Motivation Tips For Weight Loss One Advice Behind Her Success In Losing 55 Kilos

Motivation tips for weight loss It is the beginning of the week and you have promised yourself that this time you will lose weight already, during the last three days, you have eaten no food other than salads, meat and interested in exercising. Then it comes on Thursday and you suddenly find yourself idle on the sofa. So what happened? Losing motivation, that’s what happened. But do not worry, if you intend to implement the order, you will. You can avoid that swinging diet and lose weight easily.


One piece of advice behind her success in losing 55 kilos (realistic experience)

Justin Macbee was part of an experiment conducted by Women’s Hills Magazine to find success stories of weight loss that relied on unconventional methods.


The reason for the participation of “Macbee” is her inspiring story, as she managed to lose 55 kg within 6 months after failing in all the dieting systems she had followed in the past, but this time she succeeded because she got away from the scale numbers and replaced it with daily selfies, and decided that she would not stop capturing A picture every day only after reaching the shape you wish for her body.

“Macbee” started with 60 minutes at the gym, and when she felt that her body responded by comparing daily selfies, she was encouraged and made a decision to change the diet, but she did not resort to a table of foods or a specialist while she only replaced all the foods with alternative ones that contain lower prices, so she replaced The meat meal rich in fatty sauces with lean meat strips, and I just cooked it in a barbecue style, while the bread replaced it with brown bread made from whole wheat, in addition to the fact that vegetables were their main share.

What “Macbee” emphasized with the advice of the daily selfie was that she was not leaving herself at all hungry while she was eating a portion of healthy foods as soon as she felt the onset of hunger and then did not eat a large amount as it suppresses the appetite that was the cause of the failure of all previous diet regimens that were adopted To be deprived.

In the end, Macbae advised the followers to follow a system that makes them happy, not depression.

motivation tips for weight loss

Proven Weight Loss Motivation Tips from a Dietitian.Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight.

Set realistic goals, do not set an oral goal, but write it down. Once you write your goals, you will be able to achieve them. Your goals are realistic, which makes it easy to achieve, and when you start achieving your goals, you will become happier. The happier you are, the more expected your weight loss will be.

Burning two and a half kilograms is equivalent to consuming 3,500 calories. If you burn 500 calories daily, this means that you will lose 2.5 kilograms per week. Which plan will you follow? It’s best to follow your weight loss plan slowly but constantly, try to make your goal of losing just a few kilograms a week.


Reconsidering everything you know about weight loss: Quora user Wilfredo Thomas assured that understanding the meaning of weight loss in the form of energy balance is the first key to achieving the goal – achieving a perfect body. He pointed out that the balance of energy in the concept of science is your body’s need for a certain amount of calories to keep you fit. Once you understand what energy balance is, you feel less or less eager to eat.

Getting rid of invisible food bags: Neil O’Nova, the author of 7-Minute Skinny Jeans, advises against eating blurred or visible bags or tins. The writer explained that the brain is very visible, so we take visual cues about how much food we will eat, which helps us know when to stop. But when we don’t see how much food we have, we won’t get visual feedback, which will ultimately allow us to eat without stopping. Therefore, it is best to limit the amount you want by placing it in a small bowl.

Avoiding a Diet: Author Neil O’Nova explained that a healthy diet limits the mind’s ability to understand the idea of ??maintaining fit. Once you lose weight after following a specific diet, you can even recover the extra pounds and overeat again. So, get yourself used to think in the long run by focusing on healthy eating habits, as this is the best way to lose weight and maintain it in a proper way.

Replacing sweets with vegetables: The writer explained that replacing sugar-containing snacks with vegetables such as carrots and celery is a trick that your stomach feels full. In addition, vegetables are rich in few calories, which contributes to weight loss.


Thinking of Sports as Fun: Gared Coordinator of GIS confirmed that finding fun and loved the exercise on your heart will be easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Explain if you do not like running, do not do it because you will not stick to it and will not reach your goal: a slim, tight and slender body.

Understanding the cause of obesity: Numerous studies have indicated that obesity is more a result of lifestyle decisions than genetic factors. One of the scientists explained that promoting the idea of ??genetics as a cause of obesity may genetically increase deterministic beliefs and reduce the motivation that will motivate you to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This will make matters worse, and increase your weight and not lose it. Therefore, people who associate not losing weight with unhealthy habits have a greater chance of losing extra kilos by thinking about changing their improper lifestyle.

Encouraging oneself by asking difficult questions: Author Neil O’Nova explained that talking to oneself about the issue of obesity and asking questions about it, may help motivate oneself to the initiative to lose weight. For example, ask yourself, “Can you lose weight? Are you up to this challenge? These two questions, for example, contribute to strengthening your wills and encourage you to take up this challenge.”

Be kind to yourself: Pharmacy specialist Noor Ullah Jan indicated that it is necessary to see yourself in a positive way, that is, imagine 6 months after a graceful woman with a tight body. This way, you will boost your will to lose weight, and work on it. Don’t be so tough on yourself, always be optimistic and sure that you’ll be like a model. Positive is the key to your success!

Getting some rest: Dr. Md Yousuf explained that not sleeping enough, it contributes to increasing the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood, thereby enhancing the production of glucose, which leads to feeling hungry and eating sweets. Therefore, to avoid eating foods during the evening, you need to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

Let your daily exercise be short, so as not to make excuses on the pretext of not having enough time, here is this information:

Exercising for short periods of time burns huge amounts of calories.

All you have to do is do an intense short period of exercise with periods of rest, which entails burning huge amounts of calories. This can be done through the treadmill, start walking for several minutes, increase the speed of the exercise until your heart rate increases by 90% for a period 30 seconds, then return to the normal walking speed. Repeat this process eight to ten times.

Consult your doctor before applying this exercise if you have any health problems, even minor ones. This exercise is not for those with weak hearts.

Motivational tips for successful weight loss

Cynthia stresses the importance of putting these tips in mind and sticking to them literally, in order to be able to lose weight without the need to resort to obesity surgeries.

Motivational advice is as follows:

? Keep asking the following question to ourselves: Why is weight loss a priority for me?

It is necessary to write down the actual reasons that cause you to lose weight in a list, and always make it in front of your eyes to remind you of them.

Studies have shown that people succeed in adhering to the decision to reduce their weight when this decision stems from their conviction and commitment to it.

Establishing actionable expectations and various objectives:

It is imperative to set realistic goals that can be achieved with the help of a dietitian, as this will help you overcome the frustration that might lead you to surrender.

Common weight reduction programs are quick and easy weight loss, but medicine recommends losing half a kilogram to one kilogram per week to ensure fat burning safely, while maintaining muscle mass integrity.

? Regulations for monitoring food and weight:

Cynthia recommends that you keep a list of all your food and beverages, including water and snacks, that you eat.

Motivation Tips For Weight Loss

It is also important to write down how you feel, what you lose or gain weight, the time you spend exercising, and the amount of water you consumed during the day. Self-monitoring is an important issue to motivate and continue to lose weight.

Define a special program and celebrate successes:

There is no objection to celebrating with loved ones and friends who support you with the accomplishments you achieve while you strive to lose weight, and reward yourself as you progress, when you feel proud of what you accomplish, your enthusiasm increases.

Reward yourself.

Humans are so sophisticated that they can “train” themselves, but they are not so sophisticated that they can always resist the alluring temptations. Set realistic rewards for yourself when you stick to your goals and you will find it easier to control your thinking.

Some prefer to follow the points system, for every good decision you make (whether it is food or exercise) you get a point, when you reach 100 points, reward yourself with a reward that you enjoy (body massage, or a shopping trip).
Some prefer to convert their progress into cash, with each good day you spend putting some money in a container. This money is spent on your reward, whatever it is.

The reward should not only be at the end, but you can apply it after running for a certain number of kilometers or burning a certain number of calories.

Spend time thinking positively.

If you think that you are fat, and that you will never make progress, this will threaten your success. When you start thinking positively, it will be easier for you to implement difficulties because your spirits are high.

If positive thinking is difficult for you (which is normal), take a few minutes of your daily time to focus on this. When you start thinking negatively, pause and start again. What do you like about yourself? What do others like about you? What do you do well? This will make it easier over time.

Constantly renew your routine.

If you ran the same distance three times a week without achieving the required weight loss, you will be frustrated! You have to change your style, participate in one of the training classes to change the daily routine.

The best way to lose weight is to exercise the muscles to strengthen the heart muscle and hold weights. The problem may be that you are doing one without the other.

Don’t waste time, if it’s not a good runner, don’t run. If you decide to do any activity, do not do it. Invest your time and effort in an activity that makes you feel happy while doing it, and may become a hobby for you in the long run.

Change the way you talk about your diet. Do not tell others that you ?don’t eat? certain foods, and replace them by saying that you ?eat? certain foods. Replacing negative sentences with their positive counterparts helps you stick to what you are committed to.

Consider exercising as part of your daily schedule, rather than considering it an obligation.

Cut down on eating, but don’t stop it.

If you even avoid looking at ice cream while you’re shopping for groceries, you’re pushing yourself towards disaster. The day will come when you decide to throw everything out of trouble and eat greedily. To avoid this day, allow yourself to eat a bit of everything from time to time.

Do not deprive yourself of any kind of food. Eat a quarter of the amount you would normally eat, but eat it slowly and drink water during a meal. Drinking water and eating slowly will reduce your appetite.

The blue color clears the appetite. If you intend to eat food that is not in your diet, put it in blue dishes, then you will not eat large amounts of it.

Do not be pessimistic.

It’s easy to get frustrated when it comes to losing weight, this process is slow and difficult. You might feel like you’ve gained 120% of your weight in the past two weeks, go up the scale and make sure you’ve lost weight. Pessimism is easy, do not give in to him! This way you will lose your enthusiasm.

Focus on your progress. This log in which you write down your diary is the best proof that you are on the right track. Read the written numbers and let you worry.

Discuss the non-surgical procedure with the specialist doctor:

Do not hesitate to ask for help from a specialist, if you feel that you are unable to stick to your diet required to achieve your goal of losing weight alone.

Also ask about stomach balloon technology, which is a non-surgical procedure that can contribute to weight loss quickly, and is one of the modern techniques that place a thin balloon in the stomach, without the need for surgery, fluoroscopy or anesthesia.

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