Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus | In order not to waste a year from your life

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus. How can someone who has not experienced crises before prepare to become the kind who invests in themselves and that time does not stop? Here, I come out of my experiences and dozens of experiences that I know of those who have lived through various crises and emerged from them better than they were, despite the fact that many of their peers and the people of their countries may have fallen prey to obsessive years that have wasted years of their waiting lives.

And since we are in the shadows of the Corona crisis whose specifications apply to crises of uncertainty and ambiguity, whose impact will extend for at least a year, we have moved overnight to a new lifestyle that we have not known before, and we have moved from a state of prosperity and abundance to crisis and anxiety for our lives, the lives of our families and the future of our actions, What are the tips to get out winners and not miss this year in vain of our lives and not turn into a reason for the destruction of our lives and our future or at least our failure to ride the future:

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The most important problem in this type of people is that they will not feel the months and years pass by and their ages are lost while they are standing in their place, and they will discover after it is too late that there is another group of people who lived with them the same crisis, but they got out of it and got scientific degrees or acquired skills New or authored books, read dozens of books, or prepare projects that change their lives for the better. This is the second type of people who paid attention when others neglected, and decided to start investing time in light of the crisis, not only did they achieve gains, but they also avoided the real diseases that afflicted others.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

1- If the solution to the crisis is not in your hands, do not occupy yourself all the time with it: It is important for those who are going through a crisis, such as crises of wars or epidemics such as Corona, to learn to ask themselves, whether they have a solution to the general crisis or not, if the answer is “no” You have to realize this fact in all its meanings and do not fall prey to wait-and-hope.

Do what you can do to protect yourself, then turn to yourself and your family, and ask, what can I do so that time does not stop for me. Keep in mind, that a person who is overwhelmed by curiosity and anxiety by nature, it will not be easy for him to give up obsessive preoccupation with the crisis, but you must train yourself because crises certainly have an end, but the winners are few, and you will find that when crises recur, your ability to bond Impressive and initiative is much better.

2- Avoid following up on updates and news of the crisis, and limit yourself to what you need to know to protect yourself and your family:

This advice is of course at the heart of the conflict that was written about and talked about by dozens of experts in an attempt to warn people against drifting towards the craze to follow the news and updates on social media. There are several solutions that I find best for me what Cal Newport suggested in his book “Deep Work”, which is to delete social media applications from your mobile phone and keep them only on a laptop or a regular computer, and you will find that creating this distance between you and these applications, will return Here’s your life gradually, and it will protect you from the stress of following people on social media. You will suffer at first, but you must immediately fill in the blank by following the third advice.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

3- Take advantage of the period of crisis and hiccups at home to review yourself:

this advice according to experiences is the turning point in your life, and it is the fruit that you will come out with. Review your career and study path, and wonder if you were focusing on the most important or whether you were drifting on a less important path.

Review the lost years of your life and bad habits, review the projects that you could not complete and the ones that you succeeded, and live moments of gratitude if you are successful in some of them, and face yourself sharply if you discover that you are not implementing your plans that you were convinced of years ago and that you are still procrastinating and delaying their implementation.

4- Use the time to acquire the best habits instead of the worst:

The decision is in your hands. Crises that involve ambiguity and involve sitting at home pending their release will either turn into hell, mental illness, obesity and personal and family destruction, or they will turn into an opportunity to unleash new habits and abandon bad ones. In such circumstances, tempting bad habits, such as drifting into electronic games, craving to follow the news, even exaggerating food, sedatives, smoking, etc., are racing against you. It can also be an opportunity to unleash good new habits before you get involved in bad habits that will begin to seduce you right away.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

5- Set a self-development program: reading and then reading.

Only those who have experienced it can realize the role of reading in re-controlling life. It recreates your personality again, entrenches your confidence, expands your awareness, and makes you able to implement what you hesitate to implement for years. When you enter the daily reading into your life, you will discover that your life was meaningless before adopting the habit of reading.

All the successful people from Bill Gates, who holds a book bag with his hand in his hand wherever he travels, and Elon Musk, who spent his adolescence and youth reading a full book every day, until he became the genius and innovation that he is now, and many other creators. And of course, you can replace reading by listening to audio articles, podcasts, or educational and documentary videos, which are available in abundance, for free.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

That a person reads daily about 100 thousand words, and that you have time to read a complete book every day if you count the time you spend on social media, Netflix, TV monitoring, and other activities, in a report issued by the “University of California” confirms that we are consuming data now more than Ever, alerts, notifications, emails, news headlines, stock price bars, blogs, tweets, and comments on social media.

6- Get a habit of exercising:

Before one of us objects to the availability of time, and perhaps the place to do sports at home, I hope everyone who doubts, searches on YouTube to find hundreds of home sports experiences in very small rooms, and the owners have achieved great results. You can read Stephen Jayes’s “Mini Habits” book, which talks about his story and how home sports started with a one-time exercise every day “only one click every day”, that pressure that then turned into a habit, and evolved into a practice Regular for sport, as this principle led to the birth of his other habits that changed his life for the better. And for me, I did not find an option after closing the sports clubs as a precaution against the Coronavirus, except for resorting to home sports. Mobile and I achieve the same results that I was achieving during my previous sports practice in the gym.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

7- Rediscover your relationship with your family and children:

Now is the opportunity, to rediscover your relationship with your family and repair what has been spoiled by past preoccupation outside the home.

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Through my experience of previous crises, I know that not everyone who reads these tips will be able to implement them because they simply need discipline and a little willpower to change the usual lifestyle. The problem with these is that they will remain in denial of the new reality, and will try to convince themselves that what is happening is a temporary crisis and that they will return to their former lives soon. But I confirm that this is a mistake for two reasons. The first is that this matter will last and that it is the reality of your new life for a while not so long, and whenever you live in denial and waiting, you are the loser.

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