How to Harness the Power of Love and Support

Love and support are the nurturing key qualities to one’s happiness why is it so important? Firstly having people that are able to support whatever you do and love you regardless reassures you that you will always have someone to fall back on. Especially when it comes down to those rough patches we go through in life.

Who is going to be there for you when life kicks you down and who is really going to help you up?
The same can be said for those who want to be there supporting you when you go through your achievements and triumphs. More or less, who is going to be standing alongside you through the good and bad life throws at you.

the Power of Love

Another reason why having people around that support you is a plus is knowing that you don’t have to go through it all alone. It is hard enough when you are stressed about something that is going on in your life but it makes it worse when you know you have no one to turn to. Have those types of people who can support you and bring you back down to a level that can help boost your mood and relieve stress.

To be able to share your thoughts, feelings, pain with others they are able to understand you more through a personal level and support you better in times of need. Life also becomes more enjoyable that way because you always know that these types of people have got your back.

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family

How often do we hear this term yet don’t understand the value that the statement possesses? The family is always going to be there since day one and whether you are fond of them or not they are here to stay and best to make your journey in life more enjoyable by learning to put with up and find ways to get along and understand each other for when the time arises where you might actually need their help.

‘You can choose your friends’ they say. If you can choose your friends always stay with those that are supportive and possess positive qualities. Those that generally are willingly wanting to help you and put in their time for you.

the Power of Love

Now let’s put these situations into examples.

How many times in the past have we been through a rough time and certain people only seem to be there for us?

Maybe the people that you expected to be there for you surprisingly didn’t appear and those that you didn’t expect showed up. The same could be applied the other way.

How many times have you had people show up in your life when times are good and you are doing really well yet when it’s not such a good time in your life they conveniently disappear from the scene?

This isn’t a coincidence and more than likely those that chose to only be there for you in times of happiness did not want to deal with you during the not-so-happy times. Friendships and relationships are likely to be questioned here.

If they are able to be there when things are good, why not the bad?

This brings me to the next point being those that only seem to have time or find time for you when the days are brighter for you may actually not be your real friend at all. These are the type of people who just show up when it suits them and when there is something to benefit on their side. If it involves selflessly helping others or investing in time or effort where they see no personal gain, they seem unreachable.

We experience and see different types of behaviors in people all the time but this type of personality can at times be a bit hard to see as they are able to manipulate themselves conveniently around you. Sooner or later you will catch on how when you need assistance they just can’t be there to assist you but on the better days, they are happy as larry.

If they were to truly value your relationship and time with them then there will be more effort needed.
This is why it is important to be able to show appreciation back to those that matter and express gratitude. Of course, you cannot expect people that have always loved and supported you to be there for you every single time you need someone or just show up at your feet because there is an urgency in your life. They too may have their own problems going on in their lives but the best way to let them know that you appreciate who they are and what they are to you is by letting them know.

Whether it is through words, a gift or just being able to spend some time telling them. Whatever way you want to express it, every now and then let them know that they matter to you and you actually value what you both share.

That way they are able to reciprocate their feelings if necessary and also clear the air if they may have any doubts or feel that they are investing too much or too little. This may in turn strengthen the relationship even further. Remember it never hurts to open your mouth when you are being nice.

Of course, you cannot please everyone

The more and more people that you continually have in your life the harder it may be to keep in contact and express how you feel to everybody. That is why being a celebrity or a higher status social figure may possess problems in itself.

It is generally that the higher your authoritative power, the more famous you are; when you have a voice of reason a voice with a power you are not only able to be a strong influence to the public you are also at a weakness where there are those that want to exploit you and critique you and find every negative quality about you that they can state. Even if you have no social influence there will always be both sides of the scale where there are those that want to see you succeed and those that want to see you fail.

When you are faced with these types of negative behaviors it is important to note that they may affect you more than you know on a subconscious level. Try to be aware of what is happening to you, how it makes you feel what they say or do, and be conscious of whether it is sabotaging your well-being or not. Know that when that time comes, it becomes extremely important to know that you have those people who got your back are there for you. These are the types of people you want to value and cherish.

There are different types of people, the good and the not so good

These are the type of people that are able to hold you together, tell you what you really need to hear to bring that positive spark back into you, and reaffirm you that this is just negativity a certain group of people is trying to place effect upon you and over a period of time it will pass.

The moment you realize that no one is your greatest enemy but yourself. What does this have to do with people that want to drag you down you may think. Well, first of all, think about the negative behavior those types of people may be trying to spread to you. What they say or do cannot be controlled by you but the one thing you can control is how you react towards it, how you let it affect you, and what you are going to do to overcome it or crumble under the pressure.

See by letting anything external affect you, you are basically letting your mental state break down because it is too much to handle and what anyone will ever say will not have worse circumstances than how you make yourself feel. They may be disgusting, hurtful words but at the end of the time, you will get over it. But if you start doubting yourself, procrastinating, choosing to not progress forward or to keep going on then that is the greatest damage you can do yourself thus making yourself your own worst enemy because there is nothing worse than regression.

We can all overcome the adversity when dealing with others and external activities

But to break down inside out and choose to not do anything about it, we are basically poisoning ourselves until there is nothing left. That is why you will always need your love and support group. Know that there are people that will count on you to be happy and positive and well because they probably need the same from you. You don’t need a million different people to make you happy. You just need those few unconditional ones who are willing to stand by you through times of good and bad.

Don’t limit yourself in this life and most of all don’t set mental barriers. The moment you choose it’s too much and decide to not turn to anyone is the day that they win.

Be better than that. Overcome negativity by always being consciously influenced by those around you that are positive and productive. Only then will you shine the brightest star even in the darkest nights.

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