Starting A New Business The Complete Guide to Starting a Business

starting a new business. How do I start my own business? When some decide to start their own business, and they think to leave the job, although this step is risky, they may initially face a great deal of tension and difficulties. Kiyosaki, the author of the well-known book (Rich Father and Poor Father): ?When I was young, in the days before the Internet, there weren’t many ways to start a private business without leaving the job. Most businesses were either full-time or nothing at all. All this has changed now, as technology has given a huge advantage to employees and employers, and they can start their own projects as a side business without leaving the basic job that gives them a steady income. ?

Where do I start when starting a business?

Starting A New Business Steps to Start Your Business

Focus on the product, not the services

The first idea that comes to the employee?s mind is to exploit the skills he uses in the business world and to provide it as a consulting service to build a business focused on counseling. The problem with consulting work, especially if it is a side business, is that you do not have a private job, but rather have a job. Services are a difficult business because you have to sell your time. If you do not work, you will not earn any money, and when you keep your basic job full-time, providing a side counseling service with it will eventually lead to your collapse.

Starting A New Business

Instead of selling services, find a way to create a product. If you were to provide a consulting service, collect a course or course that you could sell, and if you were a writer, write books you could sell. Many writers sell their books on Amazon as e-books for one dollar a copy and make an income even while they sleep.

Turn your hobby into a business

It takes a lot of time to start a new project, so it’s best to do something that you enjoy from the start. Think about the way you spend your spare time, what is it that you feel a true passion for?

Perhaps you feel a passion for cooking, for example. Now find a way to make money on cooking. If you like fishing, open a shop for its tools, if you are an avid reader and love to write a book, turn your love for candy into a love for candy making ? use your art to serve your business, it is the giant works where all

Learn to invest

How do I start my project without needing to work? Another way to build a quality side business is to create an investment business. This means investments that require small capital, along with a small contribution to your time and effort. You can invest your savings in purchasing reliable financial assets that achieve decent income that may exceed your salary in the current job, and this is a smart step towards financial freedom.

This requires investing part of your time in financial education, as well as setting a priority for saving money with a view to investing it, but once you enter the game, there will be no limits to your ambition, and you can practice

Focus on running a business and not doing everything on your own

Many people who own a side business or project seek to do all the work themselves, but it would be better to find a professional in your field or even an employee or two who can work with you so that you spend the important part of your time managing and developing the business better.

For example, I know a writer who always receives independent writing jobs, passes them on to a team of other writers and then reviews the final product, earning a profit margin. In this way he managed to perform multiple functions that he could never perform alone, and he profited from each of them, while

Starting A New Business

Create a distinguished team

Many business owners and side projects are empty, they try to save money in things like accounting and legal affairs, but since they are not trained in these matters, they end up and have borne a greater cost in the long run, whether cost in time or cost of lost opportunities ( The cost of the alternative we choose is measured by the cost of the best alternative we did not choose) or tax fees.

Gather a great team to work with you. If necessary, appoint a good certified public accountant and a good lawyer. If you are investing in real estate, work with a professional, successful and reputable broker. Focus on what you can do best, and let others do the rest.

Starting A Bew Business Marketing Tips

Powerful Ways to Market Your Business

Set your schedule efficiently

How do I start my business while I am working full time? This is a common excuse for some people not starting their own business. I have no time in their eyes. This is nonsense. If most people see how they spend their time, they will see that they have a lot of time available to work on a side job. The problem is that most people leave their schedule to control them rather than control them.

If you want to manage a successful side project while at the same time keeping your core business, you must become an expert in productivity and time management. Reduce your TV viewing time, stop going out for drinks, and settle down to focus on your work. You will be surprised how much work you can do

Take advantage of technology

The last point, is that there are many technological tools that can help you reduce the time of many tasks that used to take long hours previously and finish in just seconds or a few minutes. Do research and exploit customer service management software and marketing automation software to automatically send your mandatory emails, and use management software like Quickbooks, which you can use via your smartphone, to track expenses and income while on the go. Use a service like Shoeboxed to scan your important documents and search them. Use a project management program to help you manage your team. Opportunities to exploit technology do not

Starting A New Business

Implementing marketing and distribution plans.

You need to start marketing with the final version of your product or you complete the process of developing the specific service delivery form you are working on, and with a reasonable expectation of the time at which sales will be available.

If you are going to be marketing ads through periodicals, they will need a copy or at least two months before the publication process.

If you are going to sell in the stores, get pre-orders and dedicated space on the shelves. If you are going to sell online, set up an e-commerce site to start selling.

If you offer a specific service, take care of advertising in the appropriate trade and specialized magazines and through the relevant websites.

Make enough time and effort to build your online presence on social media. You must do this step well in advance of the project, in order to increase anticipation. Use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and any other possible social media; In order to build excitement, attract attention and spread the news about you. You need to create a situation of controversy where people start following the process. (Consider using business-specific accounts for your business activities on these sites, and stay away from your personal accounts. Each message you make must be designed differently, depending on who receives the message.)

Discover your “internal publicity”.

You may really believe in the product or service you provide, but to ensure its success everyone must believe in it as well. If this is your first experience with advertising or marketing or if you do not like dealing with marketing methods, then it is time to overcome that feeling and rely on your marketing personality. You must find yourself a distinctive and concise advertising medium to persuade individuals who need your product or service; Through it you can express the value of what you offer, the purpose and the capabilities that you offer through your business. Write this advertisement in many ways until you find one you are satisfied with; She can say it easily and clearly every time she needs it. Then exercise it madly and enthusiastically.

Depending on the type of your business, it may be appropriate to have promotional business cards (personal cards) that are printed out of mind and eye-catching.

Choose an idea. It could be a specific product you’ve always wanted to make or a service that you feel the people around you need. It might be something that users don’t know yet need because no one has yet invented it!

It will be very helpful to bring together the smart and creative individuals you trust and to have a brainstorm session. Start with a simple question, like: “What should we do?” The purpose here is not to create a business plan, but to produce as many ideas as possible. Many of these ideas will be unsuccessful and insignificant, and some very ordinary ideas will be mentioned as well, but undoubtedly a few suggested ideas will show that they have a real ability to succeed.

Take your talents, experiences, and knowledge into account when trying to choose your initial concept. If you have a specific set of skills and talents, consider how to use that wealth to meet a specific need in the commercial market. Gathering skills and knowledge with market demands increases your chances of reaching a successful business idea.

For example You may have had several years’ work experience at an electronics factory. You also notice that your community needs a specific type of electronic device. Simply put, the process of combining your previous experiences with the needs of the market will allow you to attract many clients.

Starting A New Business

Always care to provide the benefit and service to those potential customers of you, even if they are not currently. When you need this product again, you want to be the first to think.

With the advent of the Internet, e-commerce has become the easiest possible way to start a business and the lowest cost in terms of building start-up projects compared to its counterpart from companies that use a real site and buildings in order to operate their commercial purposes.

Continue learning and be adapted to the changes. Find yourself colleagues, consultants with relevant local business experiences, online forums, and collaborative writing sites “wikis” to discuss daily details related to managing your small business. It’s easier for everyone to do better for their business and to thrive when they are not wasting their time and energy on the “reinventing the wheel” process.

The majority of companies that rely on direct sales use little initial capital compared to large companies with traditional business headquarters. You can make profits faster compared to regular business ventures as well.

You can also consider trading through websites, such as eBay or Overstock.

It’s a good idea to start small with one or two products and then add more and more over time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the prices. You must set the minimum price for your product or service, but on the other hand try with different prices, low or high.

Always be sure of yourself, even when your financial situation is not at best.

Pay attention to the individuals who ask for money before they offer you any business. Trade leads to prosperity and prosperity through the “exchange and sharing” of the gain, so the business must bring you financial benefit in order to accept work with it. (Franchise stores or home sales may have legitimate costs at first, but they must nevertheless express logical costs in order to get you to start this project, making managers make profits through your success, and not just from your inclusion in this project.)

Pay attention to businesses that seem to be making you profit for nothing. This usually depends on taking something from someone (usually you). There are various forms of this type of business transaction that are not correct, some of which are attractive but not others. Examples include: hierarchical investments and online frauds.

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