How to take care of myself in all respects Self-care

Self-care In a world whose pace accelerates day by day, and the responsibilities of the individual are constantly increased, it happens that one forgets one of the most important things that he has to maintain, namely the self or the self, there is no value for any individual activity that the person performs if the result of this activity is loss of self .

How to take care of myself in all respects Self-care

What can success in work or study mean if the cost of this success is a person’s physical or psychological health?

And how do things have value in themselves if their owner is selfless? From here we can say that self-care and self-interest is a priority that advances the list of other life priorities.

Self-interest includes more than one side, including:
Self-interest in terms of health: By adhering to healthy health habits, which are – but not limited to – the following:

Drink adequate amounts of water, at least two liters a day, to keep the body from dehydration, to maintain its moisture, to the safety of its vital processes, and to regenerate the cells.

Sleep enough hours, at least eight hours a day for an adult, regulate the biological clock and avoid long and frequent sleep.

Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol, and a healthy and healthy diet to ensure that your body gets essential nutrients, such as vitamins, acids, and minerals, as any deficiency affects the overall health of your body.

Exposure to the sun for sufficient periods, especially in the early morning, where the concentration of vitamin D is high, a vitamin is very useful for bone health, teeth, and nails.

Exercise regularly and regularly to avoid obesity and excess weight, and to eliminate the negative energy, as well as rid of stress and anxiety resulting from the pressures of life. Skin care, health, and freshness, by avoiding the use of chemical cosmetics harmful to the skin, and focus on the use of natural preparations, and oils extracted from different plants, such as olive oil, almond oil and coconut, sesame oil, and other natural oils.

Mind, mental and brain skills:Mind, mental and brain skills:

As with all processes and devices in the body, the mind needs to be nurtured, nurtured, and developed by ensuring continuous learning and keeping up with the latest knowledge and knowledge of the human mind, , Mastering the skills of dealing with modern technologies, and expanding the knowledge dictionary with the continuous reading of books and novels of various types and their various classifications.

Nutrition of the spiritual and psychological side: through the discharge of negative energy, the exercise of meditation exercises, and self-recreation in the internal and external trips, and exercise hobbies.

Attention to the physical and external appearance of the body: This affects the self-satisfaction and increased self-confidence and thus lead to a more comfortable and psychological situation happier.

Attention can be paid to the external and aesthetic appearance of the body by focusing on the care of hair health, and treatment of problems of fall, and bombing, and take care of the appearance of the health of the skin, and get rid of grains and impurities and dark circles

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