9 Ways To Be More Influential And Convincing Effective Communication Skills

There are many people who cannot communicate their ideas properly, and there are also people who misunderstand or misunderstood what they want to express.Although there are fewer people in experience and skill, but they can communicate their ideas and talk and influence people; Well, they also have an awareness of the importance of communication skills, because they can communicate your ideas to others.

One of the most successful models in any business or daily life is that the person who has the ability to communicate with others and also can listen to different views and interact with them, and then can bring the views, and work to solve the problem.

One of the best examples of communication skills is when someone is selected in a job, the best people with the most communication skills are selected.

Communication skills are defined as any skill that enables a person to interact and communicate with others, through which customs and social relations appear in several forms verbal and non-verbal. The purpose of communication is to communicate your message to others clearly, and also must be free from any ambiguity

9 Best Ways To Be More Influential And Convincing Effective Communication Skills

1 – Eye contact
2 – the skill of positioning and movement
3 – Expressions and facial features
4. Appearance
5. Sound and sound diversity
6 – language
7. Participation of the listener
8. The sense of humor and fun
9. The natural self

9 Ways To Be More Influential And Convincing Effective Communication Skills

1 – Eye contact
Eye contact is one of the most important and most influential skills between different personal skills; your eyes are the only part that is directly related to the other person, and this skill may be the most needed for training and refinement to many.

To develop this skill you have to ask yourself a number of questions such as: Where do I look when I speak to a particular person? Where do I look when I listen to that person? How long does it take me to face a person in a face-to-face conversation? How long does my theory last with certain people when I speak to a large audience?

Perhaps taking into account some of the tips in this regard may be useful to answer these questions and develop this skill at the same time, most notably: not to look at anything but to your listener; this would undermine your credibility and create tension and insecurity.

Also advised not to close the eyes for two seconds or more; you do this as if you say I do not want to be here, or I do not want to hear this talk. This feeling will automatically move to your listeners and will share your unwillingness to listen to you.

Finally, do not focus on a specific person or direction when addressing a large group, but moving your eyes, and give five seconds of focus in each direction.

2 – the skill of positioning and movement
If it is important to stand in front of a group of individuals to give a lecture, a sermon, or a training session, for example, you have to stand erect, move normally, avoid backsliding, and tilt side by side.

Because the connection needs energy, you have to take the standby position and tilt slightly forward. Walk around and do not stand rigidly in one place, and if necessary leave the back of the table or speech platform and approach those you address; this will help to remove the barriers between you and them.

3 – Expressions and facial features
The face is the mirror of the soul as it expresses its faculties. So you have to adapt to the topic of talk and show your interaction with what is being said.

Try to keep your smile under pressure or difficult situations, and do not show your emotions so as not to take advantage of the other party to achieve his interest. The faces are naturally divided into three types: faces that are naturally open and smiling, neutral faces that can be transformed from a smile into a warm and sharp look, and faces are serious and warm. Try to figure out which faces you are.

If you are of the first class, you are distinguished in your contact with others, but if you are a second class, you have a good flexibility, while you have to take care of yourself and work hard to improve your communication ability if you are the third category

Influential And Convincing Effective Communication Skills

4. Appearance
Your first impression of others cannot be repeated; your outward appearance and clothing express your personality.

Therefore, you must be fit in the eyes of others, and choose your clothes carefully in proportion to your age and social status and the level of individuals you communicate with.

Do not bounce casual clothing on a formal occasion or vice versa, do not over-choose colors and keep the balance as you wear.

5. Sound and sound diversity
Your voice is the medium that carries your message, it shows your energy and vitality, and it must convey the excitement and enthusiasm you feel for others.

The tone of your voice, its resonance and the style of casting make up more than 80% of your credibility when you can not talk to see you! For all these reasons, you have to diversify your tone and diversify when you talk to others; do not be reading a piece of paper without energy or enthusiasm.

6 – language?
It is said that silence in some situations is better than speech. This is often true. You have to master the body language, and use it for your benefit when you communicate with others; a lot of speech may be shortened by a gesture or a look. You have to learn when and where to stop talking.

ways for Influential And Convincing Effective Communication Skills

7. Participation of the listener
It is important that you share the listener in the dialogue, and not speak alone all the time. This can be done by asking questions, by presenting some images and explanatory materials and asking them to comment on them by listeners, or through exercises and practical situations and ask for solutions and opinions.

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8. A sense of humor and fun
A sense of humor is the most important skill that makes others listen to what you say. But do not exaggerate jokes because it may distract listeners. Keep your smile in all circumstances and be fun.

9. The natural self
Be authentic and honest to reflect your true personality, identify yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, work to get rid of your weaknesses by developing your personality, and trust yourself to overcome difficult circumstances.

How To Enhance communication skills with others?

Effective communication between human beings is based on three essential elements: the sender, the future, and the message. To succeed in applying these elements, which enhance your communication skills with others and make them positive and productive, you must abide by these important tips that we will provide you through the following lines.

First, great self-confidence
To enhance your communication and communication skills, you must first trust yourself and show that confidence abroad to the people you are talking to in order to trust all the thoughts and words you say to them.

Second: Promoting the general culture
Your general culture plays an active role in enhancing your communication skills, so you must strive to improve your general culture, to seek out the various sciences in the world and to read more cultural and scientific books.

Third, learn new languages
The new languages ??help to refine the human personality and promote the positive aspects of it and help to increase the space of communication with people far from their culture and society, so you should seriously seek to learn more new languages ??by enrolling in special courses, or by reading foreign books.

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Fourth: Using clear vocabulary
To be able to communicate and communicate with others easily and easy to be careful to use vocabulary and clear words, and not to deliberately use difficult vocabulary, which has several meanings that make the other party lost in it and does not reach the idea that you want to convey to him.

Fifth: Listen to others
In order to enhance your communication skills you need to be a good listener, ie listen to the person who is talking to you to understand all the points he wants to make.

Sixth: Positive dealing with others
It is important to learn how to respect people, and how to talk to them in a civilized and open manner, regardless of their economic level or any other issues related to sex, religion or even race, in order to succeed in achieving effective and positive communication with them.

Seventh: Accepting views
You may encounter many people who disagree with you. Here you have to accept this difference, and always respect the ideas and opinions of others in order to succeed in enhancing your communication skills.

Eighth: Do not criticize others
In order to enhance communication and communication with others, you must avoid embarrassment or criticism of them, so as not to feel discomfort that keeps them away from you and refuses to talk or talk to you.

If you are considering improving your own abilities in social communication skills activities, you may consider these four categories, in order to assess your strengths and weaknesses. These four categories will give you a framework to understand most communication skills, and you can work to multiply them by working to practice these four categories well.

Interpersonal skills are also best ways to change your personality for the better, if you care about them, whether it’s through your daily interactions with people or your daily interactions with your friends and business managers.

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