Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much

Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much. Do you feel that only 5% of your lives in the world and the other 95% of life is in your head? do you never fully living outside of yourself?how to stop thinking

There are some fantastic guided meditations on YouTube that I have used in the past. Some work for me, others do not.

Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much

It is one of the most psychological problems facing different generations. It is overthinking, although this problem is not life-threatening or serious, but annoying, addiction thinking and details are not comfortable at all, so today we are discussing how to treat overthinking and get rid of it in simple steps.

Simple Ways You Can Stop Yourself From Overthinking

1. Cognition is the first step to change
Before you can deal with that habit, you should start dealing with it as soon as it occurs. When you find yourself in a state of stress, tension or anxiety and distraction and you go back a step at that moment you should pay attention as dealing with it in time is the beginning of the real change you seek. Some say that Overthinking is an attempt by the brain to escape the ease of the present moment. And you often find your raids in times when you are not working. Such as time before bed, when sitting alone, or when you are not preoccupied with anything.

2. Think positively
In many cases, Overthinking is caused by fear when fear dominates what will happen in the future. Your mind will become in a state of negative thinking distracted and you will feel that you began to slide in the wrong direction the next time when you feel that you are in front of that situation stop immediately and recall from all the positive thoughts and a line of protection for yourself against that negative situation.Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much

3 – Make yourself happy
Sometimes it is useful to find a way to distract yourself from stress and replace negative energy with a positive and healthy one. This can be done by doing activities such as drawing, sewing, sports, fencing and other useful activities that can get you out of that situation.

4 – Do not swell things
Inflating things and not putting them on track is one of the wrongest things to fall into. So before things are inflated, ask yourself how this issue will be in five years or a month. Changing the time frame with this simple question can help you limit your thinking.

5 – Be realistic and not looking for perfection
Perfection and idealism is a dream for many of us but waiting to achieve it is unrealistic. Be ambitious, ambition is a good thing, but your pursuit of perfection, regardless of how unreal it is exhausted and exhausted of your energy, we are first and foremost human beings, when you find yourself waiting for perfection remind yourself that work and progress are better than waiting.

Don’t be afraid of new experiences
Whether you are afraid of failure in the past or fear of failure in the future, remember that it is not because of an unpleasant experience and unsatisfactory results will be the same results every time you look at things from another angle, each new experience is a new opportunity to start and succeed

7. Use paper and pen to relieve your stress
Set your goal, set your alarm to 5 minutes and give yourself a chance to analyze and think. When you are done, set your alarm for another 10 minutes and bring a pen and paper. Write all the things that are a burden and pressure and afraid of them when the time is up Leave what you wrote aside and do something fun you love.

8. Make sure you can’t predict the future
No one can predict what will happen in the future. All we have is the present. If you spend your time worrying about what the future holds for you, you are stealing your time now and you simply will not become a producer when you waste your current time thinking about what you do not have. The first is to preoccupy with what you have now and enjoy it.

9. Accept yourself
Fear and thinking that you are not good or not smart enough will not help you. When you give your best, you simply accept it and you have to know that success may sometimes depend on some things that are not under your control and you can not control as long as you did your best effort.

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10. Be satisfied
You can’t combine satisfaction with heartbreak at the same time, so why not spend it positively? Every evening and morning you have to write a positive list of things that make you feel grateful and happy. Writing will help you evoke positive energy and also you will have a list of good evidence around you. In the end, excessive thinking is something that happens to a lot of people, but with a few simple efforts, you can stave off the resulting spoiler and turn it into something useful, productive and effective.

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How you can overcome the excess thinking?

– Awareness
It is natural that excessive thinking takes the person away and makes him unaware that he is preoccupied with thinking. Creating awareness involves recognizing negative thinking circles when they occur.

And to be deliberate awareness of excessive thinking. You will be able to control and stop thinking excessively when you monitor your thoughts and actions. Make sure you do not judge your thoughts or worry about excessive thinking.

– Stop trying to reach perfection or control everything
People think about things in exaggerated thought until they achieve perfect results. You take into account all possibilities so as to avoid falling. It is important to keep in mind that all people who have accomplished great things have sinned at some points. It is impossible to control everything and avoid any kind of error.

Thinking is a blessing that enables humans to work with ideas and concepts. Thinking leads to logic and wisdom in making any decision and forming opinions. Unfortunately, however, with this great grace, we have a quorum of excessive thinking, which is considered one of the fatal activities carried out by the mind.

– Talk to a trusted person
There is also another solution to eliminate excessive thinking, which is to share your negative thoughts with someone you trust. This person can be a coach, counselor or friend. Such people can help you determine if you are overpriced or not, and they can also help you to free yourself from negative thoughts. Consult your doctor if your over-thinking is associated with a healthy diet. Your problem may not be as bad as you think and all you need is someone who assures you that you are fine.

Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much

– Replace negative thoughts
Another tip to eliminate negative thinking is to replace your negative thinking with positive thinking after interrupting your over-thinking style. Repeat you’re positive thinking many times allowed or without a voice in your mind. If your thinking lasts longer, you should repeat this process many times. Over time, you will overcome the habit of negative thinking.

– Exercise
During excessive thinking, you can not feel that you are practicing until negative thoughts come and absorb your emotional and mental energy. After all, if you think about eliminating your excess thinking, exercise is a solution. In addition, to increase self-confidence, exercise increases the secretion of the hormone androgen and serotonin, which reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. When you concentrate on exercising, it distracts your mind from negative thoughts. When you have extra ideas, do some exercise, bike or run for half an hour.

Breathe in as deeply as possible.

Hold it for a few seconds. While you have it, think about any bad, invasive or meaningless thoughts floating in your head. Think about it for a second and then exhale. Obviously, it’s a mental exercise, so your mileage may vary, but I think it can help clear my mind when I feel overwhelmed.

When I think too much, I think of two things.

A. What is my next action in this situation?
What are the implications/consequences of this measure?
For example, I was worried about an appointment, and I started thinking about why I did not like it and why I should not and why I’m going to lose it and why it will never work …

Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much
Etc. Then I sat down and thought about it. If I: A. Date with your B. The effect is that we are on a unique date and we see what happens no more. It also means that if you go south, you can break everything at the end of the first appointment.

Understanding the direct impact of my actions made me realize that most of what troubled me was unreasonable because I was out of my control at the time. Taking things step by step can change your thinking very liberating.

Hold your breath.

Breathe and hold. Breathe and hold. Hold as long as possible. Pick a lens near the room as you walk or drive and hold your breath until you walk through this remote location.

The subconscious and the body, complaining about the shortcomings and shortcomings of the past, suddenly have subconsciously no perspective and priorities. They give up like a strangled wild animal and kneel before consciousness. They know their true master and then this conscious control can be called meditation.

Typically, the subconscious mind is a dog and a conscious thought for you. The subconscious mind controls the processes of the body and when it is moved, it deviates from the PFC (prefrontal cortex) and governs the psyche.

Tips To Stop Thinking Too Much

Fast steps we take To Stop Thinking Too Much

– Take a deep breath in the process of inhalation and exhale, the process of breathing slowly helps to relax and restore the balance of psychological, mental and emotional.

– Try to relax by focusing on thinking and feeling the limbs.

– Try to focus on thinking about something positive for you and happy, which leads to increased secretion hormone happiness in the blood.

– Focus on your strengths and avoid thinking about weaknesses. Thinking about weaknesses sometimes leads to despair and frustration.

– Do not forget to start your day always with a smile.

– Do not forget to try during your life to extract positive ideas and move away from negative ideas, do not follow your thinking, but make it is following you like a magnet to lead to success.

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