the dye used in The darker colors are affected more by laser and give better and faster results on light colors, skin color itself, age of the person, and tattoo location. All of these factors determine the number of sessions a person needs to get rid of tattoos permanently.

Laser tattoo removal does not cause severe pain. You can only feel some tingling or heat on the skin, so the drug is not usually used before the procedure, but you can consult your doctor about the possibility of putting some drug or a local anesthetic before starting the session.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Is Done

  • As protection in all cosmetic procedures or treatments using a laser, the person is wearing protective eyewear to avoid damage to the laser beam, so before starting the laser tattoos survey the person is wearing this condom.
  • The session begins by cleaning and drying the area to remove the tattoo, and then use the drug, in the case of use of the cream leaves half an hour to start, but in the case of anesthetic injection leaves less time.
  • The doctor starts using a laser device, and shows the strong compound light in the form of successive pulses, shedding the tattoo part after the other, until the entire skin area is finished.
  • After the procedure is completed, use a dry cold compress or ice pack to reduce the feeling of heat. Your doctor will ask you to use the mild cream after returning home until the next appointment.
  • Initial results appear immediately after the session, so that the color of the tattoo becomes lighter than before, and continues to fade until completely after the completion of all sessions.

Treatment after procedure:
Thanks to modern technology, the treatment of laser tattoo removal has become more effective and involve very little risk of scars. In many cases, the treatment of laser tattoo removal has become safer than other traditional treatments such as surgery, scrape the skin

(Dermabrasion) or (Celebration), a rubbing tattoo area using gauze soaked in saline solution, because of its unique ability to determine the dye treatment.

In many cases, some colors are removed more effectively than others. As is known, tattoo patterns that are blue/black respond well, to treat laser tattoo removal, another color response to treatment is still under consideration.laser Tattoo Removal Cost Price& Treatment

What is the average cost of tattoo removal using a laser?

laser tattoo removal cost
This is a relatively expensive procedure, sometimes setting the price based on a pulse rate of up to $ 10 in some places, or setting the price based on the price of a session.

Tattoo removal price guide.

The price can vary based on the size, colors involved and location of the tattoo and it also depends on the laser used. Some tattoos can require between 12 and 20 treatments before they are completely removed. In most cases, laser tattoo removal takes between six and twelve treatments. for example, a small black and white tattoo on ankle, about 3×2 inches.5 sessions $150/session So total cost will be over $1,000.Laser tattoo removal is the best method to remove tattoos.

The average price per laser tattoo removal session in England is about US $ 100, and the price in Switzerland rises slightly to US $ 220, and the price doubles to US $ 400 in Poland. France is the top European country in the price of laser tattoo removal, To US $ 640.You should start seeing some difference from the second treatment though.

As for the prices in the Arab countries are higher than European countries, the cost of laser tattoo removal about 700 USD in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Best places to perform laser tattoo removal

Eraser clinic in the United States: a laser tattoo removal clinic using the latest equipment and techniques in this specialty, and has several branches in the United States, one in San Antonio

Note: This article contains medical advice, although these tips are written by specialists and are safe and harmless to use for most people, they are not a substitute for your doctor’s advice. Use it at your own risk.

Laser types used in tattoo removal
There are two basic types of laser used in tattoo removal. The first type is called Q-switched laser. It is the oldest type of use. It has effective results when used with dark colors, but its results are not as effective with light colors.

The other type is called picosecond, the newest type, which has been in use for less than five years. It has been specially developed to deal with light colors of tattoos, but there must be a long period of time between each session that can last up to four months.

The advantages of laser tattoo removal and its disadvantages
There are many advantages to this procedure, making it a favorite for many other ways to remove tattoos.

  • The procedure is non-surgical and requires only local anesthesia
  • Does not cause very little pain that can be tolerated
  • Do not damage the skin cells adjacent to the tattoos
  • Gives great results for dark colors, leaving no impact after sessions are finished
  • The disadvantages of laser tattoos are that the results are not given the same accuracy as light colors.

Side effects of laser tattoo removal
There is a redness of the skin at the tattoo site after each session

  • The presence of some grains filled with fluids after the use of the laser
  • A change in skin color after the entire session, it may be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Sometimes simple bleeding occurs
  • The appearance of some scars on the skin

All of the previous side effects can be treated and treated when consulting a doctor and determines the appropriate treatment for each problem.

Tips after laser tattoos scan
Use cold compresses to place the tattoo regularly so as to reduce the pain

Use a gentle moisturizer recommended by your doctor, to avoid any inflammation that can occur

Do not use perfume, soap or any other cosmetics on the laser-treated skin for at least two days

Stay away from the direct sun.

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