22 Reasons To Start a Blog As a Student

For students starting a blog can be great. I think some of you know this already, but when you don’t see the benefits of blogging as a student here are 22 reasons!

Make money.

Let me be honest, you have to work hard to get money out of blogging, but it is possible. And blogging can be a thing you enjoy way more than your regular job, so why don’t you start a blog and try to get some money out of it!

Save money.

Reasons To Start a Blog As a Student

by getting free books. You review them on your site, and you will get the book for free!
Save money by not needing courses anymore, you find them all online!
Save money by not drinking beer. When you are busy with blogging, you don’t have time to drink beer, this is money saved!

Build your online resumé.

If you are doing it well on the internet, you can build an online resumé. Gather all the positive comments about you and your site. Having a successful blog besides your study shows your future boss that you are dedicated to what you do!

A lot of experience with different study skills.

By having a study blog (like this one) you will experiment with different ways of studying. And you will read a lot about different ways of studying. It is a great motivation to study because you are not only studying for the grades, but also for the experience of the way you study. It makes studying almost fun!

Experience with your own business.

Having a blog is almost like your own business. There are bills to be paid, and there is income you get. You have to do business with other bloggers, making deals. It seems like having your own company!

Get tips from other bloggers.

By blogging about studying, you will read a lot about studying. In my RSS reader, I subscribed to over 25 study-related blogs. Without these sites, I wouldn’t have learned about other techniques as much as I did now.

Build relationships.

By blogging you build relationships. With your readers and with other bloggers. These relationships are worth more than any advertisement.

Reasons To Start a Blog As a Student

Experience with criticism.

I heard it yesterday again: ‘I didn’t understand that post, it seemed a bit like bullshit to me.’ In the past, I would have tried to convince that person that it isn’t bullshit, that he just doesn’t get it. But yesterday, I overread that post, and I could understand that he thinks it was bullshit. By having a blog, you will get criticized more, and having experience with critics means you know how to handle it, and when you know how to handle critics, you can improve yourself.

Adds value to your life.

I don’t want to say that playing God of War II till 2 am and waking up at 11 am is completely useless, but really good, isn’t it? When you don’t do much, you are not in clubs, you don’t organize things, a blog is a good way to add value to your life. With your blog, you help people, and that is worth a lot.

You learn to ask.

Asking questions is a hard thing, you don’t want to be known as the one who doesn’t know anything. When you blog, you have to ask questions many times. When you want to get good with SEO, you can’t learn it on your own, you need others, and you need to ask questions. When you ask questions more, you will learn that the questions don’t make you look stupid, it makes you look dedicated, interested and not afraid to improve yourself.

Experience with making mistakes.

Maybe I should call this one experience with failure. When you work on a post for three hours, put much effort into it, and it doesn’t boost your traffic, you can see it as a failure. You will need to get along with this. Blogging is a good way to fail many times, and from these failures, you learn!

Boosts your creativity.

Coming up with three ideas per week for posts needs creativity. Creativity is something you can develop. By blogging, by writing, you develop this art.

Learn interesting things.

With blogging, you can learn a lot of interesting things. Not only by reading blogs, but also on social media. Finding a teacher on Twitter could be really interesting!

Gives you something to do while you are on the road.

the train could I use with doing nothing, but I could also try to use it in a good way. Blogging is such an away, I made most of this post actually when I was on the train!

Learn how to make a good first impression.

The first impression is the most important one. By blogging you need to make that first impression really good if you want to keep first-time visitors interested, so you need to learn how to make a great layout. You need to capture your reader’s attention. As a student, this is a good thing to learn because you will need it many times in your life. Not only online, but also when you meet someone, that first impression is important.

Experience with marketing/promotion.

Making a successful blog needs successful marketing. When you are blogging you will be busy with marketing your blog 50% of the time. Being a good marketer is a nice thing for students because they need to promote themselves when they finish their studies. They need to promote their selves to their future boss. Experience with marketing/promotion is never bad!

Reasons To Start a Blog As a Student

Practice writing.

Being a good writer is essential for bloggers. When your content isn’t good enough, readers won’t read it! Being a good writer is also essential for successful students. When you need to write papers it is great to have a good writing style, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

You learn how to network.

By having a blog, you need to build relationships with other bloggers to gather traffic. This means you need to have a network. I don’t have to explain anymore why networking is important to students right?

You would love to see this back in ten years.
I already like to see back my previous site, it is just funny how I wrote 9 months ago. How would that be in ten years!

It can be the stepping stone to something bigger.

This blog, your online resumé, can be the stepping stone to something much bigger. This could mean an invitation to a job, or the chance to write a book, possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for? Start a college blog and let me know about it! Do you already have a study-related blog? Let me know about it also, I would love to read it!

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