8 Steps To Get You Off The Couch (and Stop Being Lazy)

We all seek success in life. We all have dreams of what we wanna be in the future. We all have what it takes to achieve those dreams. However, the sad truth is that not all of us will reach the success we want. Today, most people hate their jobs. Most people didn’t do what they wanted to do in their lives. It’s really sad.

The reasons for failure can be countless. Maybe you’ll give up too early. Maybe you’ll make bad decisions. Maybe, and that’s the worst, you won’t even take action.

The worst regret a person can carry in his life is “I wish I’ve given it a try. I can’t even remember why I didn’t. Now I’ll never know if I could have done it”. It’s a devastating feeling. It will make your life a living hell.

Stop Being Lazy

It’s really sad that most people don’t even try following their dreams. This is, most of the time, due to the fear of failure. This fear arises sometimes as laziness. People tend to be lazy when they’re afraid of taking action. They prefer staying in their comfort zone where they don’t have to work hard for anything. They choose to keep things as they are. They pick the easy choice.

Consequently, they’ll live their lives miserably regretting why they didn’t do anything about it when they had the chance. Or, which most people do, they will blame their parents, politicians, or rich people for their failure. It doesn’t matter who they blame as long as it’s not them. It’s a self-defensive strategy that our brain uses to keep us from feeling miserable and depressed all the time.

how do I stop being lazy?

So, if you think that laziness is the reason you haven’t started yet working on your dreams. Then, fortunately, laziness is a problem that can be easily solved. You just need to have a will to overcome it. I prepared this guide that I think will make the process of overcoming laziness a lot easier. Give it a try!

So, if you think that laziness is the reason you haven’t started yet working on your dreams. Then, fortunately, laziness is a problem that can be easily solved. You just need to have a will to overcome it. I prepared this guide that I think will make the process of overcoming laziness a lot easier. Give it a try!

Take a Shower First

The first thing you need to do is to admit to yourself that you’re a lazy person. Say it out loud if you could. I AM A LAZY PERSON. However, enough is enough. I won’t stay like this. I’m better than this.

So, get off your bed or couch and go for a long shower. You’ll feel a lot better afterward.

Stop Being Lazy

Now, you need to either do the next three steps while you’re in the shower. Or you can go for a walk and think this through.

Find What’s Making You Lazy

First of all, you need to understand what’s making you lazy. This is the key to overcoming laziness. If you didn’t figure out what’s holding you back, nothing will change. You won’t ever be able to achieve anything in your life. Your dreams will stay just dreams. You’ll watch your life slip away from you. I’m not kidding!

Start with asking yourself the question: Why don’t wanna do this?

Is it the fear of failure that stops you? or is it something else? Only you can answer this question. So, give yourself some time and go through all the possible reasons that make you lazy and write them down. Be honest with yourself and write them all.

Then, you should start looking for ways to eliminate those causes of laziness. Brainstorm for every cause many possible solutions and start testing them one by one. This is an effective method if you took it seriously and you were completely honest with yourself.

Prepare Yourself Mentally (I can do this)

The psychological aspect has always had something to do with everything going on in our lives. You should prepare yourself the right way in order to be mentally ready to begin your battle against laziness.

The main key is to believe in yourself that you can actually stop being lazy. Also, keeping your thinking positive has a great impact and will definitely help you overcome laziness.

Self-change always starts from the mind. The mind controls our body and our behavior. So, focus on feeding your brain with positive thoughts. Self-talk is an amazing way to do so. I do it all the time. Believe me when I tell you that I had seen magnificent improvements in my life since I started that morning ritual. Why don’t you just try it out? why not tomorrow? start your day with a 2 min positive self-talk the first thing in the morning. You’ll feel a lot better. Trust me!

Find What Drives You

I know that the lack of a purpose in life can make a person lazy. Maybe what’s making you lazy is that you’re not sure that what you do now is worth it. Furthermore, maybe you’re questioning the purpose of life. It’s normal to think that from time to time. But, keep in mind that no one is actually wrong or right about the purpose of life. Each one of us has a different view about the nature of life’s purpose. So, you need to find your own and go from there. It’s that simple. Don’t overthink it. Just keep your thinking simple and life will become easier to handle.

Stop Being Lazy

After all, who really knows that what he does now will have an impact in the future? Zero. Even the people that changed the world didn’t know it then. Most of them died without even knowing how huge their impact will be on the world. It’s not just you.

Therefore, the right thing to do is to take a few days off. Try to figure out what do you wanna be in this life. What impact do you wanna make in this world? What makes you happy? What do you do best?

Only you can answer these questions. Take all the time you need to find what’s going to be your motivation in life. It’s going to be the reason you get up from bed every day.

It’s Time To Set Some Goals

After figuring out what’s your purpose in life will be, you’ll need to set some tangible goals. You’ll need to determine a set of goals that will lead you to your final purpose in life. These goals have to be specific and concise. They should form a map to your final purpose or dream or whatever you call it.

Normally, you have many goals in your mind. So, you need to decide what’s the first one that you can work on. Then, you’ll need to break it down to short-term goals that if achieved will get you to your first final goal. I know this looks fuzzy, so let me explain it better using this example.

For example :

Your first goal in life is to become a professional web developer and you’re just starting out. So you’ll set your first short-term goal: learning CSS & HTML which are considered the first thing every web developer should learn.

I hope that you get the idea now. However, if there’s anything that isn’t clear you can put it in a comment below.

Break The Goal Into Small Tasks

Now That You have fixed your first short-term goal, you will need to break it into small tasks. The reason you should do that is to have a clear vision of what’s needed to be done on a daily basis. It will help you avoid any distractions that could get you in the right direction toward your goal.

Let’s use again the example mentioned above, your short-term goal is to learn HTML & CSS, and the tasks would be something like this :

a. Learn about the fonctions of HTML Tags
b. Create my first static webpage
c. learn About CSS
d. Use CSS & HTML To create a web page
e. Learn HTML 5 & CSS 3

That’s just an example and you have the freedom to break the goal into as many tasks as you want. But, while doing so, you’ll need to take into consideration the pace that you wanna work with. More on this in the next step.

Schedule The Tasks

Time management is a necessity these days. You first need to understand why is it so important. There’s no way you can achieve your goals if you didn’t manage your time properly. You just can’t.

Therefore, setting up a schedule that contains the tasks that you need to do is very important. Let me walk you through the process so that you can have a clear understanding of what I’m talking about.

Firstly, you put all the tasks that lead to your first short-term goal (ex: learning CSS & HTML) in the schedule. Depending on your other engagements, you’ll give each task a fair amount of time to be finished. Then, you set the next one at a later time and so on. You need to make sure that your tasks are scheduled properly before the deadline of your first short-term goal.

It’s that simple. Still, it might be hard at the beginning to stick to the schedule. But, it’s only a matter of practice and discipline that will be developed as you go with time. Just keep on trying to stick to your schedule whenever you could.

Learn to Prioritize

I actually find myself talking about this all the time. I know you’ve heard this before somewhere. However, let me make it even more clear. Prioritizing is the most important skill that productive and successful people have. It takes time and experience to develop it. Yet, it’s the key to ‘taking control of your life.

As you grow up, you’ll start to have more obligations and things to do. Your free time will become shorter until it disappears one day. So, you’ll need to develop a self-discipline system that will tell you when to say no or yes to something. It will tell you if that task is important enough to actually do it.

Stephen Covey came up with a simplified method to establish this system. It’s based on two questions: How urgent is the task? how big is the impact of the task on your life and work?

I’ll get to details of this technique later in a separate post. Nevertheless, the idea is to do only the things that will get you closer to your goals and are compatible with your life purpose and principles.

Three more tips before you go take that shower

I hope that these simplified steps will help you get off your couch and start taking some action. That’s the reason I wrote this post. It’s to get you to start working on your goals and feel better about yourself. Since you’re reading this, I’m sure you can do this.

However, I’d like to share with you some more tips that I think are crucial.

The first one is to remember to take breaks from time to time. For instance, having a day off on the weekends to go out on a trip or just chilling with friends will be amazing. Don’t underestimate the incredible impact of some human interaction.

The second one is to reward yourself whenever you finish an important task. It will be the fuel that keeps your motivation going. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. A couple of hours of gaming or going to the movies would be a great reward.

The third tip is don’t you ever give up, ever. Be sure that things won’t get easier as you go. It will get tougher. But, you can beat them all. It’s all about fighting back until you achieve it. It’s all about perseverance as Steve Jobs once said. Keep it up!

I hope that you’re aware that all these steps are worth nothing. Unless you put them into practice. Do you really wanna stop being lazy? Do you really wanna achieve your goals? Really? then it’s nothing that should stop you. It’s all up to you. TAKE ACTION!

Let me know what do you think below in the comments section. Don’t be lazy on this one too!

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