Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips Based on Science

Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips Based on Science. Weight loss has become one of the things that are full of many myths, so we find that advice is given to people to do crazy things in order to lose weight, but most of these things do not have any evidence behind them, over the years, scientists have found a number of strategies that appear to be effective To lose weight, which may be based on a lot of proofs.

Here are 30 weight loss tips that are actually based on evidence

Set small, specific, realistic targets

You may want to be the same size as you were in high school or when you got married, but that means getting rid of more than 50 pounds (equivalent to 22.7 kilos). Don’t try to do that – not at least now. Set a more realistic goal for losing 5% to 10% of your weight, choose a weight-loss method, and give yourself plenty of time and some flexibility to achieve that goal, bearing in mind that most people take at least six months to achieve that amount of weight loss. Also, try to avoid general goals such as “I should eat less for lunch and exercise more.” Instead, set specific short-term goals (daily or weekly) like these:

I will choose a few dietary recipes (see ?Weight Loss Diet: Weekly Program?) and shop for ingredients on holiday.

I will attend a healthy dinner from home instead of going out to eat, at least three times over the next week.

I will talk to a friend to walk together after work on Monday and Wednesday.

Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips

Start self-monitoring

Studies suggest that many people are not aware of how many calories they eat or how much exercise they should do. Sometimes this is the reason for the failed attempts to lose weight. One of the ways to lose weight is to write down what you do. This can help you to be aware of your behaviors and track your changes toward specific goals. The idea here is to identify areas that need improvement. A more detailed nutritional diary (see example below) that includes not only what to eat and how much to eat but when, where and why you eat, it can help you learn about bad habits, such as eating when you are not really hungry, but instead when you are tired or frustrated . This type of planning will also be within your reach as you develop your own behavioral chain (see next component). As part of self-monitoring, it is also a good idea to regularly weigh yourself (at least once a week) and record the number.

After you start recording in the notepad, spend time looking carefully at your usual pattern. You will be able to know the conditions that make you more vulnerable to food problems. Focus your attention on these periods and plan ahead what you will do and what you will eat during it. By using notepad as well as a behavioral chain, you can focus on specific issues and develop targeted strategies that work for you.

Create a behavioral chain

The Behavioral Chain is a tool that therapists use to help learn how a series of regular minor events can trigger an unwanted outcome, such as increased eating. To create your own behavioral chain, use the empty series below in Figure 5. To start, think about the time when you ate too much – more than the point of feeling comfortable. People tend to eat this type of food, which is without hunger, in response to any of the following three triggers:

Situations (such as being in a cinema, restaurant or party).

Feelings (such as feeling sad, distressed, depressed, bored or angry).

Negative thoughts (such as “I do not have enough will”).

Begin filling the chain each time you get more food in the last red link and then go backward adding actual events in other red circles, going back a day as far as you remember – maybe even to the previous evening, as in the example. Then go back and fill the yellow links in a way that you can “break the chain” the next time you are in the same situation.

Avoid soft drinks:

Sugar is one of the bad things, but liquid sugar is worse than that. Studies show that liquid sugar may be one of the most fattening aspects of a diet. For example, one study showed that sugar-sweetened drinks are strongly linked to an increased risk of obesity in children by 60%.

Do not say I will follow a diet, but rather I will follow a healthy diet:

One of the biggest problems associated with the diet is that it begins to work in the long term. If you think that it is only a diet, you may tend to gain more weight over time. All studies show that a diet is a stable prediction of weight gain in the future. Instead of following a diet, you can make it a goal to become healthier, to become a happier person, and start focusing on nourishing the body, rather than depriving it

Trying to reduce the sugar added to the diet:

Adding sugar is one of the worst elements that are added to the modern diet, and most people eat a lot of sugar, and studies show that sugar has a very high fructose content, so its consumption is strongly linked to the risk of obesity, as well as with other diseases such as diabetes from Type 2, heart disease, etc., and if you want to lose weight, you must completely reduce the added sugars, you must make sure to read the signs on the different foods because even healthy foods can add sugar to them

Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips

What foods will help you lose weight

Heather Mangieri, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the largest organization in the world interested in food, includes the most prominent nutrition professionals, as it provides some foods that help you feel full for a long time, relieve your desire To eat, here is a list of these foods:

Beans are rich in fiber

Beans are a great source of protein, because it contains a high percentage of fiber, which needs a long time to digest, which makes you feel full for a longer period, and therefore not eating more food.

The soup helps the stomach become full

Soup helps keep your weight-loss diet going, so try starting your meal with a cup of soup; Which makes you eat less amounts of food, and that soup meal gives you between 100 and 150 calories only even if it contains butter.

Dark chocolate reduces the desire to eat

Eating chocolate, especially dark meals, reduces the desire to eat. Dr. Johannes Bohannon, a biologist from the Institute of Diet and Health published a study covered by the British newspaper The Independent, where the study confirmed that eating dark chocolate helps lose weight by 10 % Faster if taken with a healthy low-carb diet, and chocolate also helped provide better readings of cholesterol levels in the blood.

Eggs make you feel full longer

A protein-rich breakfast by eating two eggs helps you lose weight, this was confirmed by a study published in the International Journal of Obesity through an experiment on a number of people who ate breakfast for two eggs who lost weight faster than their counterparts. The eggs Reduces the amount of food you eat for the rest of the day.

Moderately nuts make you full

Some research and studies have shown that eating a few almonds, nuts, and other nuts is beneficial for weight loss; It reduces cholesterol in the body, as well as reducing people’s desire to eat.

Apples weaken appetite

Eating apples or applesauce impairs appetite, as chewing fruits sends signals to the brain that the body has eaten a lot, so make sure to eat apples daily.

Mushrooms are a good food with fewer calories

Replacing meat with mushrooms helps reduce calories and the percentage of fat in your body, this was confirmed by a study published in The Journal Appetite, where mushrooms helped reduce calories for overweight people, and they lost seven pounds of their weight by replacing meat with mushrooms in their meals. Food, make mushrooms a daily meal in your life.

Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips Based on Science

Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips

Various drinks help to feel full and full of the stomach, among the most important of these fluids and drinks:

Water helps to feel full

Water will allow you to get rid of hundreds of calories; Also, eating two cups of water before a meal helps you feel full quickly, as a study published in the journal Obesity confirmed that drinking approximately five hundred milliliters before a meal helps in losing weight by a large percentage.

Vegetable juices and soup

Vegetable juice or soup contains important nutrients from them; Sodium and vitamins make up for many diets. And tomato juice contains forty-one calories, while orange juice contains 122 calories, eating such juices will help you control hunger.

Things To Help You Lose Weigh

Low fat milk

It is imperative that the body get calcium-rich foods that are good for the body, which also help you to lose weight, including low-fat milk and milk, which is a major factor in losing weight, as it does not contain a lot of fat and helps you fill your hunger with low calories.

Black coffee increases fat burning

Recent studies have shown that drinking coffee, especially black, helps in losing weight, because it contains caffeine, which plays a major role, improving blood circulation if taken in moderation.

Green tea

It is an excellent option to lose weight, as it stimulates weight loss when you follow a diet that is gravel, because it is free of calories, and contains substances that help lose weight, so do not hesitate to drink two cups of green tea daily.

There are some small and simple daily habits, but they do a great job in helping you lose weight and maintain it.

Things To Help You Lose Weight Tips

How to lose weight and reduce belly fat in 10 days: 10 simple tips that are based on scientific research

Do not deny yourself.

There is not a single type of food that causes obesity. The key here is moderation. You can enjoy all the foods you love but in moderation and pay attention to the quantities you consume from each food.

Stop eating before it gets full.

Although it is an old nutritional advice, but it is really effective in controlling the quantities consumed, chew the food slowly and leave a short period of time between the bite to the other, to enjoy the taste you eat, without reaching the limit of fullness.

Make half of your plate of vegetables.

Vegetables are rich in fiber and water and low in calories, and they help fill your stomach and make you feel full.

Do not delete any of your meals.

Many believe that if they delete one of their meals, this will help to lose some fat and lose weight, but unfortunately to delete meals the opposite effect, the body is trying to store more fat and provide energy exchange when exposed to periods of lack of food, as a defense to protect the body from starvation.

Drink enough fluids.

We often confuse feeling hungry and feeling thirsty, our bodies need water in the processes of converting and dispensing energy, if you meet a lack of water in the body with more food you increase the situation together, so drink at least 8 cups of water per day, and avoid high drinks with sugar Or salt, because these fluids need more amounts of water to drain into the body, Read: Water for a healthy lifestyle.

Do not eat in front of the TV or any other electronic device.

Eating in front of electronic devices makes you eat more quantities without awareness and awareness of the quantities you eat, so stay away from devices at meal times and look at each bite you eat and chew it well to listen to each one of them.

Avoid eating after dinner.

Calories give us energy for movement, and you do not need the energy to sleep, so avoid eating before bed as possible, and if you want a snack in long nights, choose healthy and calorie snacks.

You can find some suggestions for a healthy snack in Ideas for a Healthy and Snack Convenient for the Work Environment.

Get enough sleep every night (6 to 8 hours).

Where some studies have proven that the low number of hours of sleep at night increases appetite and promotes cravings for foods with high calories that will ultimately lead to weight gain.

Laughter also reduces weight

It may seem strange information, but some studies indicated that laughter for 15 minutes a day helps to burn 10 to 40 calories depending on the size of the body and the severity of laughter, and that happiness is linked to healthy lifestyles.

Move around more.

Take a tour around your home or your place of residence, distill your car a little further from the gate of the store or the mall, leave the elevator for the elderly and for zombies and use the stairs, do the chores yourself and play with children from time to time, etc.

All these simple habits and changes in your daily life will help you burn fat, maintain your weight, and enjoy life and health more.

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