THE MOST POPULAR HEALTY FOOD Most people today speak of the most popular foodsEveryone has at the same time beneficial to the health of the body and that because of a large number of fast food and frequent restaurants agencies which do not benefit the body definitively and even cause a lot of diseases such as McDonald’s is one of the agencies that is found to be harmful to health today I will give you what foods you should eat constantly considering that it is popular and attractive to all and 100% These foods are vegetarian and have great benefits:

1 – turnips or cabbageThe most popular health foods?

  • It helps the body reduce the risk of some cancers
  • Not only that but also contains nutrients
  • Supports and strengthens bones.

2 – Shea seeds or linseed

  • Contains omega-3 important for the body and promote heart health and have a large group
  • Fiber is recommended for grinding and sprinkling on yogurt and food

3 – Cranberries

These dark-colored fruits originated from South America and that

  • Contains a high percentage of anthocyanin material an antioxidant
  • Strengthens the heart muscle and reduces the risk of cancer as shown
  • Studies have shown that these fruits lower cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Reduce blood sugar and help kidney patients recover
  • After the healing of the Lord of the worlds is healing healer.

4 – Quinoa seedsThe most popular health foods?

  • This species of seed is removed from the Andes and has spread
  • Recently in the United States and for its great benefits
  • It helps reduce carbohydrates to contain protein and
  • Fiber and a large number of vitamins and minerals

5 – almond milk

  • The rate of this type of fruit has increased, especially almond milk
  • After its large benefits were revealed due to low-calorie intake
  • It is a good alternative to cow’s milk because it contains several vitamins
  • Vitamin D and calcium strengthen bones and body in general, try
  • To soak the almonds in raw water dinner and when you wake up to bring a piece
  • Wash the milk in a cup and drink it in the morning

6 – herb clotThe most popular health foods?

  • It is a kind of wheat, but a bright green color
  • Contains the “A-E-C” vitamin supplement plus
  • Calcium and magnesium enhances and strengthens the body’s immunity
  • It has also proven effective in addressing some types of cancer and contractions
  • Drink like juice fresh

7 – coconut oil

  • And are classified into two groups of fat: Saturated and unsaturated
  • Coconut has saturated fat stating in
  • Keep your heart healthy and increase your body’s energy without a high percentage
  • Cholesterol has antioxidant effects that help in healing infections
  • Which lead to heart disease
  • I wish you health, wellness, and the desired benefit

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