Ten reasons for you to eat even if you are not hungry

Some people feel hungry most of the time, although they have just finished their last meal, it is definitely an abnormal situation.

Because other people eat

When you are abroad listening to dinner with your family or friends, it is easy for you to eat even if you have passed the stage of satiety, specifically if you are immersed in an interview without realizing that you are satisfied.

It may be more common to indulge in eating when everyone around you is eating too. This makes you feel that you are adapting to them, and that?s okay as long as everyone does that too.

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Scientific research indicates that we undermine the behavior and habits of our friends in such situations. However, you do not have to spend some fun time with friends to watch your weight.

When you see your chubby friends devour another basket of bread, or potato chips, or ask for dessert, do not imitate them. Check your hunger to see if you really want to, or you?ll be more excited during the conversation with friends.

Because food is available

Do you have a candy basket in your office that attracts you to eat it? Do you feel weak to miss the food at a party even if you have just eaten?

When food is in a normal place, it will be easy to eat a little of it simply because it is in front of you. It would be difficult for anyone to ignore the food in front of him and refuse to eat it.

If you can not get yourself to eat it, keep it away from your eyes, then it will be difficult for you to take it. So, if you buy a box of Oreo biscuits, put them on the shelf inside the cabinet and not on the table in front of you.

Fill the candy box with more healthy, more saturated food such as nuts or a combination of dried fruits. If you do not feel hungry and you?re at a party, turn your back on the dining table or go to another room. The other side will also work.

When you move to another place where healthy foods like a bowl of fruit are on the table, you will probably eat it.

For special occasion

If you work in a large office or have a large family, each day will look like someone?s birthday or the anniversary of his marriage.

And because these parties are free of cakes, sweets, and drinks, it will look like a minefield full of calories. You can always go to the party without taking part in eating, remember that parties are always about people and not eating.

If you want the best for you, avoid groupings of friends or get your own low-calorie food.

New research has also found that just imagining yourself as you eat a meal can reduce your desire to actually eat it. So ignoring a piece of cake or a food party on occasion may be easier for you.

Because you are tired

The calm of the afternoon may prompt most of us to eat, especially sugary foods. But that sugar rush may have worse results.

Alternatively, take a tour around the office, get out to breathe a little fresh air to freshen up, or drink a cup of coffee or a glass of cold water.

Because time will force you to eat

Do you get out your lunch box when it?s ticking in the afternoon just because it?s lunchtime?

Or do you go to the kitchen at 6 pm because it is dinner time?

Do you eat only when the hour tells you it is time to eat?

When food time comes to making sure you are hungry, are you really hungry?

If yes, take a healthy meal. If the answer does not ignore the hour, wait until your body tells you to eat.

Because it is free or cheap food

Do not eat just because it?s free, like free samples in the grocery store, or because it?s very cheap, like buy one and get a second for free. You should always check your hunger before filling your dish for free.

Because you can not say no to the providers

If you are a good guest for people, it will be hard to say no, especially when your friend or family offers you delicious food.

At times, the providers do not accept your rejection, so do not make excuses and be honest that you are not hungry.

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This sentence will help you, and you are trying to lose a little weight. If you end your appointment by taking a piece of cake or taking it home with you, even if you do not want to, remember that you are the dominant one and that it is difficult for anyone to force you to take it or eat it.

You can always share your share with others or just take a small portion.

If you suffer from syndrome quit the dish until another bit

Many of us grew up saying ?there are some children dying of hunger and wishing to get this food? so that we can eat all the food in the dish.

Many of us stayed on this approach even after he was too old to force his children to complete the dish. Do you still feel obliged to complete the whole dish, even if you are not hungry, especially if you eat in the restaurant and pay for food?

In order to avoid excessive eating, make a note showing how hungry you are, and if not, try using a smaller diet at home to eat less. Finally, do not worry about leaving food in the dish.

Some foods become delicious after a day or two of cooking, and most foods can be kept in the refrigerator without changing their taste.

If you eat for reasons other than hunger, review yourself. Knowing the right feeling of hunger can help you know when to eat for other reasons.

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