Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Smart goals examples Some studies and statistics show that only 2% of the people succeeded and achieved their lives while 98% did not achieve their goals and the reason is the existence of goals without writing and planning.

In this article, we draw some of the needs we want to define our personal goals and how do we achieve them?

Setting goals is a powerful process of thinking about an ideal future and motivating you to turn that vision into reality. The goal is a vital thing about your wishes that you want to achieve. The goal is two types: Short range you like to achieve as soon as possible, and a long-term goal needs preparation and time to reach.

The process of setting goals helps you choose What do you want to achieve in your life? If you know exactly what you want to achieve? And where do you concentrate your efforts? This process also helps you find out what distracts you from setting the goal you want and motivates you to work for an achievement.

goal setting steps

By acquiring the goal setting and achieving it, you will build your confidence as quickly as you imagine.

Achieving the goal will help you to:
Determine what is important for you to accomplish in your life.
It separates important things that have nothing to do with your success and what you want to achieve.

Stimulate you to diligence.
Build your confidence based on your success in achieving the goals.

Start setting personal goals:

Goals are set at a number of levels, first, “creating a big picture” of what you want to achieve in your life, and then decide what the big goals you want to achieve?

Second, the division of these large goals into small targets, each of which is a step forward in achieving them.

Third, after you have identified your steps and have a plan of action, start implementing these small goals one by one. This is why we begin the process of setting goals in view of the major goals in our lives, and then look at the small parts that we have identified and can be implemented today to begin moving forward towards our basic goals of life.
Goals of your life:

The first step to setting personal goals is to consider what you want to achieve in your life. Or at least within 10 years. After determining what goals you want to achieve, you have a complete perception of other aspects of the implementation decision. To provide comprehensive and balanced coverage of all important aspects of your life, you must set your goals in the following:

Your Career Future: What level of business do you want to reach?
Financial side: How much do you want to get at each stage?

Education: Is there information or skills you need to achieve other goals?: Do you want to marry and make a family? Who wants to marry? How many children would you like to have? Do you wish to be a good husband and father? What should you do to achieve this goal?

goal setting steps
Tilt or Direction: Is there something in your way that you think will hurt you? Is there something in your behavior that needs change? If this bothers you, set goals that improve or solve the problem.

Physically: Do you have sports goals you want to achieve? Do you want to keep your body healthy until it reaches aging? What steps will you take to achieve that goal?

Entertainment: How do you wish to make yourself happy? Remember that every human being must retain a part of his life for himself so that he can perform his duties towards others.

General Service: Hla wish you help who deserves help? Do you want to see the world around you better? What will you do to achieve this goal?

Choose one or two of each category that reflects what you are aiming for in your life. Edit what you have chosen until you reach the most important thing you want to achieve and focus on it at this stage.

Make sure that what you have chosen is what you want and not imposed on you by someone around you. Make sure that the one you chose determines what you will do and how much time will be accomplished. Most important of all is that you have a strong will and will not weaken to achieve.

Example: If you want to write research you should follow the following: I will (design) finished collecting information for the search (what I will do) on 20/10/2019 (when I will finish).

Characteristics of appropriate targets:

1. Within your abilities and skills: You must know the strengths and weaknesses of your personality so that you can set realistic goals that can be implemented.

2. Realistic: Writing an article in the day is a real thing, writing five articles is not realistic, writing ten articles in a day is impossible unless it is possible for him to do so. Select the realistic goal.

3. Achievable: It is important to set goals that can be achieved yourself and in the right way. Do not rely on others to set goals or achieve them. They do not know how well you can achieve these goals. You do not have to be very high goals so as not to be subjected to difficult obstacles you can not overcome with your abilities and skills, but your expectation in the problems.

goal setting steps

4. Flexible: Sometimes things may not go as you wish or in the way you expected. Do not freeze in your place. Edit your goal and make it configurable. Put the changes you need to achieve until you reach what you wish.

5. Measurable: It is important that you can measure your progress towards the goal. It is important to know the time period you have taken incompletion. Failure to measure your progress and success, when to stop, produces a lost effort and mistakes you do not need.

6. Under your control: You are the only one who can control the course of things to achieve the goal and what to do and at any time. Do not rely on anyone other than you, who only knows his abilities and skills to achieve.

The following tips may help you identify effective goals:

Making a firm decision: I think it depends on willpower. So before you set the goal whether it relates to your personal life or process, make a decisive decision that, God willing, will achieve your goal no matter how difficult it is. Make a pledge and promise yourself that you will not forget your goal until you achieve it.

List your values: What is most important to you? Is it your family? Is it your religion? Entertainment? Your identities? Your job? Decide what is the most important value in your life and make sure that the goals you set are designed to ensure and reinforce these values.

Write ten things you want this year: with a list of the most important things for you, you will start to create images in your mind what you want to achieve. By imagining what you want, it will crystallize in front of you, and you will find yourself performing at least eight of the ten in the year.

Write the three most important things: Select three things you want to achieve before you die. Go back and set what you want to achieve in twenty years, ten years, five years, this year, this month and finally three important things you want to achieve today.

Prioritize: When you have multiple goals, prioritize each goal. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of goals and help you direct your attention to the most important goals.

Prioritize: Goals should coincide with what they should be in the future. Your goals must be aligned with your priorities. If you have long-range goals it does not hurt to arrange them with the rest of your goals. Prioritizing saves you from the obstacles to your progress towards the goal.

Develop an implementation plan: set goals, write them on paper, now work towards them. The first step to implementation is to develop a business plan where there is more than one way of implementation. You have to choose what suits you best and develop a plan that suits your goals and the appropriate way to implement.

Put each goal in a positive sentence: Express your goals in a positive way. Say “do this in your good style.” This sentence is better than saying “Do not make this mistake as usual”. The first sentence motivates and encourages you and instills confidence in yourself, the second frustrates you and frightens you from execution so as not to be mistaken.

Be precise: set your goal accurately, set the date to start and end so you can know the size and duration of the achievement. If you do this you will know exactly when it was completed and feel happy for what it achieved even if it was small.

goal setting steps

Ask yourself a good question: When you think about your goals, rather than hoping to achieve a goal and become true, ask yourself how and what to do to become a realistic target? Your mind will move with these questions and think about the way and way you achieve the goal you wish.

Post your goals in front of you: Post your goals in a clear place to remind you every day a goal you have to achieve.

Consider what you wrote: Once you write the goals deepen your reading and study them well. Is it realistic and feasible? Or do you set goals just because you have goals like others? Once you’ve written down your goals and set up an execution plan, make sure you have a strong will, determination, and enthusiasm to achieve it. The few realistic goals give you the opportunity to accomplish and feel happy whenever you achieve one of your goals.

Focus on one goal at a time: The biggest mistake is to try to achieve your goals at once. Focus each time on a goal and work on its implementation. After a while, you will find that you have achieved all that you wish to implement goals.

Follow your progress: It is very important to follow up on what you have accomplished so that you can make sure that every step is taken in the right direction and at the right time you have set for yourself.

Consult if necessary: If you need advice when setting or implementing a goal, take it with experience and knowledge. Do not consider any opinion is the most correct and cancel your opinion take your time and thinking. Put your opinion next to any opinion and study them with a third view. Do not stick to your opinion and improve his justice in the light of what I heard.

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Take advantage of failure: Do not be frustrated if you fail or make mistakes. Take advantage of this and avoid them and continue and progress armed with lessons that benefited from failure or error. Failure is an important part of the entire process.

Persevere: Do not despair just because you have committed a mistake or failed to achieve a goal. Try in a different style? Learn and be patient until you succeed.

Be honest with yourself: Make sure you are on your way to achieving the goal. You are honest with yourself as you accomplish. Do not lie and pretend to yourself that you did what you have.Do each step honestly and faithfully and strive to progress steadily and trust towards the goal and achieve the success you wish

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